Tuesday, November 29, 2022

do you tell 'em?

Do you speak of it? Disclose? Open that can of worms?

Magnum and I were talking about "icebreaker" situations - like the opening of a workshop or a class - where everyone is prompted to "tell us one/ some of your hobbies".  Or maybe it's just while sitting in the chair at the salon, meeting new coworkers, etc.

I always feel kind of "uh boy" in those situations. Around here, there's a lot of outdoorsy stuff: hiking, skiing, biking, etc. and that's fine, but what about the non-physical-exertion stuff? 

Do you tell people that you have a blog? That you like to blog and read other blogs?

For me, oh heck no.

Thinking of what I've heard from others, aside from the outdoorsy stuff, there's gardening (yes, I know that's typically outdoors), maybe scrapbooking, knitting, reading (vague), gaming (not big with the crowd I'm usually asked to share with, other than maybe Candy Crush, whatever the hell that is...)

I don't recall anyone ever mentioning blogging or even journaling. Yet here we are.

Fact is, I feel kind of strange about mentioning that I have a blog to a real-life person. Maybe it's because I don't want to deal with the potential follow-up questions. Or I just don't want real-life acquaintances coming to visit!

Anyhoo, last week, Linda Sue asked, "From where do you blog?", so here goes.

When we first looked at this house as a potential rental, this room was unfinished - cold, neglected, with a naked cement floor - in the lower corner of the garden-level.  By the time we moved in, the landlords had, most likely, DIYed it into what could be counted as a bedroom. We rented, then eventually ended up buying the house.

The room has a small closet, decent enough carpeting, and an acoustic tile ceiling - minus one light panel that the cat took out, but that's another story.

Not really a she-shed, but most certainly not a man cave. It's more of a "She-Cave". My she-cave.

I hung some shelves, a corkboard, and a whiteboard and moved on in. The drawing table is only there when inktobering or similar, but I include it here for the photo shoot.

The room is rather small, and I'm currently unable to close the closet doors because of the closet's use for meaningful storage, but it's cozy enough and I like having the big window: overcast skies, snow falling.

That's it. My office. My studio. My she cave. 

Don't tell.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

for the moment

And so... the holiday week comes to a close. We woke to grey skies and a fresh dusting of wet snow/slush. Maybe Mother Nature herself is reluctant to rush back to the rat race.

It makes for nice running weather, though, and I enjoyed a quiet morning slog along the creek once again. I thought I'd give some blog homage to the ducks since the geese typically hog the glory, but this pair didn't seem too willing.

A nice week it was, what with Thanksgiving and all. Sadly, Meego missed the festivities here as he is dealing with the annoying-virus-but-not-COVID that is currently worming its way through the community. He decided to keep his contagion to himself, while we four remainders did our thing.

Additionally, Magnum and I had birthdays this week. No fanfare to be had, just acknowledgement that we each survived yet another year.

Speaking of aging, race results eventually came in for that Thanksgiving day run. I learned that the mayor is the same age as me, and we both made decent showings for our old lady age division. Until next year, Mrs. Mayor!

And speaking of birthdays, I must give a shout out to my friend and PEO sis, Maxine, who turned 101 this week! Still going strong! She's been on the earth a long time and has seen some stuff!

Her family appropriately threw a 101 Dalmatians birthday party for her, but know that she is no Cruella!

Personally, I have no real desire to live to be 101. What year is appropriate for Hello Kitty?

Thursday, November 24, 2022

I took on the mayor... and won

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American revelers.  Happy Thursday, everybody else. I'm thankful to not wake up to news of another mass shooting event - knock on wood.

All the sons are planning to come over later, I've got a large breast... simmering in the slow cooker, and I will eventually get to work on my candied sweet potatoes. I pretty much wear all the toques in this kitchen's French brigade, so expectations are not too high. But there will be food for which to give thanks.

This morning, I ran in the local Thanksgiving Day Run - 4 miles of fun near downtown. 

It was a lovely morning for it: temps in upper 30's, slightly overcast, kinda breezy. The snow and ice from last week's storm is mostly all gone, so that was nice. Race results aren't yet available, and I wasn't really "racing" this year, just there to be part of the pack. It was a good fun time.

And a pack it was. We were shoulder to shoulder for the entire first mile it seemed, then the elbow room slowly opened up. I know my pace was pretty slow for those first couple miles of running like one sheep among many, but I managed to pick off a few contenders for the second half.

I'd been running with a content group during a good portion of the back stretch. A woman to my left was running with a guy and acknowledging a few spectators here and there. I don't really know any well-known runners or well-known people in general since we moved here at the onset of the pandemic. But she seemed to be someone people might know.

At one point, we went by a group of people cheering on the side of the road for us random strangers, and the guy running with "Miss Popularity" pointed to her and said, "she's the mayor!"

I glanced over at the woman, decked out in running clothes, a bright fleece beanie, and sunglasses (coulda been anyone). I don't know much about our mayor, but I at least know her name and have seen her picture on some propaganda promoting our bicycle friendly city - her happily commuting via bicycle.

"Oh, so I've been running with the mayor", I pondered to myself. 

Then I sped up. It's likely the only time I will choose to take on the mayor - singlehandedly at least - and win.


