Thursday, October 8, 2015

n plus won

What is going on?  The tuting mail is filled up every day with requests.  I don't know if it's because

a) students struggle more than they used to
b) students care more than they used to
c) hiring a tutor is becoming more mainstream
d) the matching service I use is good at search engine optimization
e) all of the above
f) none of the above.

I'm not taking any new students and am hopefully moving away from tuting, but it's nice to know there's demand.

On the other side of things, Meego has begun a 3-day weekend.  Teacher development or such.  After school today, he asked to go to the guitar store as he'd been looking at new guitars to trade his old electric for.  He settled on one that happened to be in stock.  Ok, fine.

So we get there, and he looks at the one he had pegged along with others.  Then I come around a corner to see him sitting with this bass, and I'm all,

"You already have a bass"

And he's all, "Yeah, but this is my 'n+1' bass".

And I totally get it.  "n+1" is a rule in bicycle culture that represents the number of bicycles one needs, where

n = the number of bicycles one already has.  

And its corollary: 

where s = the number of bicycles owned that would result in separation from one's partner.

It's a vicious cycle.  Ha, a pun!  

Either way, Meego's use of the term resonated.  The new bass does sound really good, and there are distinct differences from his other bass.   Seems like a very good choice of n+1 bass.  Besides, it's his money, and it's not every day he's willing to show his face, let alone his teeth, for a blog pic.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

I think fall is actually going to happen. It's chilly! Our furnace was one degree away from turning on today.  Another good and busy week it was.  Seems like I'm becoming just a weekend blogger, but oh well, I'm always floating around whether anything gets posted here or not.

Our P.E.O. Oktoberfest happened yesterday.  We made some good money once again.  I managed to talk Chaco, Wolfgang, and Wolfgang's girlfriend into attending, so it was nice have them along.  Magnum also helped me work the door for a while.  We didn't win any of the raffles.  Guess we'd have had to buy a raffle ticket for that to happen...

Meego was out at another band competition, so missed the wild times.  We could've used him to further help bring down the average age of participants.

I snapped this pic during one of Wolfgang's cross-country meets back in his high school days.  I thought these biker leads and tails looked like they were enjoying their duties.  Yesterday, Wolfgang and a friend did just such volunteering for a local meet.  As I suspected, they had lots of fun and were kept quite busy.  Five races in all, in some good boonies.

We actually saw quite a bit of the college guys this weekend.  Oktoberfest and picking up the mountain bike  yesterday, then they swung by again today because Wolfgang wanted a haircut.  but first, "We're here to eat your food".  All tasks were successfully completed.  

So Wolfgang's been seeing his girlfriend for a while.  They were friends first after meeting at their summer jobs and then started dating (is that the term?)  within this past year.  She seems like a great girl, plus I trust Wolfgang's judgement.  I'm thinking she might need a blog name.  I don't want to jinx things for them, but "Wolfgang's girlfriend" is kinda dull sounding, and requires more keystrokes than I care for.  

In other news, someone actually wants to buy one of those vacuum cleaners.  The excitement never stops!


Saturday, October 3, 2015

*not a real fan of the strap on, but it has its advantages

*I think Joey's blog title methods are rubbing off on me...

I've dusted it off and strapped it on, time to make some cash.

We've just started the final quarter of health incentives from Magnum's work.  One of those incentives is to log our steps each day.  We get points depending on the number of steps.  Points are transferred to dollars.  I'm not a fan of wearing a pedometer, but I'll do it for money.

This happens every quarter, and there is a maximum number of points to earn each time.  So once I get the max, the pedometer goes back into the drawer until the next round.  Good thing Magnum reminded me that with the start of October comes the final push for the year.  We get points for not smoking and points for sleeping too.  I'll take 'em!

This morning, as I clicked the button that said I agree to be tobacco free, I wondered about the cheaters.  All it is is a click of a button.  I could be sitting here puffing away and still get the points.  And apparently, if one admits to being a smoker, points are actually deducted.  Who would admit it??

But then I recalled some people just really want to quit and a little extra motivation goes a long way.

Years ago, I worked with a guy who was desperately trying to give up cigarettes.  He was a nice guy, quite intelligent and introspective, and it really bothered him that quitting smoking was so difficult.  He chewed gum until his head muscles were sore, he told me about his appointments with an acupuncturist who stuck needles into him and lit the tips on fire.

But still, he wanted those cigarettes.

For another friend of mine, it was those Yul Brynner PSAs that did it.  Until then, she could go through a pack like the best of them, but Yul touched a nerve, and she quit cold turkey.  She put on some weight, as is common, but didn't care.  She knew she would never smoke again.

Is there a gene that makes some people more easily addicted than others?  How much of it is emotionally driven?

Back when I was a teen and working in a restaurant, we'd take our "coffee and smoke breaks" regularly, as was the norm back then.  I guess it made us feel grown up or something.  I've never smoked since, nor wanted to.  It was more of a social thing, really.

The coffee, though... Good thing there's no button for that.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

Hello blog people!  As far as I know, nothing particularly end-of-world eventful happened last week, despite the warnings.  Guess we still have to pay our bills.  But maybe tonight's blood moon will bring about the apocalypse.

And it was another nice week.  Rather busy, but productive.  Oh, and I changed wallpaper and some things around here.  Notice?  I just felt a need for change.  Green...  hmm.... still deciding.

Yesterday, Magnum and I got out for some nature time.  We managed to find a few geocaches to add to our "found" list.

We went to Ute Valley park, a friendly place popular for nearby hiking and mountain biking.  

It was a very nice day for it.  Not too hot, a friendly breeze.  There were a few others in the park enjoying the day, but not so many as to feel crowded.

Last week, a woman was bit by a rattlesnake while hiking nearby.  I let Magnum check the rocky places.

