Saturday, February 26, 2011

the barber

Remember that part in Moonstruck? Where Cher meets the young and awesome Nicholas Cage at the opera?

I do. I remember thinking, "WOW, what a cool date!!" And I also remember thinking, "Yeah, like I'M ever gonna go to the opera..."

Well, last night, I did!

A few weeks ago, Meego reported that they were learning about opera in his TAG reading class, and that they would have the opportunity to go see an actual opera in a few weeks. What? Sure enough, his teacher sent home a letter about a local special "school night" presentation of "The Barber of Seville". In the meantime, they studied that particular Rossini opera and were offered specially priced tickets to go if they wanted to.

Well, Meego wanted to. The teacher would chaperone, but there were a few tickets available for parents, so I jumped on one myself, and last night was our big "date".

I've never been to an opera before and wasn't sure what to expect. My knowledge of "The Barber of Seville" was limited to a Rossini CD we have and the classic Bugs Bunny rendition.

It was wonderful! And who knew that "The Barber of Seville" has nothing to do with rabbit hunting?!

Anyway, we both enjoyed ourselves and this was something we SO don't do. Got dressed up. Went downtown on a Friday night. To the opera! Some of Meego's school friends of the female persuasion got a kick out of seeing him in a tie. This from the kid who is all t-shirts all the time. Seriously. He will NOT wear buttons, let alone a tie.

But for the opera he did.

It wasn't a young Nick Cage in a tux, but it was still special.


Happy Illustration Friday Saturday! This week's prompt is "swarm" and I did this quick sketch of birds at the trough.

We used to have bird feeders, which soon became cat feeders - if y'know what I'm sayin'. Didn't seem very nice.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I was back at the police station this week. I got a letter a week or so ago that said my first round of fingerprints didn't quite cut it for the CBI and FBI. Sheesh.

Apparently, this happens quite often, so I'm not the only one to feel unhuman. There's not a whole lot going on at work right now. State assessment tests start next week, so we're just looking to get those over and done with. It's so dull, I decided that going to the police station to get fingerprinted was the most productive use of my time.

I arrived and it was the usual waiting area cast of school employees, foster parent applicants, and criminals. Hard to say who was which. A few people got up to go outside and smoke a cigarette and/or make phone calls. One cigarette smoking woman did a few yoga-like stretches while hauling on her cigarette. Not a common sight.

Me, I decided to actually read the fingerprinting information materials. Word to the wise: bring a book or doodle pad if you ever need to get fingerprinted. Anyway, I learned that certain things can cause fingerprints to wear down to the point of not being good enough for the FBI. Two I remember are "age" and "hobbies".

I'm going to ignore the "age" thing and chalk it up to too much fingerpainting as a professional child.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

don't need no stinkin' TV

I've confessed here before that I don't watch much TV, although I have tried. Really. I have.

I don't watch Oprah, I don't watch American Idol, I don't watch CSI:Anywhere - none of it. I just find it all so... so... so... BORING. And sometimes, it actually makes me angry, as in "The Bachelor" is SO not how to find a life partner! And who was voted off of "Dancing with the Stars" is SO not headline news!

But I can deal with it. That said, I do actually enjoy a good NOVA episode now and then. Geek much?

I typically have a book or two going, though. I can start one, and if it is a total yawner, I have no qualms about not finishing it. Right now, I'm reading "Water for Elephants". It was just recently made into a movie and an ad for it popped up on the computer one day. Wolfgang happened to be nearby and he suggested I read the book, then Magnum and I go see the movie. I think he's just trying to get rid of us for a while, but whatever, I decided to check the book out.

And, lo and behold, I actually like it! I can't remember the last novel I actually finished and I've just a few pages left. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. While I read, it was hard for me to see pretty Boy Robert Pattinson as the lead. I just think of him as Vampire Edward, but he may just pull it off.

So anyway, I highly recommend it. Turn off the TV and read this book instead.

In movie news, we recently watched Prince of Persia. It's not bad for family viewing - there's something for everyone: Magic and Battles, Muscles and Boobs... Although I was left wondering why it was that the people of ancient Persia all spoke with British accents, but I guess that's how it goes in Hollywood.

Magnum and I also recently watched Rory O'Shea Was Here and liked it too. It was funny and sad and touching and thought provoking, and I liked all of the main characters. It was rated R, I guess just for a few F-bombs, but really, that's a stretch. Good flick.

What's in your bookshelf and DVD player?

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Happy (?) Illustration Friday on Saturday! This week's prompt is "layer".

So I was thinking... hmmm... "layer"... and the images of flower petals and waterfalls and mountain ranges and desserts were swimming in my brain. But there was one particular image that, for some crazy *ahem* reason, kept persisting, so I decided to just indulge and create that one.

Besides, the voices said I should.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

how will I tell the milkman?

Okay, so we know how I got that world's bravest crossing guard job a little over a month ago. A little background:

This particular school crossing is a notoriously dangerous one in our area. It's 5 to 6 lanes of popular east/west commuter route. A reduced speed zone of about 350 feet is in place during the morning and afternoon school commute times.

But still, they speed.

Despite the fluourscent green signs, despite the white stuff painted on the roads, despite the flashing lights... they speed. I didn't realize how bad it was until I became world's bravest crossing guard.

