Wednesday, April 8, 2009

love and pessimism, a poem

"If your spouse works", they said
"and their employer offers them health benefits", they said
"we're gonna charge you extra extra each month", they said
"to keep them on our plan", they said.

"We should switch you over", he said
"to your company's plan", he said
"so we don't get this stupid charge", he said
"from the viperous HR", he said

"Okay", I said
"here's the package", I said
"We'll save about $60", I said
"a month", I said

"That's all you're allowed?", he said
"For a hospital stay?", he said

"That's what is offered", I said
"for us part-timers", I said
"I just won't ever go", I said
"To the hospital", I said

"But what if", he said
"one of those crazy", he said
"minivan moms", he said
"hits you on your bicycle?", he said

"Hadn't thought", I said
"of that", I said

"Screw it", he said
"we're keeping you", he said
"on my plan", he said

That's my man. Mr. Worst-Case-Scenario. He's all mine.


  1. You are a rhyming MANIAC! How DO you do that?

    Yeah, Mr. Terri pays a penalty for me waving my health insurance. It's a game.

  2. Wotta romantic guy.

    And the only way to win the insurance game is to never get sick/injured. They get you coming & going.

  3. There are advantages to be married to a "Chicken Little"...

    Chicken Little

  4. I think the amount of life insurance your spouse has on himself is in direct proportion to how much they love you. Just sayin'

  5. thank heavens for worried spouses :)