Sunday, November 1, 2009

Silver Liningness, part XI

Happy November everyone! We've survived Halloween, and I am thankful for that extra hour - as silly as I think this whole thing of flipping clocks is, I'll take it.

Quite the tempestuous week it was! Had a minor snowstorm come through Sunday, delaying school on Monday. Then had an adult snowstorm come through on Tuesday which closed school on Wednesday and Thursday and delayed Friday. Kids in our district had just one real day - and even that is questionable - of school last week.

This made me thankful for the new furnace we got last fall.

It also made me thankful for those Live Online classes - not one missed class on account of weather.

And the party must still go on! Friday was Meego's school party. Good thing school was open. And speaking of Halloween...

Here we have an out-of-luck NASCAR driver; a Nearly Dead - it's apparently from a video game, so I'm told...; an Edward Cullen. [They get bigger if you click the pic].

The Nearly Dead took the crashed NASCAR driver out to trick-or-treat, along with a large M&M friend. The M&M friend was actually quite frightening because said friend is positiviely allergic to M&M's.

Edward Cullen went to a party and has yet to return.

As for me, I had to work in the morning. I thought I would dress up as a geeky professor type, but then worried that my students might not realize that I was in costume, so...

And the afternoon was absolutely beautiful, weather-wise. We went to a local popular park and play play PLAYED!

Oh, and those tracks in the snow? Remember? I think I have a positive identification. The M&M kid, before he transformed into the allergen, was wearing an animal tracks t-shirt. I found Red Fox prints near the kid's spleen.

Sly thing... probably after my eggs.


terri said...

I'm still a little baffled over this snowy weather you've had, because I still remember you being out running last February in capris and short sleeves.

Love the boys' costumes! That's the true spirit of Halloween right there! Spooky and deadish!

Herb said...

I had forgotten about foxes. There are quite a lot of them up north there. I come from a rural area and never saw as many foxes as I have seen in this town.

brandy101 said...

ooh a fox! At the large manmade lake near here, the foxes in the woods/park are oddly unafraid of people. I am guessing some dopes made the mistake of feeding them.

Fun costumes - your boys are creative!

Judy said...

I just love red foxes...they are cool to watch. We used to have one near our home north of Houston.

Keep that snow around for a couple more months - I'm a'comin'!