Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ogres have layers

At least they'd better if they live in Colorado! Dang, it's colder than a witch's... well.... it's really cold outside. We just checked, and the temperature has "climbed" to a balmy minus 8, winchill of minus 35. Frostbite will occur in about 15 minutes according to my windchill chart. Good thing I'm currently reading yet another crazy arctic exploration book to keep things in perspective.

So, we're having us a snowday. Chaco took advantage of the non-obligation morning. He's since gotten up, showered, breakfasted, and spit on the front porch to see how soon it would freeze. He's unaware that I snapped the above photo. I'll spare you the frozen saliva.

Wolfgang and Meego were up just a little before Chaco. It's amazing what a short amount of time it takes them to trash the kitchen.

I welcome the day off. With the "Mom situation", I've fallen a bit behind in the day-to-dayness. Not only that, but this is no kinda weather to be playing crossing guard. And I think I'll fit in a fair amount of playtime, with my art toys

...because I can. Thank you, Mother Nature.


Anita said...

I heard about the weather in Colorado, and because you and another bloggy friend are the only people I "know" out there, I thought of you. :)


Hope that heating bill doesn't totally through you off budget.

Stay warm and enjoy your book. :)

Oh, will you be running? lol

terri said...

Funny. I was just reading the origins of the saying, "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey" on another blog. In my comment, I ALMOST responded that the common saying in these parts is "colder than a witch's"... well, you know. And then I come here and see that very phrase here on your blog. Great minds and all!

Nice that you had a snow/cold day to enjoy. Hope you got all caught up on your domesticity and fit in some play time too.

Scott said...

I apologize if this is inappropriate--but at least he didn't try to piss in it (which I would probably do, having no idea how dangerously cold that is)!

agg79 said...

After reading RC's blog on Brass Money Balls, I did look up the source for "Colder Than a Witch's ..." Interesting origin.

I feel for you. We are at a balmy 34 (was 21 this morning) but, this is south Texas and anything below 40 is considered a "Artic Winter" down here. We might actually get snow this week.

But, the 10 year old scientist in me is curious: How long did it take to freeze?