Saturday, April 11, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XXXIV

It's Easter weekend. Already. I have not dyed one egg. I did learn, however, that Peeps will explode in the microwave. Nasty things, those Peeps.

In the meantime, it's time for another episode of Silver Lining Saturday!

My foot is doing lots better, thanks for asking.

Magnum and I played hookie yesterday and went for a kidless hike in an area we'd not yet hiked in. It was a great day for it, the area was nice with lots of personality, and we needed a boonie fix. Next time, we'll drag the kids along.

Meego's class had an "international day" at school. They were to bring in ethnic type foods to share for a potluck. I made (filipino) chicken adobo wings. They were all gluttonly chowed down, and nobody got sick.

Had a PTO meeting this week. I still have mixed feelings about serving on the PTO and wonder if my time and efforts would be better spent somewhere else. The principal gave us this big mushy pep/gratitude talk which, at least for a little while, made me feel good about all the volunteering. Maybe (probably) she's just kissing our butts.

Wolfgang is enjoying his first year on the track team. I just happened to mention that I used to run the 400m 20 seconds faster than his current time, but I was wearing spikes. Now he wants spikes. Me and my big mouth

Despite the fact that it's finally decided to be winter around here, now that it's spring, we had a couple of relatively nice days. I did some running around on my bicycle and actually had a violent run-in with a squirrel on a death wish.

He didn't get his wish.


terri said...

So weird that it's only acting like winter there NOW. It's finally getting nice here. I saw the first tulips sprouting in the yard.

Your hike sounds relaxing. Nice that you could get out sans kiddos for a while.

Care to share the wing recipe?

agg79 said...

Sounds like spring is in the air up there. Enjoy the Easter Weekend! Were you playing chicken with Mr Squirrel?

Judy said...


That's for the squirrel.

Whimsical Ranter said...

You're right about Peeps...

Violent run-in with a squirrel with a death wish? I hope you weren't hurt!

Yay for track teams and Wolfgang getting spikes...LOL

I wish our schools did an international [food] day!

I prefer other things to do when kidless (which is nearly never). LOL

I guess I'll have to read about the foot elsewhere?

Husbands Anonymous said...

That is a whole lot of nothing behind you!
You'd love South Africa- loads of amazing hiking trails, and all the space and sky you care to take in. Good exchange rate, too!
Glad you are feeling better- it always amazes me- you seem to be such a consistently happy person. Your family seems lovely, too. They are lucky to have a mom who can write such brief, yet very revealing posts. Posts that show the world you have a good thing going. Happy Easter.