Wednesday, March 27, 2013

here art thou

Several months ago, someone gave me a generous gift card for a local art supply store.   It sat stashed all this time since (1) I'm pretty well-stocked with art toys for the moment, (2) the store is downtown, and I hardly ever go downtown, plus (3) there is a nice art toy store within an easy bike ride from my house.

But I have been wanting to check this store out just for a fun field trip for a while.  So since it is spring break for Meego and Wolfgang and neither of them had much on their agendas today, I appointed myself Activities Director.

Their assignment:  shop until the gift card was gone.

I ridiculously jotted a list for myself just in case they weren't able to complete the assignment.  Yeah, RIIIIIIIIIGHT...

They actually made pretty good selections and it's not like I can't play with their stuff when they're not around!   And really, I was just going along for reconnaissance anyway.

As mentioned, I feel my art toy coffers are full anyway.  Plus, remember that Bamboo Tablet I sort of inherited recently?  For teaching online classes, I just used it for the whiteboard tools, but I knew it could do OH so much more, so this morning I played around with it.

I started with making this sketch of Doona Bae the old-fashioned way:  pencils and paper.

Then I used that image to wade through a couple of Bamboo tutorials that produced


and this

It's not quite the same feel as traditional artplay, but it's a good no-fuss way to practice for the real thing.  I like the fact that I can "paint" without all the set-up,  mess and subsequent clean up!

And now... does anyone know how to create a digital dinner??


Anonymous said...

I bet they loved it! We go to the hobby store occasionally as a 'treat', and for at least a few days after, the kids let their creative juices flow. But then they set their talents aside for not-so-creative stuff. sigh.
My dinners are all pinned to my Recipes board. I tell the kids "Look what I may make you some day!" as they make their pb&j sandwiches. lol If you figure out the digital dinner, let me know!
p.s. your drawing of Doona Bae is awesome! Maybe we can see what your kids do with their new toys?

Rock Chef said...

Order pizza online like we did last night?

Abby said...

Yeah, I just mentioned it and they were all for it once I mentioned "the assignment". They've played around with the new stuff, but it hasn't totally taken over. After all, it is Bioshock 2 week!

Abby said...

By George, I think that counts!

Anita said...

I had to Google Doona Bae. Here again, my lack of movie knowledge. *sigh* Glad you're getting some usage of your Bamboo Tablet. By the way, she has nice eyes.

Sharing... You're such a good mom. :)

Abby said...

Thanks, I liked her expression here. It's from "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" - a difficult movie. I know a lot of artists whose favorite feature to draw is the eyes, but I like mouths the best. I wonder what Freud would say about that!

terri said...

Way to put that gift card to good use! I'm sure the kids had fun shopping.

The Bamboo tablet does some pretty cool things with your real drawing. Now if you can get it to make dinner, I'm going to run out and get me one!