Sunday, August 31, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

Oh, I get hysterical, hysteria, 
oh, can you feel it, 
do you believe it?
It's such a magical mysteria

When you get that feelin' better start believin'
'Cause it's a miracle, oh, say you will, ooh babe
Hysteria when you're near

Greetings on this lovely Sunday!  I have these new speakers on my new computer, but I still usually use my earphones so as to not disturb the others.  But I turned on my Def Leppard Pandora, forgetting that my earbuds weren't plugged in, and blasted the snake and toads with some Hysteria.  

Both Chaco and Wolfgang built themselves ridiculous computers over the summer, and I got a few of the castoffs from the upgrades, namely, Chaco's old speakers.

Anyway... lovely week!  As I mentioned, classes started at the university this week.  It's nice to be back in the swing, and I feel very much in my element with my classes.  I bash that teacher licensure program I was in, but I must take some of the blame for that too.  Looking back in contrast, it just wasn't the best fit for me (those liars! *ahem*)

But I do still enjoy the tutor biz for now.  This week, I got some feedback on the successes of a couple of students.  Over the summer, I tutored a woman wanting to go to grad school and prepping for her GRE.  She did just fine, and is now having much fun checking out her many graduate school prospects.

Then yesterday, I was perusing my running club newsletter and there was a story on three scholarship recipients.  It seems the club picks three students from the membership each year for $500 scholarships.  So, I was reading about these nice kids, and lo and behold, there's my tutee, Danny from last spring.  Some may remember my mentioning him because he showed up for a session one day covered in stitches and road rash.  

He was being recruited for cross country, just needed to bring up his academics.  I wondered how he ended up as I didn't hear from him after we'd finished the tuting, then there he was in the newsletter.  He got a scholarship and made it into the college he wanted, and I hafta serendipidously read it in a newsletter!?

Well, really, I'm just happy for them both.  *sniff*

 And speaking, sort of, of running, I found me a new running store.  For years, we'd patronized that one store mainly because of Wolfgang's high school running endeavors.  A different store opened up nearby, but I felt a certain loyalty to the previous one.  I was due for some shooz and that new store was right over there - in the shopping center where I get groceries, right on the civilized edge of  Mouse Town.  

A lotta links there.  Did anyone click them?  Show of hands??

ANYWAY, I cheated on the other store and visited the new store, and it's a very nice place with helpful customer service.  I'll be back.  In fact, I was glad to see that it was quite busy, so maybe they'll stick around for a good long time.  To help that, I did make a purchase.  See?

How about that color?  And that was AFTER I put them through their paces through the mud and puddles.   Sheesh, these shooz are probably visible from the International Space Station!  *waving*

But yes, nice store and staff.  I highly recommend them.  As I was out bouncing and testing the shooz outside the store, I told another customer similarly bouncing and testing, "Race ya across the parking lot!"

He just chuckled and kept bouncing.

Apparently, he assumed I was joking.



Anonymous said...

I'm a little jealous of the speakers! I have to jam with my phone up as high as it goes. Not quite the same.
So cool that you're loving school and that YOU figured out what's a good fit. And look at you with all your successful tutees! Congratulations!
But those shooz.... I like the color and all... but the tongue looks a little poofy... don'tcha think? ;)

Abby said...

Ha! Y'know, I remember seeing a review on these shooz, ragging on the "poofy" tongue. Then I beheld a pair for myself and I'm all, "What? What poofy??"

Riot Kitty said...

They look quite comfy! That's cool about your former tutee.

terri said...

How awesome to literally see the fruits of your labor like that. Congrats on the success of your tutoring efforts!

Love your new shooz! I got some new ones recently and I thought they were pretty bright. Now I see yours and I'm thinking mine pale in comparison! :-)

Guano said...

Hi-Vis shoes, eh?. Safety Safety Safety!
And that guy in the parking lot!? He obviously didn't know you.

Abby said...

They are comfy... as well as loud.

Abby said...

I remember complaining about how dull the colors for women's running shoes were. Maybe someone heard me?

Abby said...

Maybe they were designed for/by crossing guards?
That guy - I think I maybe coulda taken him. We'll never know.

agg79 said...

Nothing like hand me ups from the kids to improve the experience. I seem to recall being happy about getting cast off stuff from my brothers a loooong time ago.

Nice shooz. Pretty loud on the color spectrum. I think we can spot those from down here. My ASICs are not as flamboyant as yours but I am sure those will make all the difference on your runs. Those don't seem to be the minimalist style you have been sporting of late. Different strategy?

Abby said...

I dunno, the shooz are shelved with the minimal-like ones in that they are neutral with just a 4mm drop, but extra cushioning. I still like the minimal ones, but their cushioning poops out pretty quickly. These have yet to prove if their longevity matches their brightness.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious what you think of them for runs of 7 miles or more. I still have mine in the box and want to try them again later. They remind me more of the Nike's we used to have, and less like the Pure Flows as the store told ME. I've been running in the Saucony Rides. They're still 'okay'.

Abby said...

I'm very happy with them so far. I took them for a 13-miler over a variety of surfaces - fresh out of the box, no socks. They felt great the whole way, even when totally puddle-ized. I thought my feet had better freedom to move than with the Pure Flow 3's, which ARE (annoyingly) narrower than the 2's.
So far, so good!