Meego and company had a marching band competition yesterday.  Their band puts on a decent show, and is relatively small.  They seem to have a good time together and happily made it to the finals.

And I continue to chop away at the clutter.  I've got a couple of mini vacuum cleaners to slough off.  They were Chaco's and Wolfgang's when they each lived in freshman dorms.  Anyone want one?  I got bags too.  Yup, bags...


As far as I know, the cohabitation arrangement in Chaco and Wolfgang's apartment is going smoothly enough.  Chaco tells me that Wolfgang is messy.  Like I didn't already know that??  Probably speaks favorably for the quality state of his vacuum cleaner.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

chasing tail

Gosh, I've kind of neglected the blog this week.  Well, it was a busy one.  Plus, I'm thinking I'm due for another theme change around here...  Watch this space.

I'm curious about something.  One day this week, I went to the high school to drop off some band stuff for Meego.  My impeccable timing put me there right during a passing period, plus it was homecoming week, so it was teen heaven while I was there.

I'm pretty comfortable around teenagers, having lived with some, who sometimes bring friends over.  Plus, most of my tutees are high schoolers.  And there I was in the teen mass of humanity that is the high school.

One trend I've noticed in the last couple of years - first at the university, and I saw it again at the high school - is that of the "furries".  Seen 'em?

Yes, people wearing animal tails, not necessarily as a costume, but more a fashion accessory.

I don't really know anything about this trend.  Some suggest that "furries" identify as animals, but I dunno.

I did find it a bit strange to see college kids wearing them to class.  They often wear ears too. Even on hot days.

I'm inclined to think, "Well, they're not hurting anyone.  What's  a little fur?"

And I know there are a whole mess of them over at deviantart.

Still, I wonder.  Are furries the new emo?  A kindler, gentler, softer emo?


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

Hello and happy Sunday!

This was a nice productive week.  The temperatures are starting to cool, and that's a welcome thing.

I'm still acting like I'm presiding over my P.E.O. chapter as the queen bee is still attending her night class.  I'll admit that being thrown upon the throne has helped me get to know everyone better and vice versa.  Okay, it's been fun.  We're gearing up for our annual Oktoberfest.  Yay, let's all be German!

Wolfgang was around yesterday.  He bought this old neglected pickup about a  month ago. It runs great - apparently these old Toyota 22R engines just go forever - but it's needed some TLC (recall the baldo tires!).

Yesterday's mission was to get it looking better.  The paint on the hood and roof were quite faded, so he found this stuff  to bring them back to life.  I admit to being skeptical at first, but he went for it.  A little while later, he came in the house and said, "Mom, you should come look".


 Not too shabby, eh?  I took a pic after he'd pulled it out of the garage.  Ellie Mae looks kinda jealous...

Chaco was around a little this week too, looking for something that ended up being in his pocket the whole time.  Oh well.  He recently took 2nd place "IN THE WORLD" for a hacking competition held by the NSA. *Hmmm... wondering if having "hacking" and "NSA" together in a sentence/blog post will attract all kinda unwanted attention...*

Originally, he was 2nd "in the nation", but apparently a university from Sweden had thrown their hat in the ring which boosted Chaco to "2nd IN THE WORLD" status.  Thank you, Sweden!

Anyway, he says the top 50 are supposed to receive some sort of award, but he's just happy with his standing.  It's nice recognition for him and for the university's computer science program.  I know nothing about hacking and have just told him that, as long as he uses his skilz for good and the Feds don't show up at our house, I'm fine with it.

In other exciting news, I mowed the back yard.  With no trampoline.  It was good.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

close my eyes, I am rhythm

Fall is in the air, do you feel it?  Hands went a little numb this morning.  That's always a good sign.

You know how facebook reminds you of stuff you posted years ago?  This week, they reminded me of this share, taken from my then crossing guard office:

Apparently, 4 years ago this week, the peak had snow on it. Facebook says so.  Well, there's no snow on the peak now - not pretty like that anyway - but the air is definitely crisper.

And speaking of throwbacks, Magnum and I went waaaaaay back in moviedom.  See, in the morning, I was listening to the radio and the radio guys were talking about how weird it is to watch movies they liked when they were younger because movies are so different now.  Then, later in the afternoon, I was working on stuff for school while streaming some generic 80s music when a Flashdance tune came on.  Remember Flashdance??

I saw it in the theater in 1983.  I bought the (vinyl) soundtrack and listened to it annoyingly repetitively.  I really couldn't remember much about the movie other than that it was about a young female welder who wanted to be a dancer who also was sleeping with the much older construction boss.  Yeah, deep stuff.

So I asked Magnum, "Have you seen Flashdance?"

"Oh yes!", he replied.  Saw it while he was in the army somewhere.

We decided to watch it since it was available on Netflix and see if it would be weird like the radio guys said.

As we settled in,

Me:  I remember I saw this at the Fox Theater (podunk town theater).  I was with a boy, but I don't remember which one.

Magnum:  Oh yeah, all  your boys.

Me:  Yeah... *sigh*... back in the good ol' days...

Anyway, we watched it.  It was definitely typical 80s cheese.  As I watched, I felt it had a bit of an "After School Special" feel to it, except with sex and trashy bars.  Still, I can see how it became such an iconic film as far as fashion and music goes.

Another thing I didn't remember is that the main character, besides being a welder and victim of a bit of a stalker/creeper boss, probably in the throes of a mid-life crisis, was a die-hard bicycle commuter.

So an interesting examination of how things have changed - moviemaking, fashion, attitudes... Not a total waste of time anyway.

Thirty-two years ago when I watched it with what's-his-face, whod've thought I'd watch it again at 50 to see if it was weird.

Got any old faves that you rewatched much later?