Sunday, March 31, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy Easter!  Our family really doesn't do anything special for Easter.  We used to when the kids were little, but now they're older plus, since too many Christian hypocrites took their toll on us, we don't even attend church anymore.

It was a nice spring break week and also nice that it's back to the grind tomorrow.  I can only take so much free time (and kids with too much free time) before I start feeling restless.  But we did get in some funtime without having to pay an arm and a leg for a Big Trip.

We participated in major sporting events (bowling), took in some culture (art supply store), visited the tropics (reptile store), operated high octane machinery (bicycling), endured weather extremes (dog walking in a blizzard, bicycling during a sprinkle storm) while journalling our adventures (sporadic blogging).  One thing remains on the spring break bucket list and that is exotic daredevilling (climbing center).  That may or may not happen later today.

This was also Chaco's spring break, so he took time to travel all the way home (~7 miles) to join us.

Does this body make me look fat?

And we mustn't forget the good old downtime.

The weather steadily improved, starting from blizzard and working its way up to more seasonable fare.  There's not much snow around now, just the ugly post-snow-melting gravel, dirt, and muck.   But this is also "Pothole Palooza" season where roadcrews go around to fix potholes that have formed from the relentless freeze/thaw cycles of winter.  They are surprisingly efficient, and the ghastly potholes on our low priority street have already been repaired.

Also, with spring comes (doom doom DOOM) tax day!  I'm thankful that Magnum takes care of the task of   filing our taxes.  I compile some basic accounting over the course of the year, then hand it over to him along with the mass of investment documents that start filling up the mailbox.  He makes more money than I do, so it's only fair he does the taxes, right?

Magnum and I watched The Hidden Face.  It was suspenseful and intriguing, but GEESH!  Not very nice people.  Now I have a craving for a movie with some nice people.  Anyone have any nice people movie suggestions, feel free to send them along!

And Thank You to the nice people who visit here and whose blogs keep me (fairly) sane.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


This week's prompt at Illustration Friday is "Egg", to coincide with Easter I suppose.

So I drew this chicken, just in case anybody thought Easter eggs really come from a bunny.  I wanted to give credit where credit was due.  But I must confess, it could very well be that my reference for this drawing was a rooster.  I'm not very well versed on bird anatomy.

Much of our Easter traditions have origins with the Pagan holiday Beltaine, primarily a fertility festival.  Eggs... Bunnies...  Rather symbolic, yes.

Happy Easter weekend.  On a somewhat related note, know how to make holy water?

Boil the hell out of it.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

because sitting around is so much more productive

More signs of spring:  coyotes!

I could hear them howling/calling to me this morning as I loped through Mouse Town.  I know there is a coyote community in and around Mouse Town, they've been mentioned a few times in the local news and I've heard them on a few other mornings.  I think that technically, coyotes move in "packs", but "pack" has such sinister connotations.  I prefer "community".
I'm going with the assumption that they're still more afraid of me than I am of them.  Still, I think my speed up the hill that exits Mouse Town has increased as a result of their cheering.  

It was also a balmy 32.2 *F when I headed out before sunrise this morning - that's officially above freezing!  

This week, I also surpassed the latest healthy incentive challenge at Magnum's work.  Recall that we jump through these healthy hoops?  The pedometers?  The health screenings?  The etc.?

In fact, I did manage to get to the required level of step counts a few months ago, JUST before the pedometer crapped out.  Another way to get points is to go to the healthy website and complete a few tasks like tracking exercise, keeping a food journal, reading articles, trying recipes, etc.  So I started doing some of those things to get my point count to where it needed to be.

Okay, so I stepped 400,000 steps and got 40 points.  Yeah, thats ONE point for every 10,000 steps.  And now I learned that I can get FIVE points just for saying I ran.  I get THREE points for pretending reading one article.  Another THREE points for adding a recipe to my "favorites".  I don't even have to make it!   All from the comfort of my chair.

I will admit, though, that making myself go to the site each day has made me more aware of my choices - healthy or not.  It's at least made me think about cooking and eating better, and I added some easy yoga moves to my day... when I remember.  It's become part of my daily routine to logon to the site and do my exercise tracking.

It doesn't have a category for "running from coyotes", though.  I totally think I should get extra points for that.

