Tuesday, March 26, 2013

internal affairs

I accidentally slept in for an hour and a half this morning.

I really just have an internal clock and normally wake up on my own.  I didn't have to be anywhere this morning, but it's a normal Tuesday for Magnum, so the alarm was set per usual.  I woke up with the feeling that the alarm should be blaring soon and looked over to see that it was 2 hours later.  "GET  UP!!"

It wasn't anything major really.  We normally get up nerdly early, so he wasn't late or having to rush for work, just had to skip his morning exercise routine.  I still took a lovely morning run since the crosswalk is on its own this week.

I think the alarm actually did go off, I just sleep ignored it.  So I chalk it up to my internal clock saying, "Heck no!  It's spring break!"

That and probably that the weather has me grumpy.  But I don't want to whine, it could certainly be worse.  I think THAT'S from my internal calendar - the one that rebels against frosty snowy crusty in late March.  So now my internal Anti-Whining Department (AWD) is having to deal with the Sad Internal Calendar (SIC).  It's chaos in here, I tellya!

Allow me to confess an example from yesterday.

Magnum, Meego, and I went bowling.  Good times all around, and the bowling wasn't even too shabby considering we haven't bowled since bowl-all-summer-for-free.   But SIC apparently had stowed away, and the following session took place:

SIC:  Look at that obnoxious kid, obnoxiously gloating over his "spare".

AWD:  So what about it?

SIC:  He's bigger than Meego for cripe's sake, and he's using bowling bumpers!

Googled image
I have no idea who these kids are

AWD:  Well, he's probably a beginner.  Excessive gutter balls get frustrating for beginners y'know.

SIC:  Oh, I get that, it's just that a kid that big should know that he doesn't get gloating rights if he only got the spare because the bumper redirected his ball.  This isn't billiards.

AWD:  He's just a kid...

SIC:  I know, but in a few short years, he's going to be eligible to vote, and [...........political rant.............]  this country  [.........this isn't a political blog, remember?..........]  going downhill  [............bear with me, it'll be over soon............]  entitlement  [ comes.............]  without having to work for any of it!

AWD:   *blink*pause*blink*

AWD:   So.... this really isn't about bowling bumpers is it?

SIC:  Of course not.  He's just a kid enjoying spring break.

AWD:  Feeling better after the rant?

SIC:  Actually, yes.  Thanks.

AWD:  Don't mention it.  I think I'll also override Internal Clock tomorrow morning, just for extra therapy.  Don't tell HeadQuarters.

SIC:  Good idea.  And can I book an appointment with you for about five months from now?

AWD:  Sure.  Reason?

SIC:  I'll probably be grumpy from the heat at that time


terri said...

You're entitled to be grumpy over the weather. Go ahead! It makes me feel as if I'm in good company!

Don't you hate when you oversleep, though. I always have such a feeling of having lost an important chunk of my day. (Not that it happens that often. Ahem.)

I think SIC and AWD handled the bowling kid well. At least they didn't call him any bad names, which is more than I can say for one of my bowling partners last Saturday when one of the guys on the opposing team proceeded to bowl strike after strike after strike...

Abby said...

I know! After oversleeping, it was like Tuesday concentrate.

Strike after strike after strike... how rude!

Anonymous said...

Tuesday concentrate. Funny!
I like to get up nerdy early too. I hate having to rush into work. On my off days, I sleep in til 5:30. Maybe 6.
My anti-whining department is feeling a little overwhelmed with my own SIC and also my knee injury. I think if my knee hadn't shown some improvement these last few days, my AWD would have given up and started whining too.
Sure hope this is the last of the snow for you. And if it does its job of keeping the fires away, it'll have all been worth it.
As for the gloating bumper-bowl kid - hopefully some day he'll know what it's like to actually earn a "spare". Hard work, determination, and a few gutter balls make a spare something to be proud of.

Rebecca S. said...

Funny! I like your contrasting internal departments. I have those, too, especially when the weather is bad.
We went to a bowling party the other night for our friend's birthday. We played three games, which would have been fine except for the fact that I'd been in a 10K fun run (but trying to achieve a PB time) that morning, so my hips and knees were pretty sore after all that bending and throwing the bowling ball. But it was really fun!