Saturday, March 23, 2013


It's snowing and 11 *F outside.  Wind is blowing around 30 - 40 m.p.h.  Nonetheless, Magnum and I strapped on our outerwear and took China for her beauty walk.  I was pretty happy to just remain a cave dweller today, but China gets ugly without a beauty walk.

So while Magnum and I were bundled beyond recognition, China was her usual happy self, frolicking in the blizzard.  She prefers the cold weather to heat any day.

This week's prompt at Illustration Friday is "swim".  Most cats prefer to stay out of the water, but tigers are known to go for regular dips.  Most tigers live in Southeast Asia where it gets pretty hot hot hot.  Lately, I've been dreaming of a tropical vacation:  sun, beaches, flip flops, swimming...

Aaah, to be a Bengal tiger.  


Anonymous said...

Your blizzard is heading our way, I think.
Sure hope it's the last one of the season.
LOVE the Bengal tiger's sweet face!

Anita said...

Great job in making me appeciate the beauty of the tiger even more.

By the way, I've done more of the couch potato thing and watched, "Life of Pi." The movie was the first thing I thought of when your drawing appeared on my screen.

Abby said...

OH, Richard Parker! I read Life of Pi several years ago - one of my favorite books. I'm curious about the movie but haven't seen it. Wonder what you thought?

Abby said...

Well... we DO need the moisture. That's my mantra.

Anita said...

I find myself so awed by the results of the great cinematography these days, that I wonder if the movie is as good as I think it is; i.e. "the book" or the story.

I liked the movie. It kept my attention throughout. The dual ending got a little discussion with the husband and the kids.

terri said...

Beautiful tiger!

I've never read Life of Pi but it's on my list of books to consider. And I've heard great things about the movie. Gotta see it yet.

agg79 said...

Nice cat. Sorry that spring has decided to skip you guys up there. Not to sweat, it will be there soon enough. In the meantime, bundle up warmly and keep giving China those beauty walks. Strange how my dogs seem to prefer the colder weather over our summers. Although, a dip in the river can be nice.