P.S.  I've invoked the comment moderation puzzles once again as the spambots have infiltrated.  I had been keeping caught up with them for the most part, but I guess spring has released new and larger litters!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

here art thou

Several months ago, someone gave me a generous gift card for a local art supply store.   It sat stashed all this time since (1) I'm pretty well-stocked with art toys for the moment, (2) the store is downtown, and I hardly ever go downtown, plus (3) there is a nice art toy store within an easy bike ride from my house.

But I have been wanting to check this store out just for a fun field trip for a while.  So since it is spring break for Meego and Wolfgang and neither of them had much on their agendas today, I appointed myself Activities Director.

Their assignment:  shop until the gift card was gone.

I ridiculously jotted a list for myself just in case they weren't able to complete the assignment.  Yeah, RIIIIIIIIIGHT...

They actually made pretty good selections and it's not like I can't play with their stuff when they're not around!   And really, I was just going along for reconnaissance anyway.

As mentioned, I feel my art toy coffers are full anyway.  Plus, remember that Bamboo Tablet I sort of inherited recently?  For teaching online classes, I just used it for the whiteboard tools, but I knew it could do OH so much more, so this morning I played around with it.

I started with making this sketch of Doona Bae the old-fashioned way:  pencils and paper.

Then I used that image to wade through a couple of Bamboo tutorials that produced


and this

It's not quite the same feel as traditional artplay, but it's a good no-fuss way to practice for the real thing.  I like the fact that I can "paint" without all the set-up,  mess and subsequent clean up!

And now... does anyone know how to create a digital dinner??

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

internal affairs

I accidentally slept in for an hour and a half this morning.

I really just have an internal clock and normally wake up on my own.  I didn't have to be anywhere this morning, but it's a normal Tuesday for Magnum, so the alarm was set per usual.  I woke up with the feeling that the alarm should be blaring soon and looked over to see that it was 2 hours later.  "GET  UP!!"

It wasn't anything major really.  We normally get up nerdly early, so he wasn't late or having to rush for work, just had to skip his morning exercise routine.  I still took a lovely morning run since the crosswalk is on its own this week.

I think the alarm actually did go off, I just sleep ignored it.  So I chalk it up to my internal clock saying, "Heck no!  It's spring break!"

That and probably that the weather has me grumpy.  But I don't want to whine, it could certainly be worse.  I think THAT'S from my internal calendar - the one that rebels against frosty snowy crusty in late March.  So now my internal Anti-Whining Department (AWD) is having to deal with the Sad Internal Calendar (SIC).  It's chaos in here, I tellya!

Allow me to confess an example from yesterday.

Magnum, Meego, and I went bowling.  Good times all around, and the bowling wasn't even too shabby considering we haven't bowled since bowl-all-summer-for-free.   But SIC apparently had stowed away, and the following session took place:

SIC:  Look at that obnoxious kid, obnoxiously gloating over his "spare".

AWD:  So what about it?

SIC:  He's bigger than Meego for cripe's sake, and he's using bowling bumpers!

Googled image
I have no idea who these kids are

AWD:  Well, he's probably a beginner.  Excessive gutter balls get frustrating for beginners y'know.

SIC:  Oh, I get that, it's just that a kid that big should know that he doesn't get gloating rights if he only got the spare because the bumper redirected his ball.  This isn't billiards.

AWD:  He's just a kid...

SIC:  I know, but in a few short years, he's going to be eligible to vote, and [...........political rant.............]  this country  [.........this isn't a political blog, remember?..........]  going downhill  [............bear with me, it'll be over soon............]  entitlement  [ comes.............]  without having to work for any of it!

AWD:   *blink*pause*blink*

AWD:   So.... this really isn't about bowling bumpers is it?

SIC:  Of course not.  He's just a kid enjoying spring break.

AWD:  Feeling better after the rant?

SIC:  Actually, yes.  Thanks.

AWD:  Don't mention it.  I think I'll also override Internal Clock tomorrow morning, just for extra therapy.  Don't tell HeadQuarters.

SIC:  Good idea.  And can I book an appointment with you for about five months from now?

AWD:  Sure.  Reason?

SIC:  I'll probably be grumpy from the heat at that time

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy first weekend of spring!  I'm not going to give a weather update *harumph*.  But here is my current desktop wallpaper.  "Vacation" is really just a state of mind, right?   RIGHT?!?

