Thursday, May 28, 2015

Olly Olly oxen free!!!

I caught a brief glimpse of June this morning.

No, really.  My neighbor friend, June, was out jogging with her young son this morning...
BUT, never fear.  June really is just around the corner!  We have three days left in May and we need about a third of an inch of rain to break the record set in 1935.  My money's on this being our year.

But I'm finished complaining.  It's terrible what is happening in Texas and Oklahoma.

In other little disaster news, Reese is AWOL.  Yep, our 4-foot-long king snake managed to escape and is playing hide and seek with us. *LOUD SIGH*

Meego fed him on Tuesday.  We feed him in an enclosed shoe box.  We were told that it's best to take him out of his usual habitat and feed him in a small box so he became accustomed to that being his "dining" area.

So anyway, Meego put him in the box, fed him the mouse, then closed the lid and placed two heavy books on top as always.

Later, when he went to return Reese to his tank, Meego noticed a small hole in the corner of the shoebox.  He remarked that we should probably get another box.  The next thing he said was,

"Reese isn't in here!"

And I said, "WHA...?!"

We all spent a good amount of time searching, but to no avail.  That guy could be anywhere.  Of course the situation is compounded by the fact that the room is filled with Chaco and Wolfgang's boxes and such of dorm crap.

Also compounding the situation is that Reese had just shed.  It was an impressive one-piece shedding, kinda like peeling the whole label off a beer bottle...  Worthy of a photo.

He's always gotten quite active just after he sheds, like he's feeling all frisky in his new "clothes".

As of right now, he's still missing.  We put his heat lamp out near a comfy crevice and his favorite hide to try to lure him.

Got any snake-trapping advice??

I just hope we spot him soon.  And the "we" doesn't include the cat!


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy Sunday, fellow travelers!

Well, the word for this week - this month really - has been rain.  Rain, hail, hail, rain every day.  Snow in the mountains.  We haven't had one day in May without measurable precipitation.  I went out to the border and snapped this pic for y'all.

It's still better than fire, though.  "Better Than Fire" is a broad category.

But it's not without havoc.  Foundations are becoming compromised, properties are flooded, and potholes are abundant.  Don't get me started on potholes.

HOWEVER, we've managed to make the best of things.  Meego's got one week left of school - finals week.  As far as I know, he's not in any trouble grades-wise, so the week should go smoothly.  Wolfgang is back to work and keeping busy.  Chaco's internship hasn't yet started, so he's getting things organized (I wish!) and still working a few hours for the university.

I've enjoyed a week off from school and am looking forward to getting on with the summer class.  It's a marketing class that's part of the MBA program.  We'll see how it compares with the other engineering master's courses.  

Magnum and I managed to collect a few more geocaches between rainstorms, but haven't been out much.  If only they were all this easy...

Actually, that would be kinda boring if they were all THAT easy.  But the activity has taken us off the beaten paths, to places we wouldn't  otherwise be traipsing around in.  While Magnum was finding that super easy one, I was over in the sticks and found this sad bicycle.

Weird.  It seemed to be in pretty good condition other than the seat being messed up from all the rain, which clued me in that it wasn't just parked there for a short time with its rider waiting in ambush to attack and dismember us.  What happened to its owner?

Speaking of bicycles, I've been sucking it up and riding in the rain.  It's actually quite meditative as long as it's not majorly downpouring and accompanied with lightning and/or hail.  I checked out an alternative route to the university  as my usual is being chewed up with construction activity.  

This alternate route adds about 3 miles, but is still a very pleasing ride.  The bike trail is in good condition, although it takes me through an "interesting" area that I refer to as "Juggalo Island" as that's the feeling I get whenever riding through.  

"It's summertime and I'm feeling jolly, y'all!"

Enjoy spring!  Summer's on the way!  


Saturday, May 23, 2015


I decided to play some Illustration Friday today.  It's been quite a while.  The prompt is "melt".  I figured everyone and their grandma would draw ice cream or snowmen, so I did a welder with neither ice cream nor snow.

I've known a few welders in my time.  Some were robots, some were human.  The robots were graceful and high-tech, but the humans were true artists.  Frame angle not quite right?  Throw a damp rag right THERE.  Corner not quite square?  Clamp this, weld that.

And they seemed to truly enjoy their work.  Pull down the mask and enter another world where it was just them and melting metal until their masterpieces were finished.  I don't think the robots had as much fun.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

just a small town girl

I was at P.E.O. earlier this week.  It was a sparse turnout.  Many were busy with end-of-school-year activites:  concerts, graduations...  Some of the older ladies were vying for supreme position.

"My granddaughter graduates high school tomorrow!"

"Well MY grandson graduates COLLEGE on Friday!"

"Well, my GREATgranddaughter..."

Then someone said, "Isn't it funny how the kids grow up so fast, yet we stay so young?"

It is pretty funny how that happens.  haha.

Maybe it's hard for our kids to believe that we were once young, that we were teenagers.  When I was around my kids' age, I only imagined my own parents as always being grown ups - the way I'd always known them.  Sometimes I get so busy being a grownup that even I forget that we haven't always been here.

I've got Journey in my head today.  They were a hot band when I was in high school.  Today, Meego has a final in band, and he's playing Don't Stop Believing on the bass.  Naturally he was practicing last night and the tune is majorly stuck, reminding me that I was once a kid.

Frank and what's-her-face
Life seems pretty different for our kids.  Can they imagine a world with no cell phones?  No social media?  No internet?

