Tuesday, April 27, 2021

good morning

I'm sitting here enjoying some coffee while catching up on a few blogs.  I had an enjoyable morning run and am just chilling, post shower and breakfast

So what?

Well, my work schedule is different now, and I think I like this better.  I used to work early morning until early afternoon.  Now, I'm late morning until early evening.  I'm 40 hours a week instead of 30, but I feel like I'm more productive, both at and away from work, because of these lazy mornings.   Then again, it's only been a coupla days.  Give it time...

It's nice to see visitors at the nursing home.  I've been there since September 2020, so don't know of anything pre-pandemic.  Most of my young charges who work the evenings are high school or college students, all girls.  While they're great with the residents, they are clearly enjoying young visitors, particularly grandsons!

One of the girls said a rehab patient asked her if she's married.  She's not.

"Oh, not into guys?", he asked.

"I'm seventeen", she deadpanned.

We pondered his ignorance and inappropriateness.  Was he hitting on her? Probably, it happens frequently (with absolutely NO chance of anything coming of it...)  

Maybe it's these guys getting bolder near the end, or having their minds make them think they're young again.  Or a little of both.

Why assume only two options?  Married or not into guys?  Women have many opportunities for fulfillment these days, most seventeen-year-olds know that.

They just need to remember that, now that the grandsons are here.

Saturday, April 24, 2021


For the last couple of weeks, I've felt like a bug in a pupal stage.  Somewhat dormantly waiting for the next thing.  As I've mentioned, I decided to accept the assistant boss position at work, so I had to finish up the last of my grunt work and will start wearing the new hat this coming week.  

I drew Hopper from A Bug's Life while learning a bit about pupae.  For instance:

  • The chrysalis protects the caterpillar as it begins to turn itself into a liquid, soupy substance...
  • The fluid breaks down the old caterpillar body into cells...
  • Pupae are usually immobile and are largely defenseless...
  • In a few... pupal mating is an extreme form of reproductive strategy in which the adult male mates with a female pupa about to emerge, or with the newly moulted female; this is accompanied by other actions such as capping of the reproductive system of the female with the sphragis, denying access to other males, or by exuding an anti-aphrodisiac pheromone

That last thing, what the HELL?

Anyway, I am looking forward to the new role, the new schedule, the new paycheck.  

I'm also ready for warm sunny days. We had that two feet of snow storm a month or so ago.  Since then, there's been nice spring weather as well as more cold and snow.  Sunny and warm gets my vote!

On my afternoon commute earlier this week, I came across this pelican convention:

And now I know  you're wondering, "what is a group of pelicans called?"  Well, I learned there are many collective nouns including "brief", "pod", "pouch", "scoop" and "squadron".  So, dealer's choice?  

Maybe I'll go with "brief" since they are white and all hang out together like in the above pic, ala "tighty whities"? *SORRY*

Also this week, my new fake tooth arrived, and I'm ready to put it to use.  Turns out Penny the pooch did me a favor by trying to eat the previous fake tooth as this new one is much more comfortable.  The old one included a full mouthpiece that covered the roof of my mouth whereas this one just pops into the gap where it's needed, nothing else.  Thank you, Penny!

And I'm ready to  move away from masks and social distancing.  Our county lifted more restrictions recently for bars, restaurants, gyms and such.  Each of my family members has gotten their vaccines.  Magnum and Meego are scheduled for their second hits, and the rest of us have had both.  

Admittedly, it will feel a bit weird to gather and de-mask.  We're all still wearing masks at work. I started working there in September, it's how we recognize each other's faces.  But it's nice to see residents having family visits.  I'm ready.

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Sunday, April 18, 2021

oh m- m- m- my

My freshman year of high school.  Everybody knew and loved the song.  We bought the album because, back then, you bought whole albums to listen to one song.  And it was such a catchy tune, energizing, fun!  

It appropriately reached number one on the Billboard charts and remained for six weeks.  It went on to be number one on Billboard's 1979 top pop singles year-end chart.  Remember?

My Sharona, the debut single from The Knack.

The novel I'm currently reading makes a teeny reference to "My Sharona", and I learned something new.  

The novel is "My Dark Vanessa".  Heard of it?  Read it?  It came out last year and tells the story of an inappropriate relationship between a 15-year-old girl and her high school English teacher.  

Told from the student's point of view, who is currently in her early 30's, via flashbacks and her current life, it's obviously disturbing.  I want to shake some sense into her 15-year-old self as well as her early 30's self.

But then, there'd be no book...

Anyway, during one scene, she's in the car with her parents who are streaming some of their fave tunes, one of which is "My Sharona".  She finds it amusing that her father is be-bopping along to the catchy song, unknowing of its origin and also unknowing of the nasty stuff going on between her and her teacher.

"My Sharona" was written by Doug Fieger, rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist of The Knack who, "instantly fell in love" with Sharona Alperin when he first met her.  He was 26 and in a relationship, she was 17 and had a boyfriend.  He apparently cranked out the song in about 15 minutes.  And yes, that's the real-life - braless and chilly? - Sharona in the iconic image of her holding the album.

