Thursday, July 24, 2014

something borrowed, something...

I just got it a couple of days ago.  It was totally unexpected - such a surprise!

And yet, its luster is already starting to fade.  In fact, this morning when I woke up, I'd forgotten I had it.  But I eventually remembered.

When I first received it, though, it was like WHAMMO!  Wow, I was so in the moment!  I got rather emotional, really.  I just couldn't contain myself.  My hands came up to my face to try to stifle my squeals.

Then, I just wanted to keep it all to myself.  I just wasn't ready to share it with the world.  I could imagine people seeing it and being all, "Oooh, where'd you get it!?"  "Wow, that's really something!" "Can I touch it?!"

So I sheltered it, even though I knew that I would eventually have to expose the gift since I couldn't just leave it home by itself while I went about my day.  I took pains to suppress its sparkle, thinking maybe I could get it to blend in, and no one would know what I had!

My efforts worked pretty well, actually, and eventually, I felt comfortable going out into the world with it.  It was kind of titillating, to be out walking around with it in my possession without anyone really noticing. 

But I noticed.  I knew what I had. The whole time, I would feel it and be reminded.  Once in a while, I'd take a furtive peek at it to make sure it wasn't busting out of its disguise in all its radiance. 

Now, it's like it's become part of me. It's blended in on its own and no longer seems like this separate entity, a meaningful presence with a mind of its own.  I've nearly fully absorbed it into my own being.

But dang, it was a Mother of a bruised bump when I first got it.   

Razzum Frazzum Frackum Frickum dog crate, right where my shin was going!


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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

summer daze

Summertime is slipping by.  I keep getting e-mails about the start of school for me, the start of school for Meego... 

Our ducks are in their rows for the most part, I assume that Wolfgang's and Chaco's are too.  That's what they tell me anyways.

In the meantime, I've got my handful of tutees to keep my brain from turning totally to mush, but I've been enjoying the slower summer pace.  Yesterday afternoon, after my morning's tuting, Meego was hanging out on the futon.

"We should go to Lulu's", he mumbled from behind his tablet

"K", I sleepily responded from behind my book.

Lulu's is a create-your-own frozen yogurt place, just a pleasant bike ride away.  With the lure of a cold treat on a hot day, we managed to unfurl ourselves from our respective lounge positions.

It was a nice day for it - a bit on the hot side, but certainly bearable.  At one point, I sprayed Meego with my water bottle, too cool him mid-ride.

"No, we need to be all hot and miserable when we get there.  It'll make the yogurt taste better".

Ah, my young grasshopper has come to embrace some of my teachings!  If only I could get the same agreement for picking up his room...

And it worked.  The cold yogurt was yummy in the shady parlour. 

Here's Meego enjoying our respite.

Refreshed, we took a different, longer route back home.  We stopped to cool our tootsies in the stream near our house.  That portion of the bike path was closed due to the bridge being washed out a couple of weeks ago during that storm that the cat spent in the laundry basket

We figured the "Trail Closed" sign was just a CYA for the city parks and rec, and went down to the stream.  Someone had thrown a plank across where the bridge used to be, so I know we weren't the only trespassers.

Plus, we were hot and approaching miserable, so cooling the tootsies was a priority.  When we discovered how deep the pool was,we couldn't stop at just our tootsies.

We didn't go upstream to investigate Meego Falls - so named as I'm sure that Meego and I were the first to discover them a couple of years ago.  Meego Falls are more remote, and we had our bikes to schlep around, so we just hung out at the not-bridge until sufficiently cooled.

Tarzan / Jane time over, it was back to civilization.

A day to remember and refer to during the next blizzard.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

Well, first of all...

Happy Birthday to Wolfgang!  Big 19 today. 
He's a bit camera shy, this is about the best I can do.

We spent the day in Denver today, mainly to go to the big bargain computer stuff store.  He asked Magnum and me for cash towards building a new computer, then set about spending all of it.

It was a nice day.  While Wolfgang and Chaco hunted the technology, Magnum, Meego, and I hung out at a nice park across the street to commune with nature.

Speaking of new computers, I'm enjoying my new speedster.  And remember Old Bessie, my ex-computer?  Behold, she's been resurrected!

Her monitor's pretty diminutive next to her superiors, but she's up and feels good.  Chaco says she works fine now.  Even the USB ports that hated me are happy now.  Clearly, it was time for a fresh start.  I wish her jolly times with Chaco.

 Anyway, in local news, Kevin Bacon has been hanging around, filming a movie or something.  There had been a few KB sightings around, and eventually, he posted this on his fbook.

Was he really going to do the Incline?  Well, it IS the thing to do when in town in summertime, and shortly after, he posted this:

So, he did do it. 

Or did he? 

I mean, if you're going to do a selfie at the Incline, you do a selfie from the TOP, right??  Notice how Kevin Bacon's FACE takes up his post-Incline selfie, and it's pretty clear that he's not at the top.

Naturally, many of us are wondering...

Chaco and Wolfgang saw the controversial post.

Chaco:  Yah, either way, I beat his time! *flex*

Wolfgang:  Pfft, beat the time of, like a 50-something year-old-guy!

Me:  HEY!  I don't care, he's Mr. Footloose!


Saturday, July 19, 2014


Seems we're having a near repeat of last Saturday's weather.  Not as bad, though, thankfully.  But still a good day to stay inside and play in the sketchbook for this week's Illustration Friday prompt:  Repeat.

Seems we're having a near repeat of last Saturday's weather.  Not as bad, though, thankfully.  But still a good day to stay inside and play in the sketchbook for this week's Illustration Friday prompt:  Repeat.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

running Sue

After roughly 10 years, I'd decided to finally get back into the P.E.O. swing of things and was making my first of several visits to scope out local chapters. Hopefully I'd find one I felt was a good fit and vice versa.

