Sunday, August 31, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

Oh, I get hysterical, hysteria, 
oh, can you feel it, 
do you believe it?
It's such a magical mysteria

When you get that feelin' better start believin'
'Cause it's a miracle, oh, say you will, ooh babe
Hysteria when you're near

Greetings on this lovely Sunday!  I have these new speakers on my new computer, but I still usually use my earphones so as to not disturb the others.  But I turned on my Def Leppard Pandora, forgetting that my earbuds weren't plugged in, and blasted the snake and toads with some Hysteria.  

Both Chaco and Wolfgang built themselves ridiculous computers over the summer, and I got a few of the castoffs from the upgrades, namely, Chaco's old speakers.

Anyway... lovely week!  As I mentioned, classes started at the university this week.  It's nice to be back in the swing, and I feel very much in my element with my classes.  I bash that teacher licensure program I was in, but I must take some of the blame for that too.  Looking back in contrast, it just wasn't the best fit for me (those liars! *ahem*)

But I do still enjoy the tutor biz for now.  This week, I got some feedback on the successes of a couple of students.  Over the summer, I tutored a woman wanting to go to grad school and prepping for her GRE.  She did just fine, and is now having much fun checking out her many graduate school prospects.

Then yesterday, I was perusing my running club newsletter and there was a story on three scholarship recipients.  It seems the club picks three students from the membership each year for $500 scholarships.  So, I was reading about these nice kids, and lo and behold, there's my tutee, Danny from last spring.  Some may remember my mentioning him because he showed up for a session one day covered in stitches and road rash.  

He was being recruited for cross country, just needed to bring up his academics.  I wondered how he ended up as I didn't hear from him after we'd finished the tuting, then there he was in the newsletter.  He got a scholarship and made it into the college he wanted, and I hafta serendipidously read it in a newsletter!?

Well, really, I'm just happy for them both.  *sniff*

 And speaking, sort of, of running, I found me a new running store.  For years, we'd patronized that one store mainly because of Wolfgang's high school running endeavors.  A different store opened up nearby, but I felt a certain loyalty to the previous one.  I was due for some shooz and that new store was right over there - in the shopping center where I get groceries, right on the civilized edge of  Mouse Town.  

A lotta links there.  Did anyone click them?  Show of hands??

ANYWAY, I cheated on the other store and visited the new store, and it's a very nice place with helpful customer service.  I'll be back.  In fact, I was glad to see that it was quite busy, so maybe they'll stick around for a good long time.  To help that, I did make a purchase.  See?

How about that color?  And that was AFTER I put them through their paces through the mud and puddles.   Sheesh, these shooz are probably visible from the International Space Station!  *waving*

But yes, nice store and staff.  I highly recommend them.  As I was out bouncing and testing the shooz outside the store, I told another customer similarly bouncing and testing, "Race ya across the parking lot!"

He just chuckled and kept bouncing.

Apparently, he assumed I was joking.


Saturday, August 30, 2014


Last week, a friend of mine shaved her head in support of a good friend of hers who is going through chemotherapy for breast cancer a second time.   Physically, my friend looks very different than what I'm used to.  No more flowing reddish locks.

When I saw that this week's prompt for Illustration Friday was "metamorphosis", I thought of my friend's changed appearance...

...and how it brings out her inner beauty that much more.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

my secret adventure

In the summer of 1985, I was feeling restless.  I'd just completed my second year of college and would eventually transfer to a 4-year university.  A good friend of mine was in the same boat.  Joan was studying to be a pharmacist.

One day, she said to me, she said, "Soon, I will be spending hours every day inside a pharmacy.  You'll be in an office.  We'll probably both get married and have kids.  Now, we're free.  We should travel".

I honestly hadn't thought about it that much, but when she said those words to me, I realized she was right.

We each took money we'd been responsibly saving from our part-time jobs and bought one-way tickets to Nepal.  Maybe not the most original destination for students taking a year off, but it was cheaper than Paris.  We hardly even planned it, just arrived in Kathmandu with one backpack apiece and boots on our feet, ready for adventure.

We trekked, we camped, we met wonderful people along the way. Our savings went a long way, and we weren't worried if we ended up spending all of it.  Like Joan had said, someday we'd be working professionals, but then we were free.