The novel points out the lyrics:

Never gonna stop, give it up.
Such a dirty mind. 
Always get it up for the touch
Of the younger kind...

Okay, so 9 years age difference doesn't seem so bad if it's say, 56 and 47, or even 36 and 27.  But 26 and 17?  Hmmm.  And actually, Doug Fierger and Sharona Alperin went on to be a couple for about 4 years and were engaged for a time before splitting up.  (I learned this stuff when I dug deeper after the book reference).

I guess I never paid close attention to those lyrics, or at least those coupla lines. I heard that Fieger later stated in an interview that he wrote My Sharona from the point of view of a 14-year-old boy, but seems he was trying to cover his butt, given that reference to "...the younger kind".  

Not gonna lie, though.  I still like the song.


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Monday, April 12, 2021

staying warm since the 80s

We came to be boyfriend and girlfriend in a pretty typical manner.  High school.  He was a year ahead of me.  We lived in a small town where most everyone knew everyone else or was at least minorly acquainted.

So I knew who he was, but I didn't pine for him from afar.  He was not a crush who wouldn't give me the time of day.  He was just DJ, I was just me.

We got to know each other while on the track team.  Our school's track team was organized not by gender, but rather by event.  Sprinters worked out together, distance runners worked out together, field eventers worked out together.  DJ and I were in the sprinter category along with two of my best friends and several other sprinter boys.  We all just evolved into a group of sorts during practice and meets, and a chemistry began to develop between DJ and me.

One track meet in particular was very cold.  The day was grey and drizzly.  Per the rules, competitors were not allowed to wear their warmups (sweats) during events.  DJ and a couple other of the guys were competing in the triple jump.  My friends and I hung out on the sidelines, huddled together against the cold, holding on to their sweats whenever it was their turn to jump.  They'd each do their thing, run over to us and quickly don their sweats again until it was time to jump again.

Later in the day, my friends' and my races came around.  Those guys reciprocated the favor and held our sweats as we ran our races in the freezing drizzle, wearing only our spikes, track shorts, and sleeveless tops.

No they didn't.

Once their events were over, they'd actually headed to the warm bus.  We gave them sh*t for it afterward, but it was all in high school flirty fun.  I think it was that track meet that sealed the deal for DJ and me.  He told  me he knew I'd run faster if I was absolutely freezing and had to work harder to get to my sweats and warmth.  Well, he wasn't wrong, I gathered a few ribbons that day.

So yeah, DJ was my first real boyfriend, my first love, my first y'know... We had a nice relationship during those years.  Suffice to say, we ran our course and eventually went our separate ways.

But I still have my track sweats - the hoodie anyway.  Gad, the thing must be about 40 years old now, as it wasn't brand new when it was checked out to me.  I guess I just never checked it back in at the end of track season, and no one cared.  It's not like I was the only one who had some pilfered school athletic gear.

Such fancy lettering back then!

I've recently watched a few episodes of Worn Stories on Netflix following Linda Sue's recommendation.  It's an entertaining series, and I bet each of us have at least one of our own worn stories.

The high school track hoodie is easily the oldest piece of clothing I have.  I still wear it regularly, but not outside the house.  I wear it over my pajamas when I first get up in the morning.  It's served that purpose well.

What's your Worn Story?

Sunday, April 11, 2021

a trip to anywhere

I've spun the mattress, changed the toothbrush heads, rummaged and found some shorts and short sleeves.  Spring is here for a welcome change!  And this year, it brings a COVID vaccine available to about all who want it (and can get an appointment!).

Change is often a good thing and gives us things to look forward to.  Thought I'd make a small-scale list for near future things.

Warmer, Longer Days
With spring's arrival, I'm ready for stashing the snow shovels and partaking of some warm weather fun.

New Tooth
As I mentioned a while ago, our dog, Penny, mangled my fake tooth - not while it was in my mouth, thankfully.  I take full blame for leaving it laying around.  
I've been living with the void and was fitted for a new one nearly two weeks ago.  I expect the replacement in the upcoming week.  I will take better care of this one!

New Job
I told the Audreys I'd be the new assistant boss.  I'm looking forward to the change, probably because I don't know all that I'm in for.
It's just nice to make a decision now and then.  Once I decided and signed the papers, I felt more centered.  I offloaded my current tutor students - I was down to just two at this point - without hassle.  That feels a bit weird, seems I've been a tutor forEVER.

Home Upgrades
With the pandemic restrictions beginning to lift, I'm looking forward to a few needed updates on our house.  It was a rental for several years before we purchased it.  The appliances are very basic and showing their age, same for the windows and exterior paint.  Time for some TLC.
I'm not necessarily looking for the "journey" to get there in this case, but rather the destination.

So, how boring am I, right?

What's something you're looking forward to?

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

the ass in assistant?