This week felt broken up into two halves.  The first half was typical with school and tuting, but with spring break more-or-less starting on Thursday, not much responsible, work-a-day stuff after that.  I indulged in spring cleaning, getting rid of some winter dirt and other clutter.  Always fun!

I was also able to cut the cord with another tutor student this week.  I've been tutoring him for over a year and felt he was ready to fly solo.  Very nice family, but I don't want to be a crutch.  I would like to cut back on the tuting since I'll be starting the teacher licensing program soon.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a man who started [a project] to have various artists create renditions of his young daughter.  To date, over 500 artists have contributed, and I finally got around to submitting mine this week.

It was nice to work on her sweet face after a few weeks of busy busy.   I was flattered he asked me to participate, and mine should be posted on his site sometime in the next week or so.

Now, I must go.  The beach is calling!  (Or maybe that's just an alternative spelling of China the female dog wanting to go for another walk.  Bundle up time again).

Saturday, March 23, 2013


It's snowing and 11 *F outside.  Wind is blowing around 30 - 40 m.p.h.  Nonetheless, Magnum and I strapped on our outerwear and took China for her beauty walk.  I was pretty happy to just remain a cave dweller today, but China gets ugly without a beauty walk.

So while Magnum and I were bundled beyond recognition, China was her usual happy self, frolicking in the blizzard.  She prefers the cold weather to heat any day.

This week's prompt at Illustration Friday is "swim".  Most cats prefer to stay out of the water, but tigers are known to go for regular dips.  Most tigers live in Southeast Asia where it gets pretty hot hot hot.  Lately, I've been dreaming of a tropical vacation:  sun, beaches, flip flops, swimming...

Aaah, to be a Bengal tiger.  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

day 1

Ice Cream
No Sleeves

Spring break, YAY!  Officially, it doesn't start until next Monday, but elementary and middle school kids don't have school today or tomorrow either.  Practicing for spring break?

It was just two days ago that I realized there was no school today or tomorrow.  Being an Outsider crossing guard, I don't pay that close attention to the elementary school schedule.  I usually find out inadvertently from one of the kids or from noticing some reference when I do my weekly e-mail purge.  I'm happy to say that I have yet to go to the crosswalk on a non-school day and then wonder why no one is going to school, not even cars headed for the Kiss 'n' Ditch.  But I admit that I've come close on a couple of occasions!

So never mind the fact that there is a swirling winter storm headed straight for us.  The calendar says it's spring, the school schedule says it's spring...

I say SPRING!  DAMMIT.  I'm dreaming of being someplace tropical.  With beaches and flowers, warmth and sun.

Track season has begun for the high school.   Wolfgang's had two meets, but one was cancelled on account of snow *sigh*.  We'll see if this weekend's suffers the same fate.  He does the mile and the 4x800.  Way way way back when, when I ran high school track, I was a sprinter, and we have an ongoing friendly rivalry over who the best track athletes are - sprinters or distance runners.  Maybe it's neither.  Maybe it's the shot puters and discus throwers - things neither of us will likely ever be good at!

Lately, however, I've been flexing my housewifery talents.  Spring brings that out in me.  My floors are to die for.  Really, you could eat off 'em.

But don't, that would be weird.  And a bit rude.

Happy Spring!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

big and quiet

Magnum and I watched a... different... movie over the weekend.  I say "different" for lack of a better word. I couldn't decide right away if I liked it or not, but it kept me thinking about it afterwards, so I appreciate that.

Teddy Bear is the story of Dennis, a bodybuilder in his late 30's who still lives with his mother.  He's shy and a bit socially awkward and seems emotionally undeveloped at times.  He is portrayed as a very gentle man who is also lonely.

His uncle has recently married a Thai woman, and Dennis notes how happy they seem together.  He decides to try his luck with finding a woman for himself in Thailand.  He's also aware that his psycho mom wouldn't like him to find a Thai woman - or probably any woman for that matter.

As the movie progresses, we see the almost childlike relationship he has with his mother.  While Dennis is a huge man who earns his own money, he is really a "gentle giant" at home with his mother and in general.

