Sunday, January 17, 2021

SilverLiningness Sunday

Yesterday was a workday for me, and it was thankfully nice and mellow.  My boss and assistant boss both have Saturdays off, so it's the day of the week that I'm "in charge".  Last Saturday was when we had that latest COVID situation frenzy, so while that was exciting, I was happy for a mellow day yesterday.

After work, Magnum and I went for a walk.  We're back to earning points for cash at his work's health incentive program.  I shoot for 10,000+ steps a day for maximum points.  

So we hoofed it about 4.5 miles, and my linked app credited me with about a measly 3,000 steps for the trip.  I don't think so!  Not only that, but we were nearly hit by a irresponsible bitch woman in an SUV failing to yield to pedestrians (us) in a crosswalk.  

So I figured I'm due a Silver Liningness blog post.  Onward.

Winter bicycle update:  I thankfully decided not to buy a third bicycle, deciding that three's a crowd.  My new winter tires have arrived, and I'm going to put them on Ariel and see how they are on dry pavement.  Others have told me they just leave them on from November-ish to March-ish, and they're fine even on no-ice days, so we shall see.  Here they studly sit beside me, patiently awaiting employment under the watchful eye of Catbug...

Why do I have a Catbug plush?  That's another story.  Anyway, I figure if I don't like the feel of them on dry roads, I'll just change out the tires.  It'll be good practice for flats I don't intend to get.

Whachu reading?  I've just finished reading a couple of books by Japanese authors.  They were recommended to me from my Kindle for some reason.  Both books were strange, but I liked their strangeness.  I think.  

Certainly not for everyone, but I went from going, "okay, what is the point??" to "Hmmm, lemme think about that for a bit" with each.

Working in the time of COVID.  This week, the CEO of the healthcare system I work for mandated that COVID vaccines will be required for employment as of April 1.  We've already had some fallout from staff who don't want the vaccine.  I'd decided to get it at the end of this month before the mandate was announced.  I'm thankful to have it available to me and at the thought of protecting our senior residents.  Fingers crossed it does the job.

In closing, I'm thankful for nice long walks, even if I don't get credited the full step count.  And I'm thankful for not being run over by a motor vehicle.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

all the things!

For this week's prompts from Mama Kat, I had trouble deciding on which one.  So screw it, do 'em all!

1. Share a favorite recipe you’ve been loving lately.

At work, during our morning breaks, the cooks will make us "anything we want" (within reason).  I ordered up this breakfast sammich early on, and now it's my fave.  The kitchen calls it the "Abby Special"

It's really not much of a "recipe".  It's just eggs (scrambled or over easy, surprise me) with melted cheddar, spinach, and tomato on a toasted English muffin.  

Simple.  Satisfying.

2. Write about what helps you stay motivated during these unprecedented times?

I do miss going to PEO meetings and events and have trouble staying motivated to attend the zoom meetings.  I recognize that's something I should work on rather than just waiting until we can meet in-person again.  

I'm glad I signed up for those monthly Tortoise and Hare races.  They are a nice respite from fact that there are no big races and provide some fun competition and motivation to stay race ready.  Really, I did not necessarily want to run in the crap conditions last Sunday, but was glad I did it in the end because I want those 5 points, dammit!

I also stay motivated by doing fun DIY projects around the house that I otherwise wouldn't make time for *anyone detect the dripping sarcasm there?*

3. Write a blog post about something that made you smile this week.

4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: enough

I've been thinking about how I have more than enough clothes these days.  I don't get out much except to go to work at the care facility, and our work clothes are issued to us.  Tuting is all online, and everything is super casual with that these days.  

Half my closet is clothes I haven't worn in nearly a year.  Anyone else? What are YOU wearing?

5. Write about the last argument you witnessed (could be a silly one)…did you take a side?

This isn't that recent, but once when we were on a family road trip, we stopped at a McDonald's for lunch.  There were two young female employees working the counter, and it was apparent that they didn't like each other.  We observed a short exchange as they put our order together:

McD worker #1: Stop touching my boob.

McD worker #2: Stop putting your boob where my hand is.

