Friday, October 30, 2009

and the clouds parted...

*GASP!* Pardon me, just coming up for air here. Sheesh, after two days of thinking that we'd somehow been beamed to Antarctica, the sun has decided to return and it actually feels downright balmy at 40 degrees.

Yeah, okay, so it snowed in Colorado. Not big news. It just doesn't usually leave us stranded for two days in October. I remember the last time that happened. It was a banner year for snow and kind of a love / hate relationship for school kids. Yes, they got a bunch of snowdays, but then they had to make them up at the end of the school year. HA!

But it did force me to get a few things done around the house that I might not otherwise have done. For one thing, I changed the wallpaper on the computer to this:

It's the view from a girl jumping off of a very tall building onto a crane, I believe. As I've mentioned here before, I rationally know that I have an irrational paralyzing fear of heights, so I thought putting this as my wallpaper would help me to "GET OVER IT ALREADY!"

It's not working. Just sayin'.

But hey, told you I was getting some important things done anyways.

And then this morning, when I ventured out into the thawing outdoors, I noticed these prints on the front porch, dangerously close to the front door, dangerously close:

I've included my own foot there for scale. Any trackers out there who know what these prints belong to? I'm thinking too big for squirrel. Raccoon maybe? Did I mention that they were dangerously close? Dangerously close to my milkman bounty??


Anita said...

I have a bit of a problem with height too. Know of any way to get over it...besides the wallpaper?

Anonymous said...

I believe those prints are from the miniature Sasquatch...indigenous to your part of the country...don't feed it.

terri said...

Snow already... I would break down and cry.

Those are some odd footprints. They seem too big for a raccoon don't they? Then again, I don't make a habit of getting up close and personal with raccoons. And I certainly hope MTAE is wrong.

Judy said...


I don't know - we get deer tracks and that's about it.

Small grizzly?

brandy101 said...

it looks very much like racoon - we have lots of those in the winter, as they drink from our pond.

That crane jump picture in nauseating; doesnt it make you worry what the heck happened to the jumper??

Hope you have a frost-free Halloween!

Herb said...

That snow was something up there, but it wasn't so bad down here. Cold, though. I'm thinking a largish coon. They get pretty big, sometimes. Just keep the trash sealed and you shouldn't have a problem.