During his trip to Thailand (that he lied to his mom about), he is subjected to some really seedy situations, highlighting the sex tourism side of the country.  He is clearly uncomfortable in these situations, not so much because of his immaturity, but more because he's just not interested in that lifestyle.

The movie is pretty slow-paced without a lot of dialogue, and viewers really get a feel for his loneliness and discomfort.  At one point, while in Thailand, he finds a gym to work out at, and we see how he suddenly feels more "at home" and at ease.  He makes friends easily at the gym, and the younger bodybuilders look up to him.

The gym also happens to be owned and operated by a young Thai woman who took over the business when her husband died.  She and Dennis begin seeing each other.

The movie is deep, funny, sad, disturbing, slow, happy, sweet, creepy...

Trailer is [here].

I guess I liked it in the end.  The problem I had with it, though, stems from Dennis being a bodybuilder.  I think it was right to cast such a huge guy in the role because doing so really contrasts his appearance with who he is inside.  But at the same time, I thought it incongruent for someone so shy and lacking in confidence to be in a profession that is all about putting oneself on display.  His various tattoos also didn't fit the character.

And while I find the science of it interesting, in my humble opinion, bodybuilding is a rather shallow "sport".  The scenes of posing practice and the various photos on the walls of Dennis' bedroom made me like Dennis less than I would have otherwise.  Maybe if his character was a competetive weightlifter or lumberjack or such instead of a bodybuilder, I would've found it more believable.  I still wanted him to be free of his manipulating mom and find happiness, though.

I'll give "Teddy Bear" 3 barbells out of 5.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy St. Patrick's Day,  I've just done a quick inspection and realized I have absolutely nothing green on!

Many nice things this week.  For one, I actually got to break out shorts and short sleeves and leave the long underwear behind on a couple of days.  Aah, so freeing...

ACT camp was fun.   Well, for me anyways.  Four fun-filled mornings of EnglishMathReadingScience.  I met some nice kids and teachers, and I think we're all happy with how things went for the most part.  They better go kill that test now.

On that same note, ACT camp meant that I was away from the crosswalk on those mornings, but I was there for the afternoons.  Some of my little charges and their parents actually told me they missed me in the mornings.  I'll chalk that mostly up to a cross guard reservist who really didn't want to be there...

On Friday, Chaco and I finally went vacuum cleaner shopping.  I think I have now seen every vacuum cleaner on the north side of Colorado Springs.  We settled on a cute little portable that totally sucks.  Plus, it was nice to spend an afternoon with him as he realized he was short on some other things,  including but not limited to a few toiletries, lunch, general fun money...

drama, inverted

We returned to the dorm and not a moment too late.  I was rendered queasy by treated to the effects of four guys who know that a vacuum cleaner is on the way so they can slack on cleaning the floors.  Let's just say I'm glad I thought to buy a 12-pack of extra bags.

Luck of the Irish to all of you!  Well, except the bad luck stuff like great famine and peasant violence and political unrest...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

eye glasses

I was in my early 20's and sitting in one of my classes in college when I found myself struggling to see what was on the board.

I was sitting in the second row, couldn't the professor write better?!

I realized, however, that there were others way back in the last row that seemed to be able to see everything just fine.  I had to face the facts.  It wasn't the professor.  It was *GASP* my fault.

I scheduled a checkup with an eye doctor, and soon afterwards joined the ranks of the bespectacled.

This week's prompt at Illustration Friday is "Eye Glasses".  That's a pretty specific prompt, and I thought about honoring it with, maybe, Ben Franklin - the inventor of bifocals.  But transitioning to bifocals is something I'd rather not think about!

An artist I admire over at DeviantArt often paints acrylic on card stock, so I thought I'd experiment, having never done that before - myself as guinea pig... or Secret Squirrel... Whatever.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

what's your name?

I remember seeing Fabio on a talk show once.  Might have been Ellen, and Ellen asked, "Just what is your job title?"

"Fabio", he answered.

"No really", Ellen continued, "when you do your taxes, what do you write in the box for 'occupation'?"


Do you like your job title?  Do you think it adequately describes what you do?

I belong to a few tutoring discussion groups, and this came up recently in one of them.  Someone thought that "tutor" had a stigma attached to it.  He felt something more like "Personalized Learning Consultant" or "In Person Instructor (IPI)"  would be more appropriate.