I stepped into my boss's office, she looked up with a look that said, 

"WhoTF are you and why are you in my office?"

I mentioned a while back that my boss at the old folks' home put in her resignation after accepting a bigger position at another senior living place.  This is her final week with us.  There's been some speculation about who would replace her, and the most logical choice seemed to be the current assistant boss.

The present hierarchy in our department is as such:  Boss --> Assistant Boss --> Me --> the rest of the cubs in the den.  To make speculation gossip all the more confusing, Boss and Assistant Boss both have the same name, let's say they're "Audrey".

So conversations have gone something like, "Is Audrey gonna replace Audrey?  How does Audrey feel about it?  If Audrey replaces Audrey, who will replace Audrey?"


There was a time when I thought I would want to be Assistant Boss if the opportunity arose, but lately, that feeling has waned.  Not sure why, maybe it's just spring fever.  Anyway, amid the speculation, I knew I would not apply for Assistant Boss should Audrey2 replace Audrey1.


yesterday, Boss started texting me, inquiring if I was interested in being Assistant Boss.  I said I was open to chatting about it.  We arranged to do that this morning.

I'm not working today, so I went in at our agreed meeting time when I was greeted with the aforementioned "WhoTF...?" look.  Apparently, I look quite different in my everyday than I do when I'm at work?  

After a moment, she finally recognized me and we had a bit of a laugh, her saying I look so different.  It leaves me wondering if the "different" is good or bad, but anyway...

It turns out the Assistant Boss has, in fact, secured the Boss position.  They want me to be the new Assistant Boss, so I now have a decision to make.  Honestly, I've been seriously thinking about cutting my hours at the facility and picking up more tutoring jobs, as the facility work has started to feel quite mundane. But if I take the Assistant job, I will stop the tuting altogether.

I told them I'd think about it and get back to them, so that's what I'm doing.  I did a little decision matrix just now and Assistant Boss won out over reduced hours + more tuting (57 points vs. 47 points).  It won out mainly because the Assistant Boss work would have more substance than what I'm doing now, has more potential for growth and learning, and pays better unless I take on a LOT of tutees.  

Tuting won out only for free time - which dwindles if I take on enough tutees to match the pay of the Assistant Boss - and it has a teeny tiny better commute, since I tutor online.  Even a 1.5-mile commute can be a factor when there's two feet of snow.

So I think I'm gonna say yes?  I mean, at least my name isn't Audrey.

And more importantly, do I look so different at work vs. not at work?  I took a car selfie (something I never do because I just don't "get" car selfies) after my chat with the Audreys to juxtipose with my work look (post COVID vaccine selfie)

Okay, so I'm wearing different glasses, and I don't have on the hair thing and work polo.  But I swear they're both me.  In these days of mask wearing, don't we all pretty much look alike?  

Must be the glasses.

Monday, April 5, 2021

I wonder if it hurt

Sun is shining, birds are chirping, happy April!  Yesterday, I swapped  out those studly snow tires for summer tires on my bicycle, and things are so smooth and quiet now.  Of course, I've jinxed everything by doing so, and we'll get another dumping of snow anytime now.

But I'm feeling optimistic as more and more people are getting the COVID vaccine.  Anyone here over the age of 16 is now eligible, and good luck getting scheduled.  Chaco stopped by on Friday as he became eligible a few weeks ago for work.  He was able to schedule his shot here in FoCo, about an hour away from where he lives, as it was the closest he was able to get.  All things considered, I'm glad I got vaccinated at work.

As of yet, I haven't noticed any major fallout from the vaccine requirement where I work, although I know we lost a few people from every department.  I've seen some new faces around, and we're training a handful in my department, but I was nervous that the place would be really shorthanded.  To be honest, the place is often short staffed, but I haven't noticed it being any worse than usual!

And speaking of work... geez, I'm almost afraid to blog about this but... we have this new resident in rehab.

I was headed to her room one day last week when a coworker stopped me and said, in a bit of a mumble whisper,

"I swear she has a teardrop tattoo under her left eye.  Check it out, but don't be obvious!"

And I was all, "Whaaaaat?!"

Okay, so I went to her room and had a brief exchange with her.  Hot dang if she did in fact have a full on teardrop tattoo under her left eye.  Wasn't a mole or a birthmark, etc.  It is most surely a tattoo.  I'm guessing she's in her mid to late 70's.  Not gonna lie, she does have a certain "tough chick" vibe about her.

So we get all speculating.  Could be solidarity for a loved one in prison, could be for the loss of a loved one through violence, could be that she killed someone while in prison!

Of course we're dying(!) to know, but don't dare ask.  

Our facility has two areas - physical rehab, in which patients typically stay only temporarily; and long term care, which is a nursing home where residents spend the remainder of their lives.  Occasionally, a rehab patient will move to long term care instead of going back to their previous home.

If teardrop lady becomes a permanent resident, I'm so gonna ask about the tattoo.  

I think.