Still, some things remain the same.  End of school year activities like prom and graduation ceremonies are seen as big deals, although their significance fades pretty quickly.

I hardly remember my senior prom, although I was a royal pain attendant.  Not queen.  It took goose poop to enable me to claim my eventual queendom.

But I remember our dresses and our parasols.  Yes, we carried freaking parasols.  Seems cornball now.  Do prom royals carry parasols these days?

I remember Frank.  He was my chosen non-king.  We'd been friends all through growing up.  He was one of my good friends' boyfriend.  He gave me the obligatory coronation smooch, and the earth moved.  He smelled good.  He lingered a bit longer than necessary.  I like to believe the earth moved for him too.  We never spoke of the smooch moment.  There was that boyfriend-of-my-good-friend thing... Oh yeah, I had a boyfriend too.  But I don't remember much of the night after coronation.

Thanks to Frank.

Or probably someone spiked the punch again.

Blogging with Mama Kat again, for the prompt:
1. Throwback Thursday: Choose a photo from a previous May and write a poem or a blog post.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the ex

I was just hanging up my phone and getting ready to leave when I saw him.  He walked passed the area I was in just when I glanced up.  He looked older than I remember, a little more... mature.  But there was something instantly recognizable.  Yes, it was him.  I was sure...

On impulse, I wanted to call out to him, say hi, catch up a bit, ask about his mom.  But I stopped myself.  He was with someone.  A woman...

Our breakup had been my idea.  I was moving on, and I just didn't feel there was room in my life for him anymore.  He protested a bit at first, but I assured him he'd be fine.  There were plenty more fish in the sea.  Heck, I even offered to help him find someone else!

I learned he'd moved on.  His mother told me not long after we'd split.  I don't recall feeling any pangs of jealousy then.  It was all for the best.

But yesterday.  Yesterday was different.  Seeing him.  Seeing him with HER.  Different.

He hadn't seen me, so I gathered up my things and stealthily headed in the direction they'd gone.  I spied the obvious places, but saw no sign of them.  But that place is big, I continued to survey while trying to look inconspicuous.

Eventually... there.  There they were.  The two of them sharing a small table.  I watched for a few seconds out of the corner of my eye.  She was speaking, he was leaning slightly forward.  I tried to discern his body language.  Was he happy?  Was that boredom I detected, or was I just projecting my own selfish thoughts into the situation?

I had flashbacks to our times together.  His funny stories he would share, the snacks he always brought.  Did he bring snacks to this new woman?

I couldn't stand there and stare, I kept moving.  His back was to me, and the woman was not one of the familiar regulars I typically saw.  As much as I would have liked to visit with him a bit, this was neither the time nor the place.

OK, fine. He's got another math tutor.  They meet at the same library.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

Greetings Sunday friends,  I hope your respective silver linings are thick!

We had another fine week here.  As I adjusted to being finished with another semester, it was a productive week in getting non-school tasks out of the way.  Some of that involved making way for Chaco and Wolfgang and all of their dorm crap.  Somehow, it has all been squeezed into the house.

In the midst of the college boy flux, Meego turned 15 on Thursday!  My Mother's Day bambino is not so little anymore.

Despite the moving and shaking going on, we all managed to celebrate with him on Thursday with cake and presents.  Then yesterday, we all went out for some Famous Dave's and saw The Avengers.

So now Meego has to continue schlepping to school for two more weeks while his brothers are on break and rubbing it in his face.  Chaco and Wolfgang are both set for summer employment, though, and that's certainly a good thing.  Chaco has an internship here in town and Wolfgang is continuing with Edukit.

I got China in for her early summer grooming this week.  She seems quite happy to be free of her long winter coat, and I'm certainly not complaining about the decreased amount of house hairiness.

We've managed to dry out somewhat from our week of drenching.  I've got an appointment to get the Echo fixed after getting a few estimates.  So far, I like the chosen shop and hopefully, that opinion will remain after the repair. *fingers crossed*

On a side note, the waiting area of the chosen shop has a nice, healthy looking fish tank with large  impressive fish.  It served as a reminder of the fresh heck that is my own aquarium.  I'm starting to think those monsters will never die.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

hazard a guess

So I took this career quiz.  I thought maybe now might be a good time to see what I should be when I grow up.  It returned this result:

So, the good news is that the blood, sweat, tears, and tuition seem to be spent in the right happy place.  But... but...

Do you see it?  That big fat ZERO in the "creative" category!  I was all:

Dear Quiz People,
I drew  this, dammit.

*sigh* Okay, fine.  I can take rejection.  And actually, it does seem fairly accurate.  At work, I like to be methodical and analytical.  Creativity is for playtime in my case when I think about it.  Make it a job, and it's no longer fun.

The result brought back memories of high school when the Army recruiter told me that, based on my ASVAB scores, I wasn't suited to be an army cook.

Wait, what?  Cook?  He says I can't cook!?  Not for an army, apparently

AH well.  So I became an enginerd, then a mom and a teacher/tutor, and now a grad student.  The quiz gives a bunch of recommended professions when you click on the various links, and it looks like I'm on the right track.  But if I were to choose something today, right this very minute?

Hazmat technician.  I got skillz.

*Picture it in slo-mo, with hazmat cleanup rock star music*

If for nothing else but the cool outfits.

For Mama Kat's prompt:
3. You HAVE to go back in time and choose a different career path for yourself. What do you choose?