At first, I thought surely he was joking.

But then, no.  I think he was actually serious.  I was glad to see most of the replies indicate that they were fine with the title of "tutor".  Some starting out with phrasing like, "I don't know what it's like where you live, but..." or "What's in a name?"  One guy, who is a bit of a group clown, replied, "Wizard".

To me, having some high-falutin' adjective-adjective-noun job title gives the impression that the title holder is trying to overcompensate for something.

I used to be an "Instructional Paraprofessional", but I sure felt more like a "teacher's aid".  Either way, it was the worst and most boring job I ever had.  Sounded good, though, no?

And for the record, I'm quite satisfied with "Crossing Guard", although if I were in the UK, I would get to be a "Lollypop Lady", and that would be awesome!

Looking for a fresh title?  Go [here].    

Then there's [this article] that makes me wonder, "really??"


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

camp run amok

Aah, spring IS in the air.  Okay, it was rainy drizzly ALL day, but spring is clearly around the corner.  I know because (1) we changed the clocks and (2) it's state assessment test time.

Here in Colorado, and some other states, all high school juniors are required to take the ACT in April.  Since a good bulk of my tutorage is ACT preparation, I can't say that I dislike that requirement.  This week, I have the fun task of running daily sessions with one of our local high school's entire class of juniors.  The administrators refer to them as "trainings", but I like to think of it as "ACT camp".

Maybe it's because I never attended a summer camp myself, so I get to play camp now.  I did go to four days of flag camp back in high school band - this one time?  at band camp? -  days, but that was WORK.  I was all, "where are the crafts? the campfires??"  instead of four days with a flagpole.  Camp.  Nah, actually it was fun, just not what I would call "camp", like from the made up images in my head.

I did also do a few summers of Vacation Bible School.  I always enjoyed that, it was like Sunday school  only it was fun and we got to wear shorts and stuff.  And yes, there were crafts and games.  Still no campfires though.

Well, I'm having fun anyways.  I hope my little campers are too.  At least I've yet to be mummified, and there have been no fires.  The week is still young, though.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Aaah, doncha just love springing forward!?  I don't.

But, it's Silver Liningness day, and if changing the clocks is my only gripe, that's a good thing.  It seems like this week went by really fast, and I seemingly got quite a bit done in the process.

And despite yesterday's blizzard, the weather is getting noticeably more springlike. Not only that, but we earthlings also dodged another asteroid!

I was able to set one of my students free this week.  I think his mom was feeling obligated to keep him in tutoring, but he's been doing better, and I was able to remind her that one of my goals is often to work myself out of a job.

Recall  on Friday, I posted a cartoon someone sent me a while back.   I didn't know who the artist was.  Magnum really wanted to know who it was, so hunted him down.

His name is Zachary Kanin.  I appreciate his dry humor.  So, credit where credit is due.  Better late than never.

And I don't know why the above is centered rather than left-justified like I supposedly told it.  But again, if that's my only gripe, that's a good thing.  First world problems:  "My free blog isn't placing the text where I want it".

Saturday, March 9, 2013


This week's prompt at Illustration Friday is "Yesterday", and I had a hard time coming up with an illustration.  My thoughts kept going back in time, though.  Back to when my kids were little.  Back to when I was little...

Before deciding, though, I consulted with Meego.  I guess he had the same thoughts when he said, "draw a kid".

So be it.

I don't think this little guy is having a fitful sleep, worrying about "grownup" things or regrets.  He's just turning today into yesterday.

Friday, March 8, 2013

getting out

It's been a busy and productive week and already, here it is, Dumb Friday.  It's all been good and fun stuff, but it has eaten into my blogging time.

Just now, I was preparing some lessons and read:  "When a substance dissolves in H2O..." and at that point the voice inside my head informed me that it was time to switch gears and spend some time in the right brain, lest I become too one-dimensional
When Nerds Play
not my artwork, don't know whose...


Really, I do have a strong urge to draw something, or throw some paint around.  The last time I suppressed that urge for too long, I ended up splattering paint all over a few walls and getting a tattoo! 

Early last week, a neighbor whom I find irritating came over and asked me if I would call her when I go out to take China for her beauty walks.  She wanted to come with us.  "Ugh!" (or something like that), I thought to myself.  But on the outside, I said, "Uhm... yeah, okay"  Inside:  "Shucks!" (or something like that).

