Sunday, March 17, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy St. Patrick's Day,  I've just done a quick inspection and realized I have absolutely nothing green on!

Many nice things this week.  For one, I actually got to break out shorts and short sleeves and leave the long underwear behind on a couple of days.  Aah, so freeing...

ACT camp was fun.   Well, for me anyways.  Four fun-filled mornings of EnglishMathReadingScience.  I met some nice kids and teachers, and I think we're all happy with how things went for the most part.  They better go kill that test now.

On that same note, ACT camp meant that I was away from the crosswalk on those mornings, but I was there for the afternoons.  Some of my little charges and their parents actually told me they missed me in the mornings.  I'll chalk that mostly up to a cross guard reservist who really didn't want to be there...

On Friday, Chaco and I finally went vacuum cleaner shopping.  I think I have now seen every vacuum cleaner on the north side of Colorado Springs.  We settled on a cute little portable that totally sucks.  Plus, it was nice to spend an afternoon with him as he realized he was short on some other things,  including but not limited to a few toiletries, lunch, general fun money...

drama, inverted

We returned to the dorm and not a moment too late.  I was rendered queasy by treated to the effects of four guys who know that a vacuum cleaner is on the way so they can slack on cleaning the floors.  Let's just say I'm glad I thought to buy a 12-pack of extra bags.

Luck of the Irish to all of you!  Well, except the bad luck stuff like great famine and peasant violence and political unrest...


  1. Happy Green Day to you, too! I am wearing a green sweater hoodie and a button from an Irish Band I saw a few years back. I'm also considering visiting the liquor store and buying same Guiness...

    We were visiting our son in Vancouver yesterday. When we dropped him off at his place I asked if I could use his bathroom. He looked nervous and said, "just a sec". My daughter peeked in and saw him move a giant pile of stuff out of the middle of the room. But his bathroom was clean! So I was satisfied.

  2. Were you able to enter the dorm without mentioning the messiness? I try not to comment on the status of the kids' rooms every time I open the door, but it's SOO hard not to. Reminds me of a birthday card I got my eldest a few years ago. The front showed the mom opening the door to his messy bedroom saying "You call this clean!?!" and on the inside the card read - "Oh, I mean... Happy Birthday!" :)
    Anyway - Happy St. Pat's Day to you as well! Personally, I've seen enough "green" partiers to last me another year.

  3. And the potato famine. Don't forget that. I can't decide if I'm irish or scottish. My maiden name is McCallen, and where money is concerned I'm tighter than a tick on a small dog.

  4. Top O' the Mornin' to you as well! Nice to hear that your St Paddy's Day didn't suck too badly. Hope your adventures in dormroomland didn't make you turn too green.

  5. A 12-pack of bags?? Eeks! At least they didn't have cockroaches nailed to the door like a couple of guys I know.

  6. "Luck of the Irish to all of you! Well, except the bad luck stuff like great famine and peasant violence and political unrest..."

    That is really funny! Might see if I can use it in conversation with an Irish colleague - bound to send him off on one - the famine was only that bad because the English didn't give a damn, etc...

  7. Isn't it good to be missed? Maybe the unenthusiastic reservist is what the parents and kids needed to be reminded how good they have it with you!

    I'm jealous about your shorts and short-sleeves weather! It has snowed twice here since the day I announced we'd had our last snow of the season. Guess Mother Nature doesn't care what I believe. A coworker is moving to Colorado soon. We were just discussing how very tolerable the weather is there. Hmmm... retirement thoughts...

    Sounds like a fun day with Chaco. Sorry you were a bit queasy over the condition of the boys' room, but at least now you know the vacuum cleaner money was money well spent!

  8. I have a kid who was born on St. Patrick's Day and her name is Kelly. Believe it or not, it was not intentional; my husband just liked/likes the name. Of course, her cake has a shamrock on it every year.

    I'm glad you had a good week and hope the current one is going well; especially that you got to spend some quality vaccum cleaner shopping time with your son.