Wednesday, August 4, 2021

wild things

 Wolfgang moved from his apartment to a duplex last weekend.  We helped out a little, and I'll share this public service announcement:  

The first weekend in August is probably the MOST busy time for moving - definitely feel it in a college town!  Get that U-Haul reservation WELL in advance.  Yeah, Wolfgang didn't have one of those.

Lucky for him, he has some friends who have a big a** van they're converting to a camper, so that van toted most of Wolfgang's stuff .  He had to be out of his apartment by midnight Saturday, but couldn't move into the new place until noon Sunday, leaving him homeless for 12 hours.

He stayed the night with his van friends while we housed some of his stuff along with his rescue cat, Maisey.  In general, cats don't like change, and Maisey easily falls into that category.  

Maisey in calmer times

She was a grumpy kitty after having all of "her" things packed up and removed, then being stuffed into a carrier only to arrive at an unfamiliar place housing two dogs and a fight club cat.  Nope, not amused at all.

She spent the night and most of the next day camping in Magnum's office.  Social time allowed some petting but was accompanied by intimidating hissing.  It was quite an ordeal to get her packed up once again to move to her new digs, but Wolfgang reports that she seems happy now and has figured out that she's "home".  

But she put up such a fight on Sunday, that we had to call upon the expertise of Jim Fowler.  Remember him?

More seasoned *ahem* readers here might remember Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom TV show.  I remember watching it on the weekends and seeing Jim wrangle various deadly creatures, all while being narrated by Marlin Perkins ala "watch Jim almost die from the anaconda/ rhino/ panther/ etc."

So Magnum played the part of Jim and managed to scoop the wary Maisey with a towel and chuck her into a basket with Wolfgang at the ready with a good lid.  Success, whew!

Marlin and Jim would be proud.


Linda Sue said...

Maisey is a champ! Good job taking care of loose ends for the lad! Moving anytime is not great but good advice re: students moving in.
Scooping wild cats, not my favorite!

John Holton said...

I always liked the segues Marlin Perkins would use when they were going to a commercial: "We just saw that water buffalo stomp that water moccasin to death to protect her young. Mutual of Omaha will stomp you to death if you don't keep up with your premiums."

betty said...

I remember Mutual of Omaha and Marlin Perkins (right?) and Jim Fowler. Always fascinating to watch on a Sunday night!

I'll remember that about moving in August in the town you live in. Reserve the U-Haul early! Though I don't ever plan to move again and although I do love your beautiful state, I'm staying put here :)

Glad Maisey is adjusting to her new "digs!"


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh I do remember Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. I watched it a lot and I recall Jim doing various things that almost hurt or killed him. So happy Magnum was able to do his best Jim imitation and they all survived!!

Abby said...

Linda Sue, there's a reason why "like herding cats" is a euphemism for the impossible.

John, that silly Marlin!

Betty, Sundays with the Wild Kingdom. That was some good TV!

Peggy, we joke how it was always Jim nearly getting stomped, eaten, or otherwise. We conjured Jim specifically for the Maisey task!

Herb said...

Sounds like you played Marlin, lol.

Abby said...

Herb, I was totally Marlin. :D