One night, we were with another group of hikers.  We'd been camping with this group for a few days, and that night around the campfire, I struck up an easy friendship with Guy.  That was his name:  Guy.  He was from Ohio.

Guy and I stayed up all that night, talking and sipping our horrible Nepalese beers.  Joan was in the tent with a sweet Nepalese man named Samir.  After that, the four of us became somewhat of a family.  We rented a small place to live in Pokhara where we continued to enjoy the people and culture.

Eventually, it was time to return to the states and to our responsible, goal-oriented lives.  Joan and I enrolled at CU, ready to get back to the books after our satisfying year off.  But I noticed something was different.  I felt... different.

Soon after that, I learned I was pregnant.  With twin boys.  Guy's twins.

There was no way I could keep them.  I debated whether to contact Guy or not, but he had returned to Ohio to serve in the military, and I just didn't see a future with him.  With him and our babies.

Adoption.  That was my answer.

Luckily, at the time, I was renting a room from a divorced empty-nester.  She was active at her church, and, long story short, she arranged the whole adoption for me.  I only asked that I be able to name the children, and that they were to keep those names after the adoption.  It was agreed.

I gave birth in a hospital in Boulder, held my twins for a couple of hours, kissed their sweet heads, and then never saw them again.  My own family never even knew.  I just told them I was so busy with work and classes, I didn't have time to go home and visit.

Through my landlady, I was able to learn how our babies were doing, but I never tried to contact them.  I do have a few pictures from that time, however.  Gosh, it seems like a whole 'nother life ago.

This is Guy, wearing his climbing helmet adorned with Buddhist prayer calligraphy.

 I wonder, does he still have it?

These are our babies.  My landlady got this photo for me when they were about 6 months old.

Wallace, named after my father, on the left.  Greenbary, named after Guy's father, on the right.

They were adopted by an infertile couple in Florida.  Nice family, I understand.  I know through sources that they grew up strong and healthy and went to college at the University of Miami where Wally played tight end and Greenbary was a defensive lineman for the football team.  Go 'canes!

I don't know where either one is today.   I've also no idea what became of Guy.

And that's the reason I post this information.  Now.  Maybe someone out there knows them, I've been carrying this secret for such a long time.  Like...

... four days or so.

This IS a true story, with just a few minor embellishments.  For instance, I have no idea who the people in these photos are.  I checked a book out of the library a few days ago, and nestled somewhere around page 117 were these photos.  And I got to wondering...

The only thing I know is that the photos were developed at a Walgreens.  WALLGREENS.   WALL... GREENS...

But my friend Joan?  She's totally real.  We went to Junior College and then University together.  And I also rented a room from a divorced, churchgoing, empty nester named Myra.

And Joan IS now a pharmacist and she DID talk of travelling before settling down.  She went to Germany for about a month...  without me.  Or anyone named Samir.

So, yeah.  It's all mostly true.


Linking up with Mama Kat for the prompt:
2.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: adventure


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

update randomness

Okay, do you hear it?  How quiet it is?  If not for the splashing of the toad waterfall, I think I'd feel like I was in a vacuum.  Glad we got that toad waterfall.

Chaco and Wolfgang are, as far as I know, all settled into their dorms.  There are still a few remnants of their stuff at the house that they will eventually retrieve, but compared to last week's clutterfest, I'm happy. The semester began yesterday, and I think we were all ready to get going.

I spent Sunday visiting my parents again, so Monday I was still kind of getting caught up.  But I started my classes and, so far, I LOVE them!  I know, it's only been one day, but I think by this time last year I was already having doubts about that other program which shall not be mentioned.

I only have two classes since the master's program is designed for people who currently work full-time.  In fact, it's recommended to just take one class per semester, but I told them I worked part-time, so the advisor told me to go for two if I wanted.  I wanted.  They're both lovely.

So, we're off and running and everything is awesome.  We watched The Lego Movie over the weekend, and I canNOT get that song out of my head!  But, I suppose it's appropriate, at least.

Speaking of off and running, I'm doing the American Discovery Trail Marathon on Labor Day Monday.  Well, not exactly...  I'm DOING the marathon as in, I'm working the mile-17 aid station.  Just a bit different than actually running the thing!

