Tuesday, August 10, 2021

run to the party and dance to the rhythm

The  masks are back.  The college where I work stopped requiring masks for vaccinated people on July 1st, but as of today, they're back.  

I certainly understand why the Prez made the decision, but needless to say, we were less enthusiastic while putting up little mask notices than we were when we ripped 'em down a little over a month ago.  Fall semester begins on the 23rd, and hopefully the in-person classes will hold.

So yeah, summer's winding down.  Admittedly, August is not a favorite month for me.  My allergies kick in to high gear each August.  If I'm on the ball, I start taking allergy meds before symptoms hit as a prophylactic measure, but I guess I forgot this year and I was ambushed yesterday.  Dizzy as a drunk sorority girl, yet without a drip of alcohol.  

I snorted some Flonase and popped an antihistamine and am feeling better today.  Now I'm looking back at how summer went down.

That's Jake and me atop Arthur's Rock a couple weekends ago.  Our hiking partner, Jasmine is a flatlander transplanted to Colorado and not yet quite comfy with scrambling to the top of rocks.  So she played photographer.

Last weekend, we were reluctant dog boarders.  Chaco had an out-of-town conference, and much like the U-hauls of August, dog kennels were full up.  Hopefully Chaco and Wolfgang are learning from these waiting-'til-the-last-minute consequences, but somehow, we parents got snagged in those nets too.

Ella's a good pooch who gets along fine with our two, but she's not cat friendly, so we had to play a bit of cat and dog musical chairs for those four fun-filled days.  

I will say that living with three high-energy dogs is not something I would choose to do, but we made it and I am ever so grateful for my monster pet vacuum cleaner.

In other crowded indulgence news, I bought another bicycle.  I know, I know, I just bought the lovely Violet!  But, I can't have just one bicycle.

In actuality, the new bicycle brings my "fleet" to four, but I plan to sell one as soon as I get her cleaned up a bit for the marketplace.  So, while four's a crowd, three's company.  Nice company.  Ironically, I acquired the new bike in my unrelenting quest for minimalism.

More on the delightful "Daisy" soon enough. 

How does your summer look from the rear view mirror?


Linda Sue said...

Just one more...and another and then only one more...I know how that goes. You atop the rocks makes me nervous. Jealous and nervous. If I was not such an old wreck I would have raced you to the top.
Good luck with the school year, it sounds frightening.

betty said...

The grand kids went back to school yesterday. Grandson started the day with a mask on but at the end of the day at pick up time he wasn't wearing one so not sure what happened along the way. (Its not a requirement at the schools here - yet). Hubby drove by an elementary school today during PE time and they were running with masks on. I cringed when I heard about it.

Can't wait to hear more about Daisy :)

We always look forward to the end of summer to get away from the intense heat but I have to say it has not been as hot as previous summers (though more humid) and the time seemed to go incredibly fast! Can't believe we are a third of the way through August already!


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

And I thought I had an issue with buying footwear! You win! :-) And 3 high energy dogs is more than I could deal with as well. Having said that, wanna watch my dog while I go away next weekend?