Monday, April 12, 2021

staying warm since the 80s

We came to be boyfriend and girlfriend in a pretty typical manner.  High school.  He was a year ahead of me.  We lived in a small town where most everyone knew everyone else or was at least minorly acquainted.

So I knew who he was, but I didn't pine for him from afar.  He was not a crush who wouldn't give me the time of day.  He was just DJ, I was just me.

We got to know each other while on the track team.  Our school's track team was organized not by gender, but rather by event.  Sprinters worked out together, distance runners worked out together, field eventers worked out together.  DJ and I were in the sprinter category along with two of my best friends and several other sprinter boys.  We all just evolved into a group of sorts during practice and meets, and a chemistry began to develop between DJ and me.

One track meet in particular was very cold.  The day was grey and drizzly.  Per the rules, competitors were not allowed to wear their warmups (sweats) during events.  DJ and a couple other of the guys were competing in the triple jump.  My friends and I hung out on the sidelines, huddled together against the cold, holding on to their sweats whenever it was their turn to jump.  They'd each do their thing, run over to us and quickly don their sweats again until it was time to jump again.

Later in the day, my friends' and my races came around.  Those guys reciprocated the favor and held our sweats as we ran our races in the freezing drizzle, wearing only our spikes, track shorts, and sleeveless tops.

No they didn't.

Once their events were over, they'd actually headed to the warm bus.  We gave them sh*t for it afterward, but it was all in high school flirty fun.  I think it was that track meet that sealed the deal for DJ and me.  He told  me he knew I'd run faster if I was absolutely freezing and had to work harder to get to my sweats and warmth.  Well, he wasn't wrong, I gathered a few ribbons that day.

So yeah, DJ was my first real boyfriend, my first love, my first y'know... We had a nice relationship during those years.  Suffice to say, we ran our course and eventually went our separate ways.

But I still have my track sweats - the hoodie anyway.  Gad, the thing must be about 40 years old now, as it wasn't brand new when it was checked out to me.  I guess I just never checked it back in at the end of track season, and no one cared.  It's not like I was the only one who had some pilfered school athletic gear.

Such fancy lettering back then!

I've recently watched a few episodes of Worn Stories on Netflix following Linda Sue's recommendation.  It's an entertaining series, and I bet each of us have at least one of our own worn stories.

The high school track hoodie is easily the oldest piece of clothing I have.  I still wear it regularly, but not outside the house.  I wear it over my pajamas when I first get up in the morning.  It's served that purpose well.

What's your Worn Story?


Linda Sue said...

Oh Man... I LOVE this STORY!! WOW and you still have it, the sweatshirt, I mean, not the boy. Excellent story! And good for you being all tracky and athletic , like the wind.

Abby said...

Linda Sue, geez those days were so long ago! But the hoodie remains. High school track was fun, and mainly, it was the best way to get an early start on our tans.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I think I just found something new to watch! Loved this story. I don't have a thing from high school let alone something that fits so well as you do. I have a cheerleading jacket that I have no idea why I keep it. Otherwise, I have nothing from high school. Not even that long brown hair. :-)

Abby said...

Peggy, it's a fun series. Episodes are only about 30 mins, so nice little bits.
As you put it, I have nothing from high school either other than this hoodie that looks like prison garb now!

LL Cool Joe said...

Geez and I thought I kept clothes for a long time! Great story.

Tee said...

My high school always did well in hockey. After any state tournament win, the school would sell jerseys and sweatshirts with a cool logo, the year and proclamation of our team's win. I've still got one from 1983. Can't say that I've worn it since high school. I just hang onto it for some reason.