The running organization I joined earlier this year organizes this popular event, which requires plenty of volunteers.  I haven't done any volunteering yet, although I've reaped membership benefits.  Time to give back.  My post is also a relay-exchange point, so it should be fun duty.  Hopefully the weather will be good.

I know we officially have a few more weeks of summer, but for me, summer unofficially ends on Labor Day weekend.  It was a nice summer, and fall isn't looking too shabby.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Okay, I'm totally cheating this week - cheater, cheater, punkin eater? - for Illustration Friday, where the prompt is "Skull".  I just couldn't think of anything pleasant from that prompt, so I pulled this jack-o-lantern from the archives.  It may have even appeared on the blog from when I first painted it. I don't remember the occasion, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't for Illustration Friday, so... there it is:  a pumpkin skull.

Besides, we're still in the aftermath of getting Chaco and Wolfgang moved out of the house and back into the dorms.  They pretty much did everything, and it's 90% done. Now I'm just relishing in being able to clean up and have the extra elbow room. 

Also, earlier today, I went with them to get a few more essential items and to get Wolfgang some new eyeglasses.  His got scratched up a little in that longboarding mishap that took him out of the fourth of July half marathon.  

So now, I guess the three of us are as ready as we're going to be for classes to begin on Monday.  I've got my books and have gotten some e-mails from the instructors.  I'm so glad I switched programs.  That teacher program was making my skull numb. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

fad or friend?

It's moving day for Chaco and Wolfgang.  When I went to bed last night, the house was in a bit of a shambles.  This morning, it's surprisingly better.  Not great, but it's all relative.

Although they're both moving into the same building, even the seemingly bottomless pitted Ellie Mae the Element can't fit all of their crap essential dorm things in one haul, so they're going in waves.  Most of Wolfgang's things are loaded, tetris style, while Chaco's are mainly in boxes around the house.

Despite the cramped space, I wanted to show you guys my new calf sleeves, so:

I've been seeing these compression sleeves here and there for the last couple of years or so, and their population seems to be growing.  I would say that more people than not were wearing them for the half on the fourth.  I was one of the nots.  

So I was a bit curious, but not too.  Is it just a fad?  Then a couple of weeks ago, I got a special e-mail offer. I'm not usually a soft sell, but I jumped right on my special e-mail offer... because it made me feel special?

Soon I received my goods from Pro Compression, and I've gotta say I felt a noticeable difference, and more than just a friendly leg hug.  The product information states:

"PRO Compression works against gravity by helping your vascular system increase blood flow which relieves discomfort and assists in recovery.

Heh, at my age, they had me at "works against gravity".

Since I prefer to run sockless, I really like the sleeve design.  I've run with them twice  now, and I'll give them 5 stars.  I just got a second set, on sale from a different brand as it's too soon to stimulate brand loyalty, to rotate.  I use mine for running, but I can certainly see how they would be helpful for any activity that requires a lot of time on one's feet.

Anyone else added these to their unmentionables drawer?  


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alice gets slutty

I thought I saw something about a bicycling event.  Something downtown this week.  I mainly paid attention because I often tutor downtown, so I checked out the various street closures, to see how they affected where I was going.

Then today, Alice and I headed downtown to drop some things off at the library and reserve my study rooms for next week.  It seemed a pretty typical day.  Lovely ride into the city, the hobos lounging in the shade of the underpasses.

As I left the library, a policewoman was putting up street barriers out front, and I remembered the road closures.  I noticed people starting to line the streets.  Something was about to happen?

I rode around a bit and saw an area set up with a bunch of cycling themed tents and booths, but decided not to go in - mainly because it looked like I'd have to pay for a wristband to do so.  Nope, not that interested.  I'd just turn around at the next intersection and head on home.

Just as I pulled up to the next intersection, a pack of spandex-clad bicyclists entered from my left and continued to my right, just the direction I was going.  Now, bicycles are quite common downtown, and I often find myself in a sort of "train".  But this!   This was a pack.  And they were all in spandex on really expensive looking bicycles.  Not the usual Panhandler Specials.

