Friday, August 22, 2014

fad or friend?

It's moving day for Chaco and Wolfgang.  When I went to bed last night, the house was in a bit of a shambles.  This morning, it's surprisingly better.  Not great, but it's all relative.

Although they're both moving into the same building, even the seemingly bottomless pitted Ellie Mae the Element can't fit all of their crap essential dorm things in one haul, so they're going in waves.  Most of Wolfgang's things are loaded, tetris style, while Chaco's are mainly in boxes around the house.

Despite the cramped space, I wanted to show you guys my new calf sleeves, so:

I've been seeing these compression sleeves here and there for the last couple of years or so, and their population seems to be growing.  I would say that more people than not were wearing them for the half on the fourth.  I was one of the nots.  

So I was a bit curious, but not too.  Is it just a fad?  Then a couple of weeks ago, I got a special e-mail offer. I'm not usually a soft sell, but I jumped right on my special e-mail offer... because it made me feel special?

Soon I received my goods from Pro Compression, and I've gotta say I felt a noticeable difference, and more than just a friendly leg hug.  The product information states:

"PRO Compression works against gravity by helping your vascular system increase blood flow which relieves discomfort and assists in recovery.

Heh, at my age, they had me at "works against gravity".

Since I prefer to run sockless, I really like the sleeve design.  I've run with them twice  now, and I'll give them 5 stars.  I just got a second set, on sale from a different brand as it's too soon to stimulate brand loyalty, to rotate.  I use mine for running, but I can certainly see how they would be helpful for any activity that requires a lot of time on one's feet.

Anyone else added these to their unmentionables drawer?  


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alice gets slutty

I thought I saw something about a bicycling event.  Something downtown this week.  I mainly paid attention because I often tutor downtown, so I checked out the various street closures, to see how they affected where I was going.

Then today, Alice and I headed downtown to drop some things off at the library and reserve my study rooms for next week.  It seemed a pretty typical day.  Lovely ride into the city, the hobos lounging in the shade of the underpasses.

As I left the library, a policewoman was putting up street barriers out front, and I remembered the road closures.  I noticed people starting to line the streets.  Something was about to happen?

I rode around a bit and saw an area set up with a bunch of cycling themed tents and booths, but decided not to go in - mainly because it looked like I'd have to pay for a wristband to do so.  Nope, not that interested.  I'd just turn around at the next intersection and head on home.

Just as I pulled up to the next intersection, a pack of spandex-clad bicyclists entered from my left and continued to my right, just the direction I was going.  Now, bicycles are quite common downtown, and I often find myself in a sort of "train".  But this!   This was a pack.  And they were all in spandex on really expensive looking bicycles.  Not the usual Panhandler Specials.

But they clearly weren't racing, just riding gently in a pack around downtown.  I found myself riding along in the middle of them along with a few other "civilians".  Okay, that was kinda neat.  Kinda.

Apparently, they were warming up.  And getting the crowd interested.  It got me to hang around, and I don't even like bicycle racing, remember?

Eventually, they rode by for realz: [SOURCE]

 Okay, so I guess this is a pretty big event.

Thanks for letting me tag along for a couple of blocks, guys!

Well... then again, I am Goose Poop Queen.  They should be thanking me.

Linking up again with Mama Kat for the prompt:

4.) Begin with "I thought I saw..."


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

school starts when?

So, Monday was Meego's first day of school.  We went out for new clothes and school supplies yesterday.  I figured I should just stick to my pattern established when I gave him his haircut the day AFTER picture day.

End of summer just snuck up on me this year, I tellya!  It seems like Meego just got out!  But oh well, now we're ready.  Essentially.

Besides, it still feels like summer.  It's hot out, or it's rainy.  Plus, Chaco and Wolfgang have their move-in day on Friday, so I'm still surrounded by all their dorm junk (we decided to forgo the storage unit) and then some.

Neither of them has done anything by way of packing.  *sigh*.

I, on the other hand, started the week with about a mile-long "to do" list, and I've been scratching things off with wild abandon!  Maybe I've just been too busy to be annoyed about all the clutter that needs to be put into packing boxes.

Of course, I'll miss having Chaco and Wolfgang around, but their stuff?  Not so much.  My minimalist tendencies have been stretched to their limits.

But things are easing up.  I now feel like we're in school mode, just a couple of days late.  The elementary school is once again looking to hire a crossing guard at my old post.  My replacement decided one year was enough.  I briefly thought about it as my class schedule would allow for it, but naaaah.  I've just been watching to see if anyone else takes the bait.

Maybe if the post is still open after testing season settles down and my tutor schedule isn't so full, I'll take it as a sign.  Plus, by then the school would be desperate.  They might throw in a stylish new vest.

But maybe I should remind myself that "Work outdoors!" involved more days like this:


and less like this:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sandy Liningness Sunday

Greetings fellow internetians!  I've been away.

We managed to gather the whole gang, this final week of summer break, for a quick and dirty camping trip.  Or should I say, quick and sandy...

Yep, headed down to the Great Sand Dunes for some wilderness adventure. 

We had beautiful weather and a comfy campsite.  No signs or sounds of bears or other unwanted intruders.  The dunes were their usual amazing selves.