No violence ensued, but you could cut the air with a knife.  It stands as my favorite witnessed argument.  I did not pick a side because either one of those girls coulda kicked my ass.

6. Share a memory about something you did as a child that made a family member angry.

I was always an adorable child who never caused any anger.  I'm sticking with that story.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

slippery sloping

The first week and a little bit of 2021 is in the books.  The world didn't exactly chill out after 2020 ended did it? All part of the adventure.

I was at work yesterday, and a new rehab admit tested positive for COVID.  This was just the third time we've had a positive resident during the COVID times.  In each case, it was determined that the virus was not contracted in our facility, so I'm happy with how successful containment has been.  It's a bit eerie and stressful when it happens, though.  Like that scene from Monster's Inc.?  When the monster comes back with a toddler sock stuck to it?  

Yes, that's totally what it reminds me of.  But in the previous other cases, no other resident contracted the virus after the positive case was contained in Monster's Inc. fashion.  Hopefully, that's once again true in yesterday's mayhem.  But days like that make me feel like, yeah, I should get the vaccine.  A lot of those old folks and invalids have become like friends.

ya think??

In other news, I ran another Tortoise and Hare race this morning.  There's one race per month, October to April, at various distances.  This morning's was a 5K, thankfully not longer.  It was freaking icy! It snowed all day yesterday, leaving about 4 inches on the ground.  

This morning was chilly, and despite the path being plowed, what remained was a sheet of ice.  Really, it would've been better not to have plowed at all, and just let us pack the snow down.  

So, times were slow, but I'm just glad to have remained upright.  I'll count that as a participation prize.  And I learned that my trail shoes are no match for ice.

And speaking of moving on ice.  I think I've decided what I'm gonna do about winter bicycle commuting.  Today, I plan to check out a local bike shop that sells lots of used bicycles and hopefully adopt a suitable one to call my own and dress up in winter tires.  

But nothing crazy.  There's always room for one more?

Friday, January 8, 2021

shots and studs

Interesting start to the new year, eh?  I'll just leave that at that, and stick to my own trivial little world since this is my trivial little blog.  But first, a meme:

On that note, it's been interesting to witness the roll out of the first round of COVID-19 vaccine at my workplace.  Several residents and staff have gotten their first hit.  Everyone I've asked has said that their arm is a little sore, but other than that, they feel just fine.  We are told that the second shot in about three weeks could be more noticeable with side effects of feeling blah for a day or so.  

I passed on this first round.  Personally, I'm not too worried about getting COVID myself, but I would hate to pass it on to someone - particularly any residents at the care facility.  I think the place has done a good job of screening employees and keeping residents safe, but I know they want all of us to get the vaccine.  I might give into the peer pressure and sign up for next month.  

In other news, I've been researching studded snow tires for my bicycle.  I've never wanted them, just like I've never wanted studded snow tires for my car.  But we've had some slippery days recently with more to come.  I've gotten lots of recommendations from people who use them, and I ordered a pair for myself.

Thing is, in Colorado, we get our snowy slippery days, then it melts and the roads are beauty until the next storm.  In addition to recommending the snow tires, many have suggested that I either (1) buy spare rims for easy tire changes - not exactly "cheap" for my bicycle, Ariel, or (2) buy a whole 'nother bike and mount the snow tires on it for riding on snow days.   A whole 'nother bike?  How convenient...

I'm taking Ariel for her annual Spa Day/ Tuneup at the bike shop today.  I'm going to try not to make any silly purchases.  I promise.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

let's pretend it's science

I was at work today, and one of our rehabilitation residents had on a Colorado Buffaloes - a.k.a CU - sweatshirt.

"Hey, I like your sweatshirt!  Did you go to CU?", I asked the white-haired woman.

"Yes, I did", she deadpanned.

"I went there too, always nice to meet a fellow alum, particularly here where there're a lot of Ram fans", I continued (Fort Collins is home to the in-state rival university of CU).

"Oh?  When were you there?", she asked.

"I graduated in 1990", I answered.

"Ah.  I was there... before that", and we giggled a bit as I went about my non-college-degree-requiring job.