But they clearly weren't racing, just riding gently in a pack around downtown.  I found myself riding along in the middle of them along with a few other "civilians".  Okay, that was kinda neat.  Kinda.

Apparently, they were warming up.  And getting the crowd interested.  It got me to hang around, and I don't even like bicycle racing, remember?

Eventually, they rode by for realz: [SOURCE]

 Okay, so I guess this is a pretty big event.

Thanks for letting me tag along for a couple of blocks, guys!

Well... then again, I am Goose Poop Queen.  They should be thanking me.

Linking up again with Mama Kat for the prompt:

4.) Begin with "I thought I saw..."


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

school starts when?

So, Monday was Meego's first day of school.  We went out for new clothes and school supplies yesterday.  I figured I should just stick to my pattern established when I gave him his haircut the day AFTER picture day.

End of summer just snuck up on me this year, I tellya!  It seems like Meego just got out!  But oh well, now we're ready.  Essentially.

Besides, it still feels like summer.  It's hot out, or it's rainy.  Plus, Chaco and Wolfgang have their move-in day on Friday, so I'm still surrounded by all their dorm junk (we decided to forgo the storage unit) and then some.

Neither of them has done anything by way of packing.  *sigh*.

I, on the other hand, started the week with about a mile-long "to do" list, and I've been scratching things off with wild abandon!  Maybe I've just been too busy to be annoyed about all the clutter that needs to be put into packing boxes.

Of course, I'll miss having Chaco and Wolfgang around, but their stuff?  Not so much.  My minimalist tendencies have been stretched to their limits.

But things are easing up.  I now feel like we're in school mode, just a couple of days late.  The elementary school is once again looking to hire a crossing guard at my old post.  My replacement decided one year was enough.  I briefly thought about it as my class schedule would allow for it, but naaaah.  I've just been watching to see if anyone else takes the bait.

Maybe if the post is still open after testing season settles down and my tutor schedule isn't so full, I'll take it as a sign.  Plus, by then the school would be desperate.  They might throw in a stylish new vest.

But maybe I should remind myself that "Work outdoors!" involved more days like this:


and less like this:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sandy Liningness Sunday

Greetings fellow internetians!  I've been away.

We managed to gather the whole gang, this final week of summer break, for a quick and dirty camping trip.  Or should I say, quick and sandy...

Yep, headed down to the Great Sand Dunes for some wilderness adventure. 

We had beautiful weather and a comfy campsite.  No signs or sounds of bears or other unwanted intruders.  The dunes were their usual amazing selves.

It's quite an interesting spot.  If you're ever in the neighborhood, swing on by.  A few hardy creatures live there, and it's difficult to imagine how they survive.  Like these flowers...

We started out very dark and early this morning, and came upon three different campsites during our trek.

Although the night sky would be spectacular, I wouldn't want to camp out there - so exposed!  Not even the tiniest of bushes for when you'd need to... talk to the bushes!

When we made it to High Dune, we found that someone had placed a staff there, mistakenly designating it as "Star Dune" which is quite a ways further.

We figure the staff-placers were  (1) lost, (2) pranksters, or (3) both.

Either way, much fun was had, and another summer break is in the books!


Friday, August 15, 2014

Alice gets tough

Check her out:

What a transformation, eh? 

You do see the transformation, right?  Okay, maybe not.  It's the tires.  Yay, new TARZ!!

Recall that I purchased freed Alice  from the confines of someone's rec room where she lived a dull existence as a spin-class bitch.  Hardly ever had she seen the sun or felt sweet Mother Earth under her tires.  Makes me tear up just thinking about it.

Anyways, in the months and miles we've had together, I have delighted in her gleeful liberation and boundless energy. There was one thing that kept her a bit limited in the great outdoors, however.  Her smug tires.

Her tires were super smooth, no treads.  I mean, who needs treads when wasting such a beautiful bicycle on an indoor spin class?  Oh those tires were certainly fast, oh yes they were!  For that reason, I was reluctant to change them.  I could zip along faster than with Bella on a good day... until we came to the tiniest length of gravel or dirt.  Then all came to a standstill, or worse.

The dirt/sand/gravel, with honorable mention going to water,  laughed at those tires, at all the possibilities they presented.  Throw her to the right?  The left?  Pitch her forward?  Swing the back around to the front or vice versa?  The tires were defenseless.