And it's not just the pedestrian kids to worry about. Naturally, there is noticable increased motor traffic during before and after school. Many left turns a-happening into and out of the street leading to the school. In my short time there, I have witnessed many near misses and am actually surprised to have not yet had an actual incident.

The school safety committee has squeaked the police department's wheel plenty of times to give a little help. They are certainly sympathetic, but with budget cuts and such, they can only do so much. And frankly, I'd just as soon they put murderers, rapists and child molesters as a higher priority anyway.

That said, they do occassionally drive by my post a couple of times during duty. This helps a bit, but this afternoon... Oh THIS AFTERNOON, a couple of totally hawt motorcycle cops came over and set up shop at the side street just across the street from me. Yeah, you know 'em. Black shiny helmets, black cool motorcycle cop jackets, shiny white Harley's... oh baby.

Within 3 minutes, they'd each nabbed a criminal.

As if that wasn't sweet enough, one was an SUV, the other, ... omg omg... a minivan. MINIVAN!

And I am suddenly maddeningly overflowingly bursting with love.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I'm a day behind this week, so it's Illustration Friday on a Saturday on a Sunday! This week's prompt is "sweater".

I've reached the last page of my cutie pocket moleskine, so I drew this somewhat lonely looking girl bracing against the chill... for Valentine's day.

What's the story? Her boyfriend gave her that sweater before deploying overseas? Her boyfriend gave her that sweater before dumping her? Because she's pregnant?? Her boyfriend gave her that sweater before telling her that his wife is pregnant??? All of the above?

Whatever, it's a sweater. It's the end of a moleskine. Time to open another.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

silver liningness

It's been a while since I did a thankfulness post, but that's not to say I'm an ungrateful person! A few things I'm thankful for as of late:

First of all, with the new job, I'm enjoying having my evenings and weekends free. True, my days are not so free, but I've adjusted to the new schedule and this is way better. Oh, I like the job and my coworkers too.... AND the veritable non-commute.

This past week, with the deep freeze, we got two "snowdays", although they were more cancellations due to cold moreso than snow, but I'll take them. It was kind of nice to have two days to be holed up in the house and get caught up on stuff.

It was also nice when the warmer temperatures returned.

And through my trips to go visit my mom, I discovered that the little Diamond Shamrock gas station down the road has the BEST coffee ever! You can have your $tarbuck$, I'm now a Diamond Shamrock Premium Blend girl, myself.

On that note, my mom is doing better. She's not back home yet, but she's moved to the rehabilitation wing/building where she is to get more physical therapy so as to become self-sufficient and to return to independent living.

And on THAT note, I'm going to go outside now and shovel some snow... because I can!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Happy Illustration Friday on Saturday once again! This week's prompt is "reverse", so naturally I drew some emos.

In case you're wondering what emos have to do with "reverse", I ask you to read it again.

Some Emos.

Now read it in reverse. YES, it's a palindrome. Oh, too fun.

As always, your amusing comments are this drawer's reward.

Didya see it?? "drawer's reward"?!?

(okay, I'll shut up now...)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

wife beater

Day two of the siege. Yep, it's still too cold to go to school, but things are looking up. The forecast is calling for a high temperature of 5 degrees ABOVE zero, with windchills ONLY down to minus 25 or so. Whoo, turn on the AC!

Strangely, there's not a whole lot of snow around. Sort of a too-cold-to-snow storm. I ventured out last night to get a few groceries. About froze my face off walking through the parking lot. It was strangely painful, unlike any cold face I've experienced before. I can only imagine the pleasant expression that must have accompanied the experience.

And I did get caught up on a fair amount of my domestic aspirations too, but there's always more where those came from. I managed to scratch a few sketches in the sketchbook too, including this one.
Well.... toldya it was cold!

The "maintenance req'd" light came on in our little beater Honda Civic last night during my grocery run. I'd like to get it into the shop today, but am waiting for the temperature to go up. Magnum normally uses that car to drive to work, but he took the "good car" - the 12-year-old Subaru - instead.

I'm reminded of my love/hate relationship with cars. Great to have when you need them, and I do tend to "befriend" them, perceiving their different personalities and such, but they can be a pain to maintain as they get older.

My mom is still convalescing in the hospital, and I may be driving her home when she does eventually get discharged, a round trip of about 300 miles. Which crap car to use?

I actually think the Subaru's in pretty good shape. It does have over 100K miles on it, but it's been a good car and I'd by another. It's just that I don't want anything to crap out while I'm driving my elderly mother.

I guess I'll burn that bridge when I get there.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ogres have layers

At least they'd better if they live in Colorado! Dang, it's colder than a witch's... well.... it's really cold outside. We just checked, and the temperature has "climbed" to a balmy minus 8, winchill of minus 35. Frostbite will occur in about 15 minutes according to my windchill chart. Good thing I'm currently reading yet another crazy arctic exploration book to keep things in perspective.

So, we're having us a snowday. Chaco took advantage of the non-obligation morning. He's since gotten up, showered, breakfasted, and spit on the front porch to see how soon it would freeze. He's unaware that I snapped the above photo. I'll spare you the frozen saliva.

Wolfgang and Meego were up just a little before Chaco. It's amazing what a short amount of time it takes them to trash the kitchen.

I welcome the day off. With the "Mom situation", I've fallen a bit behind in the day-to-dayness. Not only that, but this is no kinda weather to be playing crossing guard. And I think I'll fit in a fair amount of playtime, with my art toys

...because I can. Thank you, Mother Nature.