Sunday, March 24, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy first weekend of spring!  I'm not going to give a weather update *harumph*.  But here is my current desktop wallpaper.  "Vacation" is really just a state of mind, right?   RIGHT?!?

This week felt broken up into two halves.  The first half was typical with school and tuting, but with spring break more-or-less starting on Thursday, not much responsible, work-a-day stuff after that.  I indulged in spring cleaning, getting rid of some winter dirt and other clutter.  Always fun!

I was also able to cut the cord with another tutor student this week.  I've been tutoring him for over a year and felt he was ready to fly solo.  Very nice family, but I don't want to be a crutch.  I would like to cut back on the tuting since I'll be starting the teacher licensing program soon.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a man who started [a project] to have various artists create renditions of his young daughter.  To date, over 500 artists have contributed, and I finally got around to submitting mine this week.

It was nice to work on her sweet face after a few weeks of busy busy.   I was flattered he asked me to participate, and mine should be posted on his site sometime in the next week or so.

Now, I must go.  The beach is calling!  (Or maybe that's just an alternative spelling of China the female dog wanting to go for another walk.  Bundle up time again).


Anonymous said...

No need to give a weather update - we're experiencing your most recent weather first hand.
Congrats on graduating another student. I've been wondering if you'd started your teaching program yet.
I'm not surprised you were asked to participate in the art project. Your work always amazes me. I'll be heading over soon to see how the other artists compare.
Good luck with China's walk in the snow. My Hubby has a very similar background on his computer, btw.

agg79 said...

Those sunny beaches do beckon. Take heart! Spring is just around the corner and the weather WILL get warmer. Iv'e already called for facilities to come up and take care of SR300's problem. I'll put in a call for you guys as well. Bundle up and take care of China's beauty walk.

Glad to hear you cut one tutee loose. Time comes for them to learn to fly on their own. When are you staring up the teaching gig?

LL Cool Joe said...

This weather sucks big time, we have snow again.

Love the drawing. Wow that man is lucky to receive over 500 images of his daughter. I'm going over to check the work out now.

Happy Sunday!

Abby said...

I know we're not alone in our springtime freeze. That somehow helps? My back-to-school should begin with the summer session. I just need to get signed up for classes... find some $$ to pay for them...

Abby said...

Yes, thank you for filling that work order to fix the heating system! I know it's in good hands!
I'll most likely be teaching HS calculus and statistics, and was advised to take refresher classes over the summer (haven't touched calculus in 20+ years!). Student teaching should begin in the fall.

Abby said...

It's snowing again right now! It would be pretty... if it was December.

Rebecca S. said...

Sweet drawing :)
I dropped my kids off at their workplace in the resort village down the road this morning. My daughter was early for her shift so we went for a walk along the lake. Sunny, but chilly! These early spring days are a tease...but I'll take them over rain any day.

Abby said...

I would be happy with a tease.

terri said...

My desktop wallpaper is penguins. Maybe I should replace them with a vacation-y type background. I could use a mental vacation.

Congratulations on graduating another tutee. It must make the kids feel good (parents too) that you believe they're ready to handle things on their own.

Great drawing of an adorable little girl. What a great idea on her dad's part.

Linda Hensley said...

It's snowing in Ohio too, so I can relate about vacation fantasies. I hope you enjoy spring break, with or without snow. Nice portrait and tiger :)

Guano said...

We have nice weather forecasted for nearly all week; we've paid our dues all winter here, so some guilt-free basking is warranted!

And man, there's some serious talent on that guy's site. Very cool he asked you to contribute some Abby style.