Which meant that, when I went to play around dirt, Alice had to stay home.  Flashbacks to spin class!

Yesterday, I felt sorry for myself Alice.  We went for a ride, stopping just short of the point where the trail changed from asphalt to gravel.  From there we turned around and stopped at the bike shop and fitted her with some real tires.

I could immediately sense the change in her.  She was truly one of us now.  Oh, Bella will always be the brawn of the operation, but Alice is no longer the little priss.

And, as if to reassure me, she flew me through the goose poop slalom to show she's still got her speed.  Well, most of it anyway.

But more importantly, we went back to the dirt and gravel and gave them the what for!  I swear, she was laughing as the pebbles were tossed aside in her wake.

Spin class bitch no more.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

the prodigal returneths

Tuesday was check-in day for Meego at the high school.  EEP, my *baby* is in high school!

It so happens, I was tutoring one of Meego's classmates over the summer, and Tuesday morning, just before check-in, was our last session. 

My tutee showed up looking crisp and alert.  At one point, he was working and a small hair clipping fell onto his paper.

"Oh, ha!  I'm shedding!", he remarked, "I just got a haircut".

And I knew it was probably because it was check-in day, which is also Picture Day = photo ID day. I'd been thinking of that because, lo and behold, Meego had actually requested a haircut a couple of days prior!  But, alas, I - being the barber of Abbyville - had yet to get around to it.

And there we were.  Picture Day was upon us.  And there I was, with my crisp looking, freshly shorn student - someone else's kid - while Meego languished in his mop top on the verge of being before the camera.

I think it was band camp that did it.  All that hair... trying to stuff it under his hat each day, thinking how much cooler and easier short hair would be. 

So he not only requested a haircut, but he said he was seriously contemplating a short haircut, like from the days of yore. Works for me!

Except... I was busy, y'know? The schedules just didn't align properly to get it done before check-in day.  So, off Meego went to get  his school year ducks in a row.  He returned with his fresh photo ID.

Then yesterday, we finally got to the shearing. 

He seems happy with it, while feeling a bit weird.  There's also some concern about the start of school next week. 

When he shows his ID...

will anyone believe it's him?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Silver Liningness whatever day

Whew... it's been a hit-the-ground-running kinda day!  It's still sort of going that way, but I'm taking an aid station break I suppose.

This after a nice mellow couple of weeks where I had a lull between tutor loads.  I enjoyed another visit with my parents yesterday, knowing that some heck would break loose starting today. 

But it's all good, and really not too heavy.  It's just the start of another fall testing season for the nervous high school seniors, and getting a new batch of students all going at the same time is a bit crazy.  But we'll settle into a happy trot soon enough.

Chaco and friends had one of their rip-roaring LAN parties over the weekend to celebrate end of summer.  I like how this group of guys has managed to keep the geekiness alive since their high school days.

I asked Chaco if he slept much.  He said, "not much" and commented that his voice was hoarse from yelling.

"'Cause when you play video games, you have to yell"

And I'm thinking about the accomodating couple that always lends out their house for these things.  Andrew is an only child, and the guys go to his house and take over the basement.

I'm thinking they deserve, at the very least, a fruit basket or something!

In other news, Magnum and I are an old married couple.  Twenty-four years as of today.  He reminded me that last year, we celebrated by attending the wedding of one of his coworkers.  Then he said that THEY were going to the fancy pants restaurant tonight.

He said so as we sat around in our shorts and t-shirts and flip flops, eating some tuna salad and whatever leftovers needed eating.  I'm fine with it.

That's one reason why he married me.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Illustration Friday time once again, where the prompt is "King".

We've all seen Cecil B. Demille's "The Ten Commandments", right?  On TV every Easter?  I love me some Yul Brynner Rameses in that movie.  I know he's the bad guy and everything, but such a good baddie.  I can't imagine anyone else in that role.

So naturally, when I saw the prompt, I had to draw my favorite Pagan.

So it shall be written.
So it shall be done.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

what'd we do before the internet?

