Wednesday, December 5, 2012

so... whachu wearing?

It's on.

I mentioned the health incentives that Magnum's company offers its employees and spouses?  How we jump through their hoops like trained animals going for the treat bucket?

Most of them don't even involve doing healthy stuff, to be honest.  We each had our screenings, where we're just told what our various numbers and suggested ways to get them better.  Another hoop was filling out our online questionnaire to assess how healthy our lifestyles are.  One interesting question was, "Do you smoke?" with answer choices "Yes", "No", "I don't know".

How would I not know whether I smoke or not?

BUT I digress.  The latest incentive actually requires some work.  Pedometer bling!

Starting tomorrow, we will be entered into a daily random drawing for each day we get in 7,000 or more steps.  The contest lasts 21 days, meaning we can get in 21 entries.  I just snapped this photo, note that I've already got over 9,000 and I haven't even taken China for the daily beauty walk.  >7,000 per day is not a major undertaking.  This is just my morning calisthenics play plus a few trips back and forth across the morning crosswalk.

On a related side note, I got to wondering why "pedestrian" and "pedophile" had the same word root.  One is a Greek root, the other Latin.  No relation.  Good to know, I don't want to lose my job over a "pedophile meter".

ANYWAY, since I hardly ever win random drawing type prizes, and this drawing is bound to have lots and lots of entries, I don't really care nor do I expect to win anything... But there is a daily leader board that doesn't affect the drawing, just shows who's kicking butt.  Yeah, whatever...

Oh, who am I kidding?!  Game on, B*tches!!


  1. Gotta LOVE the Pedometer bling!! And clearly, you're going to be able to make that 7,000 steps per day goal! Here's hoping you win!!

  2. I'm sure someone, somewhere is a smoker and doesn't know it. The survey makers have to account for the intellectually challenged. It's like the warning tag they have to put on blow dryers telling you not to use it while bathing.

    Okay, no it's not.

    With all the non-gas-powered-vehicle traveling around you do, you're sure to blow those B*tches out of the water. Hope you win something good!

    1. I went for a bike ride yesterday and kept track of how many "steps" I got credit for. I think I either need to find another place to put the pedometer when I bike ride, or become a bouncier bicycler.

  3. "Do you smoke after you have $ex?"
    "I don't know, never looked."

    Coulda been for those guys. :-)

  4. Oh, you GOT this. You totally GOT this! I'm scared for the others. Can't wait to see what you're gonna win...
    Looks like Guano solved the mystery of how people don't know if they smoke. :)

    1. This is actually the third pedometer challenge, and there were some in the last contest that racked up some crazy totals. They're either super active, or they cheated!

  5. I am always shocked by those step thresholds - just how static ARE some people?

    Hope you get some prizes and that they don't go the the guy who sits there eating doughnuts which gently shaking his pedometer...

    1. Ha, that image reminds me of the people who walk their dogs by hanging the leash out the car window! I think I could get 7,000 steps in from just doing the crosswalk thing and then going for groceries.

  6. Nice for Magnum's company to promote a healthy lifestyle. Nice benefits that really pay off. And cool prizes. Better than giving out desserts. Good luck on the contest. I did the same kind of one with my company and won for most distance. $100 card to the local running store which put me into my current pair of ASICs.