My young coworkers know that I also work as a tutor.  I've told them, "I'm here for the 401K", as I've extoled the virtues of pretax savings.  Most of them are not at all interested in socking away for retirement at their current stages of life.

Tutoring is contract work, so no bennies.  It's a nice side gig, but I've typically had another side gig job, like now, that offers a 401K or other pretax savings plan of some sort.  Not a whole lotta money, believe me, but I like to contribute a little plus have some occupation to balance the tuting.

Also today at work, our dishwasher went on the fritz.  Not the machine in the kitchen, but the human who loads and unloads the machine in the kitchen.  Through a series of unfortunate events, she had to leave, which left us dishwasherless for a couple hours.  Anxious times, I tellya.  

I gathered my wits and headed to the alien land that is the dishpit.  Told myself, "I'm a retired mechanical engineer, I should be able to figure out a feaking commercial dishwasher".

And I did.

I went to college.  And today, I washed dishes, thereby saving the day.  

Wait, what? 

Sunday, January 3, 2021

wrapping up, moving on

Greetings on this new year.  Already on the 3rd day in, I'm a bit late to the party?  As it happened, I worked on new year's morning and was in bed like a good girl by about 9:30p new year's eve.  Likely, even if I didn't work new year's day, I would've been in bed like a good girl on new year's eve.

I took a moment to think back on the year to give myself closure.  It wasn't all pandemic all the time as I reviewed that I...

  • sold a house
  • bought a house
  • got a new job
  • got another new job after COVID nearly killed the other new job
  • zoomed
  • wore many a mask

  • climbed a horsetooth

  • climbed a mountain

  • rode (and crashed) a mountain bike park

  • Inktobered
  • voted
  • did many many COVID nasal swabs
  • ran some races

  • got older

Really, not too shabby ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.  

I'm not one who believes that everything will be unicorns and rainbows because we turned a page to a fresh calendar, but we'll keep on chugging.  One day at a time.

As mentioned, I spent new year's day with coworkers and the old folks.  The Pfizer COVID vaccine began shooting through our facilities last week.  From my casual conversations, I'd say about half of the staff are opting to get it while others, including me, are waiting for a later round.  Interestingly, it seems many of the ones getting it this first go around are office types who don't really give direct care to residents.  

My boss had COVID a month and a half or so ago.  She was telling me about the strange "brain fog" and fatigue she's dealt with ever since.  I recently read an article about concerning psychological symptoms showing up in a few people who've recovered from the virus.  

Okay, can we cue the unicorns and rainbows already?

Sunday, December 27, 2020

merry making

Christmas 2020, there it went.

I hope everyone reading had a nice Christmas if celebrated and a nice Friday if not.  We actually had our family celebration yesterday - the day after - and it was all good.

I worked on Christmas day, so spent it with my coworkers and the old folks.  It was a good day, everything went very smoothly, like a Christmas miracle.  I was in the kitchen prepping the tiramisu when two of our burly cooks hefted a couple of huge hams from the oven.  As they beamed at the beautiful and aromatic fruits of their labors, I couldn't help but think, "those look like two little charred pigs", which in a way, they were.  

To the cooks' credit, they were beautiful hams, but my on-again-off-again inner vegetarian had a bit of a "farm to table" moment at first sight of them.  When I buy ham in the store, it's not nearly as critter looking.  Anyway, the Christmas meal was a success with the senior citizen masses.  

About a week ago, Meego let me know that close friends he'd hung out with had tested positive for COVID.  This was just after he and his roommates came off of two weeks of self-quarantining after one of the roommates and roommate's girlfriend tested positive.  

Like a responsible college kid in a pandemic, Meego wanted to have a COVID test before we had our family get together.  We scrambled a bit to find a testing site and get him an appointment.  I honestly didn't think he'd have results before the weekend, but he got his negative result on Thursday giving us the all clear.

We had a fun day-after-Christmas Christmas with the brood.  They are a difficult bunch to get gifts for, each being single with no dependents and decent incomes - well, except for Meego the college kid who will always welcome cash.  But we managed a bit of seasonal materialism to go with the flow.

Now, onward to the new year.  Resolutions?  Yeah, riiiiiiiight...