Monday, August 11, 2014

Silver Liningness whatever day

Whew... it's been a hit-the-ground-running kinda day!  It's still sort of going that way, but I'm taking an aid station break I suppose.

This after a nice mellow couple of weeks where I had a lull between tutor loads.  I enjoyed another visit with my parents yesterday, knowing that some heck would break loose starting today. 

But it's all good, and really not too heavy.  It's just the start of another fall testing season for the nervous high school seniors, and getting a new batch of students all going at the same time is a bit crazy.  But we'll settle into a happy trot soon enough.

Chaco and friends had one of their rip-roaring LAN parties over the weekend to celebrate end of summer.  I like how this group of guys has managed to keep the geekiness alive since their high school days.

I asked Chaco if he slept much.  He said, "not much" and commented that his voice was hoarse from yelling.

"'Cause when you play video games, you have to yell"

And I'm thinking about the accomodating couple that always lends out their house for these things.  Andrew is an only child, and the guys go to his house and take over the basement.

I'm thinking they deserve, at the very least, a fruit basket or something!

In other news, Magnum and I are an old married couple.  Twenty-four years as of today.  He reminded me that last year, we celebrated by attending the wedding of one of his coworkers.  Then he said that THEY were going to the fancy pants restaurant tonight.

He said so as we sat around in our shorts and t-shirts and flip flops, eating some tuna salad and whatever leftovers needed eating.  I'm fine with it.

That's one reason why he married me.


agg79 said...

Congrats on Number 24! One more to make it to silver. We have the same outlook on our anniversary - prefer a nice quiet, low key dinner over some black tie affair. It's easy to remember your anniversary since it falls on the same day as my kid's nuptials.

Speaking of junior, I recall a few LAN parties my son attended. An all nighter fueled with Mountain Dew, skittles and cyber geekness.

Guano said...

I can think of a couple more reasons Mag married you. Take a re-look at that selfie you posted at the end of last month with Milli Vinilli: "Cute" would be said reason!

Our basement is often a repository for assorted teenage all-nighters, too. Good kids, though not as geeky.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Celebrated nice and casual - just the way I like it too.
My kids have all-nighter LAN parties as well. Always at someone else's house, thank goodness. My mornings start too early to be kept awake by lots of yelling. And your right... the host families deserve at least a fruit basket. I'll have to get on that.
Sounds like your busy season is about to begin. (I'm ready for mine to die down a bit.) I'm guessing you're ready for it though. Slummin' is nice, but only for a short time. After a while, busy sounds pretty good!

Riot Kitty said...

Happy anniversary!

terri said...

Happy Anniversary! 24 years is a pretty big deal, but I like how you celebrated it all cool and casual. We celebrated 25 last year and didn't make a big to-do out of it. Not our style.

Nice that Chaco has stayed close with his high school buddies. Each of my kids has maintained some of their high school friendships to varying degrees. I think it's impressive, considering everyone's always telling them it's not their high school friends who will be their life-long friends. I think our kids may prove that theory wrong.

Abby said...

Yes! August 11th is a banner wedding day, no matter what the year.

Abby said...

Ha! I should let HIM count the ways...

I'm actually curious to see the LAN partiers in action as I've only been on the periphery. Both the guys and their computers keep getting bigger, but the host basement has remained the same!

Abby said...

Yes, it's actually nice to be back in the busy groove. I can only hang out on goose poop slalom for so long before it gets old.

Abby said...


Abby said...

"Casual" is pretty much the theme around here. We joke that we should go down to the JOP and renew our vows - do it up the way we want.

LL Cool Joe said...

Congratulations 24 years is good, and a tuna salad sounds like the perfect celebration. :D I've lost count of the years I've been hitched.

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