If I'd seen it coming, I would have had a ready declining response, but she took me by surprise.  I did manage to tell her that I don't take China out at a necessarily consistent time of day.  "Just whenever I fit it in with other stuff".  That was fine with her.  "Fudge!"

Let me just say that she's not a bad person.  It's just that her personality grates on me.  We're neighbors, she's just a couple of years older than I am, our kids are around the same ages, but our similarities stop with the externals.  Inside, we're nearly polar opposites of each other - something she strangely doesn't seem to notice.  I find it a struggle to chat with her out of neighborliness, let alone go on walks with her.  She can be a bit clingy.

Now I know what you might be thinking.  "Ah, just let her walk with you already!", but I did that before.  Years ago, when we first moved here, I would take Meego out regularly in the jogging stroller for our daily airing outs.  She asked then, like now, if she could come with us.  I said, "Uhm... yeah, okay", then ended up  regretting it.  The walks somehow thankfully stopped.  I don't remember how, but I was very grateful for it.  

Yeah, so anyway, I've just not called her, although I've taken China on usual daily walks each day since her request.  I kind of feel like the sleazy date who says he'll call, but then never does.  


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

moon phases and other 28-day cycles

Rock Chef mentioned that he and Mrs. RC are planning a sort of honeymoon - several years after the fact.  It reminded me that Magnum and I didn't have and "offical" honeymoon either.

We had the wedding ceremony - neither of us particularly of the religious ceremony persuasion.  It was mainly for our moms.  We joke that we'll go down to the Justice of the Peace someday and have that wedding we always dreamed of.

The "honeymoon" consisted of a couple of days spent at my FIL's condo in the mountains before we had to pack up and drive from Colorado to New York where I was to start a new job, and he was to start looking for one.  The condensed version of THAT story is that Magnum had a job out of college, I looked toward getting a job near where his was, I found one that turned out to be farther away than originally assumed.  He left his original job and got another in the same city as mine.

ANYWAY...  there we were, "honeymooning" in a U-Haul.  Around the time of our first anniversary, we were moving from our apartment to our first house.  Second anniversary?  Who knows??  By the third, I was preggo with Chaco, so the honeymoon window was closing.

I've never felt a NEED for a honeymoon.  I often wish we would've gone to New York City (without kids) sometime during the time we lived upstate.  I've still never been there.  Magnum's been, but he's not particularly enamored with big cities.  But hey, we did go to Niagara Falls (the falls are impressive, the city itself is a dive) and other nice points of interest around the state before the kids came along.  It was all honeymoon, right?

Looking up some history of the term "honeymoon", it basically refers to the sweet (honey) times in the early days of marriage that wane within a month (moon)  HA!   Maybe it's good to go without?

Did you have a customary honeymoon?  What/where was it?  If you planned one today, what would it be?

Monday, March 4, 2013

sorry officer, apparently the rug is dirty


SomeGuy:  Hamanah hamanah hamanah hamanah village mayihelpu?

Me:  Uh.. Uhm.. yeah, I was just trying to call my son's dorm room, but I don't know the number.

SG:  You don't know his phone number?

Me:  Well... yeah... I know his number, but the cell phone is dead, so I thought I'd try calling the room, but I don't know the number.

SG:  Oh.  Mkay.  Hold on... shuffle shuffle muffle muffle shufffle muffle


SG:  Okay, what's your son's last name?

Me:  [Last Name]

SG:  Okay, last name [Blast Name], and what's his first name?

Me:  No, it's [Last Name]

SG:  Okay, his name is [Last Name] [Blast Name]??

Me:  No... his last name is [Last Name], not [Blast Name].  His first name is Chaco.

SG:  OH, okay.  I thought [Last Name][Blast Name] was kinda weird, but people can name people whatever they want I guess.

Me:  Yeah... heh.

SG:  He's in room [Room Number].  We'll send someone up and have him call you.

Me:  Oh, well I thought they had a phone in the suite.  Can you just connect me or give me the number?

SG:  Oh, no.  Those phones aren't hooked up.

Me:  Oh. Okay then.

---------- About 15 minutes later -----------


Me:  Hlo?

Chaco:  Hi, it's me.