Linking up this week with Mama Kat for the prompt:

1. Happy Thanksgiving! How will you be spending your holiday?

Sunday, November 20, 2022

bright outside

It seems like, around here, we're often, "geez, we need some snow", then when it happens, we're, "Ugh, snow".

We got our first appreciable snow of the season this week. It mucked up the roads and caused early closures and delays, but was only a few inches. It's that first snow when everyone has to remember what to do.

My goose friends are still hanging around. I dodged ice patches during a run on the pathway this morning, and found this gang having a morning gossip sesh.

I'm thankful for the sunshine and warmer temperatures forecast to melt some of the ice leftovers. I walked to work on Thursday and Friday because I don't like riding my bicycle on snow and ice and road vomit. The walk is under two miles, but SO slow. It teaches me patience, not one of my virtues.

I'm looking forward to a mellow, short workweek. The students have the week off, certain services, including us in testing, are open through Wednesday. I appreciate people and services that are open through holiday "breaks". My previous job at the nursing home helps me appreciate not being on a holiday schedule rotation. 

Stay warm!

Saturday, November 19, 2022

getting closure

Nice to be sitting here at the end of a busy week. Lots of activity at work with it being the week before Thanksgiving, PLUS a lot of people are out sick. Not COVID, but there seems to be a heavy cold thing going around. Lots of people fighting the snot wars.

I feel kind of bad for these college students, having forgotten what that's like. Miss a couple of classes, and too bad, the work moves on without you. 

I was tutoring yesterday, and another student whom I don't formally tutor, but have helped out a few times, tried to "crash" the session my student, "Ren", and I were having. I know Ren, didn't want the other guy, "Joe", to join, and we managed to fend him off, but I felt kind of bad.

Joe explained that his tutor, Kay, has been out sick for two weeks. TWO weeks! I wondered why I hadn't seen Kay in a while.

My coworkers in the testing center have been in and out with illness too, and we don't have much back fill. So I worked a few extra hours last week to cover. On Thursday, I was working my usual scheduled shift as we  were getting our first decent snowstorm of the season. An announcement came over the PA that campus was closing early because of the weather.

So we all got to go home early, but what a pain, having to end certification exams that people had prepared and paid for. They'll be able to reschedule, but I know they were thinking they'd have them out of the way and be able to relax for Thanksgiving.

Think again.

But hey, at least we're not Buffalo, NY! Eek, whatta mess. 

Stay warm and safe!

Sunday, November 13, 2022


Another week deeper into Fall. I think I've raked my last pile of leaves. I hope.

I came across this photo from last week's Tortoise and Hare 5k - at the start line with my (#728) wave mates. I didn't remember that young girl in the group - maybe because she's not much shorter than me, and maybe because I was blinded by fluorescent tights guy.

But, speaking of running tights and the color "plum", by George, I'd say plum is the color of my running tights here. They're neither grey nor purple, so "plum" it is, just like the cat! So glad to have come to that conclusion. Finally.

Okay, enough excitement. This week featured some adjustment to the time change. Coming home at 5pm is dark now. I have front and rear lights on my bicycle, but their main function is to allow others to see me. They don't work so great as to helping me see where I'm going. For that, I use a headlight - like a coal miner. 

Who knew I'd need one for 5pm? Not me. Not LAST week anyway. 

I know now.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

take your time

"Whew! I made it just in time!", she breathily declared

"There was never a doubt in my mind", I sleepily replied. But in all honesty, since about 3 minutes prior, I was kinda wondering.

I was scheduled to work this morning. We all have pretty regular Monday through Friday schedules, and Boss rotates us on Saturdays, when only two people work. As a testing center, we must have at least two people in place or we can't operate. It's never been an issue for as long as I've been there until recently.

Phi, my coworker this morning, has been showing up late with concerning frequency. Like two to two-and-a-half hours late. Our part-time shifts are typically 5 hours, so showing up over two hours late is quite noticeable.

She'd told boss that she wanted to work every Saturday in addition to her couple of weekly shifts, and that was fine until she got the case of the latelies. Push came to shove, and Boss told her no more Saturdays, we can't risk not being able to open. Today would be her last Saturday, and if that were to go belly up, her employment status would be on thin ice.

I like Phi. She has a full-time 2nd shift job, plus she teaches one class at the college. She's a newish addition to our team, and to me, she seems very responsible. The late shows seem out of character, but there they are. Plenty of them. She's told me she "likes to keep busy", hence her asking for every Saturday.

Anyway, I was happy she showed up (we had a plan B in place in case she didn't). I like her and I enjoy working with her. We had a rip roaring Saturday of invigilating. I really hope she keeps her act clean, and maybe she'll get some, if not all, Saturdays back.

Some other coworkers don't like Saturday duty - treat it like a school kid having to show up for punishing "Saturday School". They were happy when Phi asked for all of them, spreading out the rotation for the rest of us. 

I don't mind working Saturdays. First, it's a short shift - we're only open 4 hours, and I don't tutor on Saturdays. Second, campus is quiet, the morning commute is nearly traffic-free, the phone hardly rings, the work is steady but not overwhelming. Since I don't have kids' events to attend on Saturdays any more, and I don't have a habit of partying hard on Fridays, what's not to like?

So Phi lives to work another day.

Meanwhile, speaking of my life in the slow lane, how is it that cats know just where to quietly sit to be most intrusive?

All, "I'm just quietly sitting, what's the problem?"

Napolion, recently working on some "Catculus".