Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Busy days here. Run With Lumber is approaching and we're still without a Lumber. I posted a "Help Wanted" ad in the teacher's lounge at school yesterday, hoping that someone will sucker some unsuspecting family member into the job.

Speaking of which, Magnum COULD do it. He doesn't WANT to do it. But we would do it if I MADE him do it. I won't make him, though. It takes a certain kind of run-around-in-a-furry-suit kind of person to make a good Lumber, and Magnum's not it.

Maybe I'll post an ad on craigslist. NOT!

So anyways, I was snooping Wolfgang's facebook page today. He and Chaco both have one. I like to keep tabs now and then - make sure they're not doing anything that will put us in The News.

And it's all good clean middle school fun. Wolfgang's a good kid. Well... that and he knows I check.

I noticed, in his status updates, a recent one from a few weeks ago:

"Wolfgang's neighbor's house is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Oh, sure. We're out saving the family next door and the rest of the neighborhood and calling the proper authorities, and he's in here facebooking about it!

Probably not the only one.


Whimsical Ranter said...

LOL. My oldest has a facebook page and can you believe he's the ONLY one in his class that has one?

They're still into myspace here (poor behind-the-times silly pacific north westerners).

LauraBelle said...

Neither of my kids have either. No private pages for them, sorry, but this computer is MINE! Yeah, so I'm greedy I suppose. When they move out, they can get their own computers and pages ... very funny that he's in posting about the fire, tho. Made me laugh!

terri said...

My oldest and youngest have facebook pages. The middle one isn't interested in the least. Probably a good thing. Less fighting over the computer.

Judy said...

That's usually the first thing that goes through my mind when something exciting happens - I should blog/facebook this!

Squidsquirts said...

What is running with lumber?
I tried to picture something, but the images I got were too weird. Like caber tossing?

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Ahhh... Facebook.

I'm apathetic about it really, but my dad just discovered it. Now I'm getting text messages from my friends saying "Ummm, Anna, your Dad just friended me on Facebook. Are you okay with that?..."