Saturday, January 8, 2011

crossing the void

"Greetings, citizen! Do you require assistance to cross the street?"

"Uhh.... no?"

(hmm, perhaps he didn't understand me)

"Saludos, ciudadano! ¿Necesita ayuda para cruzar la calle?"

"Okay, Mom, whatever."

Well, nice for Wolfgang to stop by, anyways.

My new office:

It was a rather busy week, this last one. Kids went back to school. I finished that GRE class I was teaching over the break, graduated from crossing guard school, and literally hit the road.

It's actually quite fun - this crossing guard thing. I've learned that drivers are typically very friendly to an elementary school crossing guard - certainly moreso than they generally are to a bicycle commuter.

Okay, so Wolfgang didn't feel like using my services. He just stopped by on his way home to tell me he needed a ride somewhere later. But the elementary kids are cute and appreciative. Many recognize me, probably from Run with Lumber fame and more probably from "you know, Meego's mom".

"Are you the crossing guard today?", one asked excitedly.


"Will you be here tomorrow too!?", with expectation.

"Nope. Tomorrow's Saturday".

.... well, I know what he meant.



terri said...

It must be nice to get such a warm welcome in your new position! Keep those pedestrians and motorists in line!

agg79 said...

Uber Cool!
You got an office with a view.
Try not to let all that power/authority go you your head.

First crossing guard, next - Senator?

brandy101 said...

GORGEOUS view! Wow!

Be safe, and I hope you have good weather for your crossing guard gigs!

Linda Hensley said...

Thanks for giving me a laugh today! I hope you enjoy your new duties. Like your style on the deja-vu too!

Scott said...

I couldn't imagine a more beautiful office!

And your new job is an outstanding contribution!

When I was in elementary school, a crossing guard once held us back from a mad speeder, probably saving our lives!

Anita said...

Your celebrity status is growing. Have fun!

Gotta get out my Spanish dictionary. Guess I'm behind in getting lessons from my kids...although, I think I know what you said. :)