Friday, August 15, 2014

Alice gets tough

Check her out:

What a transformation, eh? 

You do see the transformation, right?  Okay, maybe not.  It's the tires.  Yay, new TARZ!!

Recall that I purchased freed Alice  from the confines of someone's rec room where she lived a dull existence as a spin-class bitch.  Hardly ever had she seen the sun or felt sweet Mother Earth under her tires.  Makes me tear up just thinking about it.

Anyways, in the months and miles we've had together, I have delighted in her gleeful liberation and boundless energy. There was one thing that kept her a bit limited in the great outdoors, however.  Her smug tires.

Her tires were super smooth, no treads.  I mean, who needs treads when wasting such a beautiful bicycle on an indoor spin class?  Oh those tires were certainly fast, oh yes they were!  For that reason, I was reluctant to change them.  I could zip along faster than with Bella on a good day... until we came to the tiniest length of gravel or dirt.  Then all came to a standstill, or worse.

The dirt/sand/gravel, with honorable mention going to water,  laughed at those tires, at all the possibilities they presented.  Throw her to the right?  The left?  Pitch her forward?  Swing the back around to the front or vice versa?  The tires were defenseless.

Which meant that, when I went to play around dirt, Alice had to stay home.  Flashbacks to spin class!

Yesterday, I felt sorry for myself Alice.  We went for a ride, stopping just short of the point where the trail changed from asphalt to gravel.  From there we turned around and stopped at the bike shop and fitted her with some real tires.

I could immediately sense the change in her.  She was truly one of us now.  Oh, Bella will always be the brawn of the operation, but Alice is no longer the little priss.

And, as if to reassure me, she flew me through the goose poop slalom to show she's still got her speed.  Well, most of it anyway.

But more importantly, we went back to the dirt and gravel and gave them the what for!  I swear, she was laughing as the pebbles were tossed aside in her wake.

Spin class bitch no more.



Riot Kitty said...

You had me snorting/laughing at "spin class bitch..."

Abby said...

Deplorable conditions. Just deplorable.

Linda Hensley said...

I was laughing too. Thanks! Also thinking that your son looks cute with his "mop top".

agg79 said...

Ooooo. New shooz for Alice. Not quite as colorful as the ones Tessa had, but they DO look good on her. Definitely a good look for a former spin class bitch.

Abby said...

I actually miss the mop top, and I'm sensing it will be back. Eventually.

Abby said...

It seems the anything-other-than-black tire fad has waned. Durability issues, apparently. Alice is fine with it.

Anonymous said...

I cringed reading about loose rocks and wet gravel and "throwing her to the right, the left, and PITCHING her forward."
So I'm thrilled you've toughened her up. But be careful anyway.

Guano said...

Nothing can transform the attitude of any vehicle like tires & wheels.

Now she's fast, light, nimble & not afraid to take on some challenging terrain.....just like you!

terri said...

She is such a beautiful bicycle, even with the badass tires. You've done right by her.

Abby said...

Hope it didn't cause too many flashbacks! Well, at least Alice has good brakes ;)

Abby said...

She's like a whole new bike, except bunches cheaper :D

Abby said...

A weird guy at the bike rack asked how much he could pay me for her. "Nothing!"