Sunday, March 28, 2021

the week that wuz

I'm happy to say that my Wednesday Monday blahs disappeared as mysteriously as they arrived.  I guess Yaz and I will never know what that was about.  Nauseous girl chalked it up to a change in a prescription dosage, and thankfully we're all none the worse for wear.  The remainder of the week unfolded in its own unique way.

Wednesday, during my stupor, I managed to make it possible for our dog, Penny, to get hold of my partial denture.  It's the cheapest form of tooth replacement, and I have it for that bum tooth I had extracted a couple years ago.  I like having the freedom to take it out.

I know better than to leave it laying around willy nilly, but that's what I did when I was potatoing on the futon.  I thought it was out of Penny's reach, and then I forgot about it.  Later, as we were eating dinner, Magnum noticed her chewing on something.

He reached down and, "Oh, it's yer tooth", then placed this pink mangled thing on the table.

"Ah, Fudge!", or something like that.  Couldn't believe I let that happen.  Anyway, I had to make an embarrassing call to the dentist the following day.  

The director of the care facility where I work made the happy announcements regarding loosening of COVID restrictions this week.  Family members can come for inside visits again, complete with hugs.  He also mentioned that dog visits will start again.  These are dogs that are trained for "comfort care", not family pets.  I've only seen their photos.  

And now I'm thinking, "They let those dogs in, I'm not gonna get much work done."

Today was the final Tortoise and Hare race for the season.  This one a 12K, or 7.5 miles. Beautiful morning for it with temps about 40F, sunny and calm.  

My designated start time was 8:57am.  I was at the park with time to spare, but wasn't giving strong attention to the time clock, and was nearly late.

bringing up the rear,
two seconds late, still getting dressed

It was a good time with a good turnout, and I'm happy with how my run went.  Nice way to finish out the series.

almost managed to catch one more "tortoise" 

but she wasn't having it

Such a nice difference to two short weeks ago when we were struggling through two feet of snow.  Much more fun than shovelin'.


Brian said...

12K?!? You're a beast Abby! Way to go!

John Holton said...

Dogs are like that... "What's dis? I dunno. Guess I'll eat it." Cats are just as bad.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Great Job Abby! You know what I noticed and covet? your long legs. If I run will my legs grow? 😁

I don't know if you remember the incident with the vanilla milkshakes from McDonald's and how we got so damn sleepy and had to pull over? That is what your event last week at the home reminded me of. You both were potatoes and the other was sick. Then we thought it was a fluke from the city we were in at the time so tried it again 3 years later at a Mcdonald's here and it happened again. So not a fluke. What do they put in those?

Abby said...

Brian, Ha. A tired and bit sore beast...

John, I'm suspicious that the cat and Penny tag-teamed the whole thing. Cat bapped it off the table, and Penny took it from there!

Peggy, I do remember your vanilla milkshake stupor! Now I'm trying to think if the three of us ingested something similar - the mushroom soup is a candidate!

And it's funny you mention my long legs. Yes, I'm VERY short waisted as most of my 5'5" is in my legs. I currently have TWO pillows on the driver's seat of my tiny Toyota so I can see out like a normal person.

Paula Kiger said...

Oh wow dogs and dentures/retainers/anything dental. No fun. Glad you enjoyed the race.

Abby said...

Paula, and the assistant specifically warned me about the dogs loving the dental stuff. Like I needed to test her info??