Monday, March 4, 2013

sorry officer, apparently the rug is dirty


SomeGuy:  Hamanah hamanah hamanah hamanah village mayihelpu?

Me:  Uh.. Uhm.. yeah, I was just trying to call my son's dorm room, but I don't know the number.

SG:  You don't know his phone number?

Me:  Well... yeah... I know his number, but the cell phone is dead, so I thought I'd try calling the room, but I don't know the number.

SG:  Oh.  Mkay.  Hold on... shuffle shuffle muffle muffle shufffle muffle


SG:  Okay, what's your son's last name?

Me:  [Last Name]

SG:  Okay, last name [Blast Name], and what's his first name?

Me:  No, it's [Last Name]

SG:  Okay, his name is [Last Name] [Blast Name]??

Me:  No... his last name is [Last Name], not [Blast Name].  His first name is Chaco.

SG:  OH, okay.  I thought [Last Name][Blast Name] was kinda weird, but people can name people whatever they want I guess.

Me:  Yeah... heh.

SG:  He's in room [Room Number].  We'll send someone up and have him call you.

Me:  Oh, well I thought they had a phone in the suite.  Can you just connect me or give me the number?

SG:  Oh, no.  Those phones aren't hooked up.

Me:  Oh. Okay then.

---------- About 15 minutes later -----------


Me:  Hlo?

Chaco:  Hi, it's me.

Me:  Yeah, I been trying to call you.  Did you lose your phone?

Chaco:  Uh, no.  The battery died and I didn't know it.

Me:  Oh okay, I thought maybe you'd lost it.  I've been trying to call you since yesterday.

Chaco:  Yah, I don't really use my phone much?

Me:  Especially if it's got no battery...

Chaco:  Heh...

Me:  I thought you guys had a phone in the room.

Chaco:  Yeah, those aren't hooked up.

Me:  That's what the desk guy told me.  He said they would send someone up?

Chaco:  Yeah, the cops came *snicker*

Me:  WHAT?!

Chaco:  I guess it's considered a security issue when someone doesn't answer their phone.

Me:  Oh sheesh.  Well, there's a lesson for you to KEEP  YOUR  PHONE  CHARGED.

Chaco:  Yeah.  Heh

Me:  So, when you wanna go vacuum cleaner shopping?


I talked with Chaco on Thursday and he mentioned wanting to get a small vacuum cleaner for the area rug he recently got.  I thought this weekend would be a good time, so called him.  Or tried.  Those guys communicate through their computers.  I don't know how.  It's not skype.

Maybe I should find out.


Anonymous said...

A couple of days with no cell phone? And he didn't miss it? I hope this doesn't mean cell phones are on the way out already. I just got me a smart one!
Your phone call reminded me of when I used to call my old boyfriend in his Air Force dorm. I called a number, never knowing who would pick up, and had to go through multiple people before he would pick up.
So did ya get the vacuum?

agg79 said...

Sounds like he wasn't too concerned that his phone was KO'd. I bet if his computer was down or the internet was out it would have been a whole different story. With all the technology available today, I am surprised that you can are able to find someone the old fashioned way.

Rock Chef said...

My kids seem to chat to their friends while playing online games. We talk to our older son (at Uni) via skype all the time. Not sure about other ways - chat on FB? MSN Messenger?

Abby said...

We found a time later this week to go get a vacuum. I said I'd CALL him the night before...

Abby said...

His phone is a dumb one, like mine. Only for calling and texting. If both his computer and tablet died, hell would break loose.

Abby said...

I have skype, but apparently skype is to be shunned by the truly geeky.

Anita said...

Every now and then I have one of "those" conversations with a less than articulate person. (Would you call it a conversation?) I guess that's one of the things that makes life interesting; good for a good blog post. :)

This post took me back to my college days of living in the dorm and the ol' call from the mom.

By the way, did you all shop for the vaccum yet?

White Elephant said...

It's so frustrating when they forget to charge their phones. My youngest son never uses his mobile and leaves it on the side at home when he goes to school. That kind of defeats the object of having it.He talks to his friends via voice chat while they play games. He doesn't even text.

terri said...

It's a boy thing, I think. We checked our bill and it shows that I text more than my sons. And I don't text all that much. Kacey, though... she blew us out of the water with the number of text messages used. She's the reason for the unlimited texting plan. And when I call any of my kids, they rarely answer, which I find suspicious since the phones are never far from their bodies.

So do you think they're going to publish this in the police report in the local paper? You could be a local celebrity!

Abby said...

I missed out on the dorm experience. I think telephone operator guy was okay, just looking forward to the end of his shift? Vaccuum shopping tonight, oboy.

Abby said...

Doncha just hate when you call one of them and then hear the phone ringing in the next room? Been there.

Abby said...

They should call it The Kacey Plan!

Yeah, I can read the report now:
"Officers were dispatched to the dorm room of Mr. Barker Parker..."

meleah rebeccah said...

OMG! I can't believe

a) the phones IN the dorms aren't hooked up


b) they sent the cops to check on your son!