Wednesday, October 28, 2009

what's in a name?

Halloween is nigh. I just realized, we have no candy. I need fruit for Meego's party. I need to assemble Meego's costume...

Meego wants to be a racecar driver - specifically a crashed-and-burned racecar driver. His school, however, doesn't allow make up for the parties, so unless he acquires some real-life wounds before then, he'll just be a plain old racecar driver for the class party. He can crash and burn later.

Chaco and Wolfgang are on their own. They no longer trick-or-treat, but Chaco will sometimes, almost with disturbingly abundant glee, lay in wait, in some sort of getup, outside our front door and freak out the poor unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

Wolfgang may dress up for school. There are no parties in high school, but costumes are allowed. Just the usual rules against weapons and masks. Make up? Could you imagine if a high school banned make up?!?

Wolf is thinking he'll be Edward Cullen - that hotty irresistible heartthrob vampire from the Twilight series.

See, a few weeks ago, he came home with a project he'd made in shop class. It's a small tasteful wooden pen holder. The wood has been laser-cut to form the name "Edward".

"Edward"? I asked. "Why does it say 'Edward'?"

"Well, some people call me Edward at school, so...", he explained.


I have sinced learned that "some people" are mostly "some girls".

He wants tips on how to look pale and sparkly.

I think I'm better at crash and burn.


terri said...

Ooooh, the girls think Wolfgang looks like Edward? That's quite a compliment.

There's a teenage girl living in my house. We could so help out with that pale and sparkly thing.

Beej said...

That made me laugh. My son has informed me that he doesn't MIND getting a haircut, but that the girls who "play with it" always tell him they are sad about it. (which in my book means lets get a haircut son!)

Yes, if he's being called Edward then he's IN. Did you read the books?


brandy101 said...

Heheheh, there are some girls crushing on him for sure!

I hope you post pics of your faux-Vampire son after he figures out the makeup and outfit!

Judy said...

I am fairly certain you can achieve the pale and sparkly look with a few purchases of Tinkerbell make up...

Herb said...

See, if I had stayed caught up on bloghopping I would have known that. They all looked good, though.