First of all, credit for this week's link up with Mama Kat goes to my BFFC (best friend from childhood) who posted this pic for throwback Thursday:

with the note, "I often feel left out on TBT since I really have so few old pics in digital format (yes, I'm that old!) But had fun going through photos at Mom & Dad's recently.  Abby and Shari, do you remember this one? I'm pretty sure it was taken when we visited CO after we had moved to Texas. I recognize Guano but who are the other kids?"

I have no recollection whatsoever of this photo being taken, but I knew every kid in it right away.  I'm guessing it was taken just prior to my freshman or sophomore year of high school.

That be me on the far left, my BFFC is third from the left in the back, her little sister Shari in front of her.  Guano is next to her in the green shirt.  The girl in blue next to me is the older sister of the boy on the far right.   

We're standing/sitting in and around an ice cream truck.

The girl in blue and her brother had an ice cream truck business.  They hired my brother Guano as a third employee, maybe considering that the young brother in orange wasn't yet old enough to drive?

The ice cream truck consisted of a Toyota (I think) pickup with a homemade canopy covering the ice cream freezer in the bed.   

I don't remember how many summers the truck was in operation or how much profit it raked in.  Just something I imagine the parents thought up to keep the kids out of trouble and productive?

I often accompanied Guano during his shifts, and I think it's safe to say that the ice cream truck was a pretty popular business around town.  There was a bell attached to a string for ringing that reached into the cab - none of those electro tunes that play in ice cream trucks nowadays.  I also remember my Grandma referring to Guano as "The Good Humor Man", which usually put him in ill humor. 

And I know it looks and sounds all very Normal Rockwellian, and it almost was...

In our hometown, a major pastime was going cruising on Friday and Saturday nights, or "Dragging Main" as we called it.  Anyone who was anyone Dragged Main on the weekends.  Looking for a party, looking to hook up, looking to be seen.

So there was Guano with a fresh driver's license and no car.  But he had an ice cream truck!  Yeah, I remember Dragging some Main in that ice cream truck, the Norman Rockwellian bell accidentally clanging on the bumpy roads, followed by Guano saying, "SH*T, go get the bell!"

Now, my youngest kid is about to be a high school freshman.  How can that be?  I still often think of myself as that kid riding shotgun in the ice cream truck, or hanging out at the pool with my friends while my brother, The NOT Good Humor Man, would sell a freezer full of treats in the pool parking lot.

And who  knew an ice cream truck's tires could squeal in the pool parking lot?  Unless by some strange connection, the owners of the truck come across this blog post.  In that case, there's no way that cute truck laid rubber in the pool parking lot, EXCEPT THAT IT DID.


For the prompt:
2.) What grade is your child going to be in? Share a memory you have of yourself at that same age.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

who's your hobo?

Todd and Jeremy have been best friends since second grade.  Now, at 16 years old, they are spending their summer doing lawncare to help save up for college tuition to complement the scholarships they will most likely receive.

When they're not beautifying landscapes, they spend afternoons doing volunteer work at a summer program for special needs kids.  That's where they'd been today when a surprise thunderstorm sent them seeking shelter under the Rockrimmon blvd. bridge as they rode their bicycles home.

As they pulled their bikes over to the sheltered portion of the path, they noticed a homeless woman living under the bridge.

Her possessions were sparse.  Just a small bag holding, probably, all her wordly possessions.  She did have a bicycle for transportation.  It was covered in splashes of mud and likely in need of a complete overhaul.

How long had she been there? they wondered.  She looked dirty, her hair all disheveled.  When was her last bath? Was she mentally stable?  Could she even read or understand basic computations?  What kind of future was there for such a person?

Even though they'd both completed their Eagle Scout projects, they began to ponder the woman's plight and what they could do to help.

The noise of the storm slowly began to dissipate as they pulled out each other's rain jackets, ever prepared.  Soon, the storm would be fully passed, but they wanted to get home to the suburbs to get started on their baked goods for the church fundraiser. 

They put on their jackets, and headed north out from under the bridge and into the last drippings of the storm.  As they did so, they went by the homeless woman, sitting there with nothing better to do.

They nodded their heads and smiled as they passed her.  She smiled back.  She even spoke.

"Hi.  Be careful.", with surprising clarity.  Just a brief moment of lucidness, perhaps.