Me:  Yeah, I been trying to call you.  Did you lose your phone?

Chaco:  Uh, no.  The battery died and I didn't know it.

Me:  Oh okay, I thought maybe you'd lost it.  I've been trying to call you since yesterday.

Chaco:  Yah, I don't really use my phone much?

Me:  Especially if it's got no battery...

Chaco:  Heh...

Me:  I thought you guys had a phone in the room.

Chaco:  Yeah, those aren't hooked up.

Me:  That's what the desk guy told me.  He said they would send someone up?

Chaco:  Yeah, the cops came *snicker*

Me:  WHAT?!

Chaco:  I guess it's considered a security issue when someone doesn't answer their phone.

Me:  Oh sheesh.  Well, there's a lesson for you to KEEP  YOUR  PHONE  CHARGED.

Chaco:  Yeah.  Heh

Me:  So, when you wanna go vacuum cleaner shopping?


I talked with Chaco on Thursday and he mentioned wanting to get a small vacuum cleaner for the area rug he recently got.  I thought this weekend would be a good time, so called him.  Or tried.  Those guys communicate through their computers.  I don't know how.  It's not skype.

Maybe I should find out.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

It was a busy, relaxed, snowy, cold, warm, sunshiney week.  Good thing I like variety!

As I mentioned, I got to "closure" this week on the teacher licensing program I was considering.  Next steps are to sign up for Old Lady classes for summer and hunt around for some scholarship/grant money.  I plan to cut back on the tutoring and just do test prep tutoring once I finish up with the couple of non-test prepper students I currently have.  On that note, I'd like to give a shout out to my crossing guard job, which does provide a steady trickle of cash flow and allows me to be picky on the tutoring jobs.

I'd been wavering between going down the teaching path or back to the engineering path for a couple of years now.  Either way, I knew I'd need some supplemental schooling and wanted to make the "right" decision, hence the wavering.  Earlier this year, I started doing some tutor related work in cahoots with a local high school assistant principal.  She's probably the one to thank for "showing me the light". When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Literally!

In other somewhat related news, looks like Wolfgang is honing in on his post high school plans.  The applications went out, acceptance letters returned, and he's opting to attend the local university where Chaco is.  Can't say I'm disappointed in his choice.

But enough with higher learning!  The week started out cold and snowy, then March came in like a sweet cuddly lamb.  I'm able to get around quite gleefully on the bicycle without worrying too much about the embarrassment of a crash, because really, it's all about the embarrassment of being seen crashing and not the physical ramifications!

In movie news, Magnum and I watched Safety Not Guaranteed which we both liked.  It's quirky, and the characters are fun.  It's lighthearted but also makes you think.  If you could go back in time, within this lifetime, where would you go?  Why?

more cat to love

So another good week gone by.  Spring will be here soon.  Relax in a good place.


Saturday, March 2, 2013


One day when I was a senior in high school, all us senior girls were unexpectedly herded into the school cafeteria.  Once we were all in and captive, we learned that we had been gathered for a spiel to recruit contestants for the Miss Colorado pageant.

Pfffft, we were pulled out of class for that?!  A beauty pageant pitch??  We were at that weird in between age.  Thinking back on it, I remember feeling both flattered and offended.

I was sitting with three of my good friends.  We snickered at the thought of being beauty pageant contestants as we sat there in our jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes.  One friend began to jokingly ponder what she could do for the talent competition.  We all began contributing to a list of our talents.  They included:

  • washing dishes
  • making change
  • shooting free-throws
  • completing geometry proofs
  • diagramming sentences
  • typing

We had no intention of joining up anyway.

Let it be known that I think beauty pageants are stupid.  Yes, I know, there are scholarship opportunities, blah, blah, blah.  I don't care.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not a panel of "judges".

This week's prompt at Illustration Friday is "talent", and it reminded me of that day in the school cafeteria. We had no interest whatsoever in vying for the Miss Colorado crown.  We also knew that we were all talented.  And beautiful too, for that matter.

As for my friends?  Two of them became highly skilled nurses - one of them serving several years in the army.  The third one, we've lost track of, but the prevailing rumor is that she went on to be a pretty successful *ahem* "businesswoman" in Las Vegas.

We didn't need no stinkin' beauty pageant.