It's quite an interesting spot.  If you're ever in the neighborhood, swing on by.  A few hardy creatures live there, and it's difficult to imagine how they survive.  Like these flowers...

We started out very dark and early this morning, and came upon three different campsites during our trek.

Although the night sky would be spectacular, I wouldn't want to camp out there - so exposed!  Not even the tiniest of bushes for when you'd need to... talk to the bushes!

When we made it to High Dune, we found that someone had placed a staff there, mistakenly designating it as "Star Dune" which is quite a ways further.

We figure the staff-placers were  (1) lost, (2) pranksters, or (3) both.

Either way, much fun was had, and another summer break is in the books!


Friday, August 15, 2014

Alice gets tough

Check her out:

What a transformation, eh? 

You do see the transformation, right?  Okay, maybe not.  It's the tires.  Yay, new TARZ!!

Recall that I purchased freed Alice  from the confines of someone's rec room where she lived a dull existence as a spin-class bitch.  Hardly ever had she seen the sun or felt sweet Mother Earth under her tires.  Makes me tear up just thinking about it.

Anyways, in the months and miles we've had together, I have delighted in her gleeful liberation and boundless energy. There was one thing that kept her a bit limited in the great outdoors, however.  Her smug tires.

Her tires were super smooth, no treads.  I mean, who needs treads when wasting such a beautiful bicycle on an indoor spin class?  Oh those tires were certainly fast, oh yes they were!  For that reason, I was reluctant to change them.  I could zip along faster than with Bella on a good day... until we came to the tiniest length of gravel or dirt.  Then all came to a standstill, or worse.

The dirt/sand/gravel, with honorable mention going to water,  laughed at those tires, at all the possibilities they presented.  Throw her to the right?  The left?  Pitch her forward?  Swing the back around to the front or vice versa?  The tires were defenseless.

Which meant that, when I went to play around dirt, Alice had to stay home.  Flashbacks to spin class!

Yesterday, I felt sorry for myself Alice.  We went for a ride, stopping just short of the point where the trail changed from asphalt to gravel.  From there we turned around and stopped at the bike shop and fitted her with some real tires.

I could immediately sense the change in her.  She was truly one of us now.  Oh, Bella will always be the brawn of the operation, but Alice is no longer the little priss.

And, as if to reassure me, she flew me through the goose poop slalom to show she's still got her speed.  Well, most of it anyway.

But more importantly, we went back to the dirt and gravel and gave them the what for!  I swear, she was laughing as the pebbles were tossed aside in her wake.

Spin class bitch no more.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

the prodigal returneths

Tuesday was check-in day for Meego at the high school.  EEP, my *baby* is in high school!

It so happens, I was tutoring one of Meego's classmates over the summer, and Tuesday morning, just before check-in, was our last session. 

My tutee showed up looking crisp and alert.  At one point, he was working and a small hair clipping fell onto his paper.

"Oh, ha!  I'm shedding!", he remarked, "I just got a haircut".

And I knew it was probably because it was check-in day, which is also Picture Day = photo ID day. I'd been thinking of that because, lo and behold, Meego had actually requested a haircut a couple of days prior!  But, alas, I - being the barber of Abbyville - had yet to get around to it.

And there we were.  Picture Day was upon us.  And there I was, with my crisp looking, freshly shorn student - someone else's kid - while Meego languished in his mop top on the verge of being before the camera.

I think it was band camp that did it.  All that hair... trying to stuff it under his hat each day, thinking how much cooler and easier short hair would be. 

So he not only requested a haircut, but he said he was seriously contemplating a short haircut, like from the days of yore. Works for me!

Except... I was busy, y'know? The schedules just didn't align properly to get it done before check-in day.  So, off Meego went to get  his school year ducks in a row.  He returned with his fresh photo ID.

Then yesterday, we finally got to the shearing. 

He seems happy with it, while feeling a bit weird.  There's also some concern about the start of school next week. 

When he shows his ID...

will anyone believe it's him?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Silver Liningness whatever day

Whew... it's been a hit-the-ground-running kinda day!  It's still sort of going that way, but I'm taking an aid station break I suppose.

This after a nice mellow couple of weeks where I had a lull between tutor loads.  I enjoyed another visit with my parents yesterday, knowing that some heck would break loose starting today. 

But it's all good, and really not too heavy.  It's just the start of another fall testing season for the nervous high school seniors, and getting a new batch of students all going at the same time is a bit crazy.  But we'll settle into a happy trot soon enough.

Chaco and friends had one of their rip-roaring LAN parties over the weekend to celebrate end of summer.  I like how this group of guys has managed to keep the geekiness alive since their high school days.

I asked Chaco if he slept much.  He said, "not much" and commented that his voice was hoarse from yelling.

"'Cause when you play video games, you have to yell"

And I'm thinking about the accomodating couple that always lends out their house for these things.  Andrew is an only child, and the guys go to his house and take over the basement.

I'm thinking they deserve, at the very least, a fruit basket or something!

In other news, Magnum and I are an old married couple.  Twenty-four years as of today.  He reminded me that last year, we celebrated by attending the wedding of one of his coworkers.  Then he said that THEY were going to the fancy pants restaurant tonight.

He said so as we sat around in our shorts and t-shirts and flip flops, eating some tuna salad and whatever leftovers needed eating.  I'm fine with it.

That's one reason why he married me.