I saw a spot on the sofa next to a woman wearing a sticky name tag similar to mine.  Ah, another visitor.

We talked a bit about our visitor status.  She had recently moved to the area from the midwest.  I explained that I'd been here for 10 years, slacking away as far as P.E.O was concerned.

She slid her purse over on the coffee table to make more room for me to sit, and that's when I saw the "26.2" dangling off her keys.

"You a marathoner?", I asked

"Yes!", she brightened, and filled me in on some of her various running adventures.

I could tell she was a bit older than me (I've since learned that she's 57), but she had bundles of energy.  She spoke rapidly with a slight midwestern accent.  Her hair was short, and she had that healthy weathered look of someone who spends a lot of time outdoors.  Her face never lost its smile. Her name is Sue.  She and her husband live in a mountain community just outside the city. 

Later that evening, Sue and I went with Ruthie to the basement where Ruthie hosts one of the local P.E.O. Bed and Breakfasts.  We got to know a little more about the chapter and each other.  When Ruthie told us of her husband's reluctance to have a Bed and Breakfast in their home - "Gee, I dunno about a Bed and Breakfast.   Maybe a 'Nap and Donut'?" - I knew I'd found at least two sisters I could get along with!

After visitng a few other chapters where I met plenty of nice people, I was drawn back to that initial chapter visit.  By that time, it was winter and Sue had also decided to stay, by then a member, fully transferred in.  I asked how her running was going.

"Great!  I'm going to do the Super half on Super Bowl Sunday!"

I casually replied that a half marathon sounded okay, although a full blown marathon wasn't in my sights.

"OH, you should do the Super half!  It's relatively flat, and you know it won't be oppressively hot!"

"*snicker* That's like two weeks away, and I really don't know...", but her enthusiasm was so contagious, "... well, maybe?"

So, running Sue thusly talked me into it only to get snowed in and miss the thing herself.

At our mid-June meeting, she told me about a marathon she's getting ready to do in September, out of state.  "And I'm doing the Fourth of July half-marathon here in town!"  (she often speaks in exclamation points).

I met up with Sue and her husband at the start of the race that morning.  He's not a runner, but was there, in cargo shorts and hiking boots, to happily support Sue. She was dressed in a bright fluorescent green top.

We went to line up, and I didn't see her again until later during the race.  It was an out-and-back course, and on my return trip I spotted her.  There she was in her white hat and bright shirt, moving at a steady balanced pace, looking focused and happy.  We gave each other breathy smiles and waves as we crossed paths.

We had a P.E.O. meeting this week, and I was hoping to catch Sue's thoughts on the race - how it compared with the many others she's done.

Alas, the road from Sue's home was closed due to flash flooding.

I half expected her to show up in a kayak.  With a big smile, of course!


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I took Napolion to the vet yesterday.  He's been coughing, or more specifically, having unproductive hacking jags 4 or 5 times a day.  They are most notable when he shakes, rattles, and rasps through one while atop the bed at 2 a.m. or so.

Magnum:  We should get that checked

Me:  (hoping to avoid hanging out at the vet's) Let's google it!

Chaco:  I did.  It could be a hairball, a heart attack, or a bunch of other things.

Me:  *sigh* fine.

So I got an appointment for yesterday afternoon, and the vet proceeded to poke, prod, and palpate away.  She detected "something" near his throat, but couldn't be more conclusive without getting more expen$ive invasive.

"Does he go outside?", she asks

"Yeah, lots", I answer

"It could be that he just inhaled a moth or something", she continues to palpate, "Does he eat mice?  Birds?"

I pause for her to continue with gophers, bunnies, and other assorted rodentia.  When she doesn't, I confirm that he's a mighty hunter and fill in the blanks.

"Does he fight with other cats?", she continues

"Yes to all of the above so far",  I inform

We decided to go with a de-worming in case it's some parasitic revenge from one of Napolion's victims.   Other than the hacking jags, everything else checked out fine.

The badass in repose

It seems to me that he's already improving.  In fact, I think he was already improving by the time I took him to the vet's.  

But there's just extra comfort in ramming a pill down his throat.  


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

On my Sunday morning bicycle therapy, I was able to check out some after-effects from yesterday's torrent.  A lot of mud, a lot of leaves and other debris, but nothing too lasting.

There were also noticeably a lot of bugs.  I ate my fair share.  The air was still thick with humidity, which is a rarity around here. I'll admit I don't like it, even though it provides free "food". Still, a lovely ride and I won't complain.

More rain was in the forecast today, and I'm actually glad it didn't happen.  The ground can't hold anymore. 

Meego and I made it to the bowling alley this week.  I sign up for free bowling each summer - 2 free games a day.  Our scores weren't all that bad.  For free, anyway.

In other excitement, a big, fancy, spanking new library opened up a couple of weeks ago, and it's conveniently located about a mile away from our house. I realize this is not earth-shattering fun for most.  But since I tutor, and part of the job is scrounging for a place to meet students, this is very handy for me.  I broke in their study rooms this week and give them two thumbs up.

In movie news, I was a bit disappointed by The Lone Ranger.  Plenty of fun action and, well... Johnny Depp, but it was much too long and I just didn't care about the characters.  In my opinion, there was just no buddy chemistry between the Lone Ranger and Tonto, nor romantic chemistry between the Lone Ranger and his love interest. 

To contrast, we also watched Lawless, which featured strong performances all around.  It's somewhat disturbingly violent, but based on true events, and so that made it even more interesting.

I called and wished my dad a happy 90th birthday, even though I knew he wouldn't be all that happy about turning 90 (that's my dad, I won't get into it).  Still, I'm used to it and it was nice to morbidly chat with him.