Yeah, I was out joyriding running errands with Bella and got caught in a storm today and waited it out under a bridge for about 15 minutes.  Pretty hospitable place actually.

These two teen boys arrived, and looked to be nice kids, though we didn't really talk. They left shortly before I did.

Probably to go home to smoke pot and play Grand Theft Auto...

Monday, August 4, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday on Monday

I spent yesterday visiting my parents, and the Silver Liningness on Sunday post didn't happen, but there's no law against SL Mondays! 

We did get a lot of rain last week, which despite my whining, was a nice break from the heat in the middle  of summer.  The weeds would agree as would the bugs, who took advantage of the conditions and turned it into a bug wild sex fest, apparently.  Many offspring.

But it was all just prelude to a wonderful end-of-week.  On Saturday, Wolfgang and four friends formed a team and Ran For Rwanda.  Their team took first place.  Wolfgang's running buddy Claire, the lone girl on the team, took first overall for the women in typical blazing fashion.

Wolfgang says there's a trophy somewhere.  I challenge anyone to go into that bedroom and find it.

While Alice and I were enjoying more quiet endeavors yesterday morning, we were joined by an early morning balloon.  While you couldn't pay me to go up in one, they do create a tranquil scene. 

In  movie news, we watched Fast and Furious 6.  Lots of action that would be impossible and stunts that real people would never survive.  It's like Sharknado with cars and better looking people.  Exactly what I expected.

I'm down to just two tutees for a while, and it's nice to have more playtime and catching-up time in the schedule. Maybe I should make a list to keep me on the straight and narrow.


Saturday, August 2, 2014


I was out enjoying a lovely run this morning.  As I was moving up the gentle hill that emerges from Mouse Town, I noticed a POS Jimmy breaking down as it moved up the hill along side me. 

Although Mouse Town is a wildlife sanctuary, there is a major East / West Parkway that cuts through it.  This Jimmy was in the middle lane among three lanes going West.  It was obvious to me that it was no longer moving under its own power, just continuing up the hill on momentum alone. 

There were clanging-banging noises coming from the vehicle, and I was wondering why the driver wasn't pulling over.   Instead, the Jimmy slowed to a crawl and stopped at the top of the hill that was an intersection.  Conveniently, the light was red.

Soon, the light changed to green, and as expected, the Jimmy sat there.  Luckily, traffic was very light, but a few cars approached, and then went around after realizing the Jimmy wasn't moving.  Again, I was wondering why he hadn't pulled over, and now I wondered why he didn't turn on the hazard lights.  Oh well.

A young guy climbed out of the cab and tentatively started to push the Jimmy to nowhere in particular.  By then, I'd reached the intersection, so I jogged over to him, assuming he was alone and unsure how to get the car out of the way of traffic. 

Instead, I saw there was a guy with him, in the passenger seat.  Why wasn't he pushing?

"You want me to steer while you push?", I asked Young Driver.  Really, he was probably just in his late teens. 

"Uh, yeah.  Thanks", he said, smilingly.

At that point, I figured Mr. Lazy riding shotgun would get out to push too, but he continued to sit.  Fortunately, a runner guy came by and offered to help push.  Runners are just so nice, aren't they?

As they pushed, I steered the Jimmy to the side of the cross street, out of the stream of Mouse Town traffic.  As we rolled to the resting spot, I had a strange and short conversation with Mr. Lazy.

"It jus' died..."

"Yah, I know, I could hear it as you guys went by me".

"Hehe, stupid mumble mumble..."

At that point, I realized Mr. Lazy needed a name change to Mr. High.

And while it's perfectly legal to be high in Colorado, I don't think he was of perfectly legal age to be high.  Plus, it was like 7:30 in the morning.  The driver seemed to be in a more coherent state, which isn't saying a whole lot.   But he did thank me and Runner Dude while looking a bit perplexed as to what to do next.

I left them to figure it out.

"Okay, see ya", I said after setting the brake.  Mr. Lazy reached over and put the shifter into Park, his sole contribution.

"Okay, peace", he replied, making it sound more like "piss".

Then I drew Mr. Lazy/High for Illustration Friday, where the prompt is "Peace" (not piss).