Thursday, March 28, 2013

because sitting around is so much more productive

More signs of spring:  coyotes!

I could hear them howling/calling to me this morning as I loped through Mouse Town.  I know there is a coyote community in and around Mouse Town, they've been mentioned a few times in the local news and I've heard them on a few other mornings.  I think that technically, coyotes move in "packs", but "pack" has such sinister connotations.  I prefer "community".
I'm going with the assumption that they're still more afraid of me than I am of them.  Still, I think my speed up the hill that exits Mouse Town has increased as a result of their cheering.  

It was also a balmy 32.2 *F when I headed out before sunrise this morning - that's officially above freezing!  

This week, I also surpassed the latest healthy incentive challenge at Magnum's work.  Recall that we jump through these healthy hoops?  The pedometers?  The health screenings?  The etc.?

In fact, I did manage to get to the required level of step counts a few months ago, JUST before the pedometer crapped out.  Another way to get points is to go to the healthy website and complete a few tasks like tracking exercise, keeping a food journal, reading articles, trying recipes, etc.  So I started doing some of those things to get my point count to where it needed to be.

Okay, so I stepped 400,000 steps and got 40 points.  Yeah, thats ONE point for every 10,000 steps.  And now I learned that I can get FIVE points just for saying I ran.  I get THREE points for pretending reading one article.  Another THREE points for adding a recipe to my "favorites".  I don't even have to make it!   All from the comfort of my chair.

I will admit, though, that making myself go to the site each day has made me more aware of my choices - healthy or not.  It's at least made me think about cooking and eating better, and I added some easy yoga moves to my day... when I remember.  It's become part of my daily routine to logon to the site and do my exercise tracking.

It doesn't have a category for "running from coyotes", though.  I totally think I should get extra points for that.

P.S.  I've invoked the comment moderation puzzles once again as the spambots have infiltrated.  I had been keeping caught up with them for the most part, but I guess spring has released new and larger litters!


Anonymous said...

We have coyotes in our neck of the woods too. They make themselves known anytime a train goes by, and often times we hear them at night as they prowl the fields. They are the main reason I won't run the country roads when it's dark.
It's amazing how much healthy stuff you can do while you're sitting around. Do you know how many points I could earn on an average night of 'pinning' healthy recipes? I'd be a strong competitor for ya!
Loved the comic. Sad, but true!

Rock Chef said...

Coyotes are much less dangerous if you stop them receiving parcels marked ACME :-)

That point systen is dumb, but somehow i was not surprised. People like an easy way out....

LL Cool Joe said...

I've never seen a coyote.

That cartoon cracked me up. It's so true. I need to get healthy or I'm gonna end up like that guy on the right.

Abby said...

I know, is that backwards or what?!
Love the ACME reference :). Remember, you won't fall unless you realize you've run off the cliff. Stay ignorant!

Abby said...

They do limit the number of points you get in one day/week, or else the excessive pinners might get a cramp!

Abby said...

You mean Wile E. doesn't live in Arizona?

Anita said...

And here I was just about to trade in my 1990s bubble TV for a new/current slim goodie TV. Will I get, um, fat when I do?

Cute coyote. Reminds me of a book I read where an unfortunate wedding party was a meal for a pack of wolves. The coyote may be a little friendlier, but...

Keep that healthy incentive challege going while you can. You know we wane after awhile.

Anita said...

I took away the anonymous option awhile back and that got rid of the majority of the lewd spammers.

Abby said...

AHA, one of the last bubble holdouts? We got a slim one a couple of years ago. So far so good??
Hmmm, I've seen some obnoxious drunks at wedding receptions, but no wolves (yet)!

terri said...

You should get 1000 extra points for running from coyotes. I've had to run from aggressive geese a time or two. Wonder how many points that was worth?

I think simple awareness of healthier habits does have a gradual impact. I work with many health conscious people and it really makes me think about what I'm eating. I never used to think twice about eating fast food. Now I almost never do. Your continued check-ins with the healthy website will have an effect, even if it doesn't require a lot of effort.

Rock Chef said...

But he always looked down, didn't he.....

agg79 said...

Yea, if I heard a pack (community) of coyotes serenading me on my run, it might encourage me to pick up the pace a bit. One of my normal routes has been under the watchful eye of several vultures. I agree with RC, maybe they are just watching your pace to figure out what size ACME rocket to get.

Kudos on Magnum's company doing the exercise push, but I agree the point system is a bit skewed. I did a similar system they called "walk across Texas" where just about anything you did counted. I cannot complain. While I didn't win top prize (iPad), I did score a new pair of ASICs.

Junky's Running Dry said...

They should have an app you can plug that info in. Running from, scroll down...armadillo...bear, buffalo, cat...there it is...coyote!

Guano said...

"Coyote Community" has a nice alliteration to it. "WOLFPACK!", however, sounds sinister & dangerous!

And you wore out a pedometer?! You GO, girl!

(ooh! the word puzzles are back!)