Sunday, February 5, 2023

a mile from yours

Happy February. Did the groundhog see his shadow, or was there a big balloon covering the sun?

Whatever, I'm happy that the temps warmed up, and the sun has visited, and all this snow and ice and crap that's been around for a few weeks is slowly leaving. Yes, I like having four seasons, but snow and ice don't normally stick around very long here between storms, we're spoiled that way.

I did this month's Tortoise & Hare race with the running club this morning, a 5-miler. Not too chilly or windy, so a nice day of it. Icy in spots, but I managed to remain upright and make it across the finish. I'm still not up to my pre-covid pace, but it's fun nonetheless.

Speaking of getting older *ahem*, I visited a new gym yesterday. Magnum and I decided to leave the gym we'd been members of and get city rec passes instead. The passes give us access to various recreation facilities around town including three workout gyms. So happens, the one closest to our house is at the local Senior Center.

Okay, fine.

I will add that the Senior Center is not JUST for old folks. 18 years and up is the age limit, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was not the youngest person using the gym. As for the basketball court - that place seems to be all-pickleball-all-the-time. Pickleball? Anyone?

And speaking of younger folks, I mentioned last week that the tutoring center at the college is low on math tutors for the number of requests, so they'd asked me if I'd take on a calculus group. I said, "sure, why not?", but I've mainly been a one-on-one tutor and wasn't sure how effective a group (turns out, there are 4 students in my group) sesh would be.

But hey, our first session was actually quite fun, I can dig this group stuff. They all came with their anxieties and questions and likely picked up a few skills they wouldn't have otherwise thought to work on.

In addition, I have two one-on-one tutees, so the semester is off to a nice start. All pleasant "kids".

I'll wrap up this weekly rundown with a pic of my new water bottle, tea mug for scale.

It's pretty. It's insulated. It was essentially free-to-me. It has a screw-on-flip lid - which seems a bit of overkill - but it's what all the kids are into these days, I guess.

Simple pleasures.


Chatty Crone said...

So running is fun. Interesting choice of words. ☺
I love that you are so smart tutoring math - Andy had a tutor in college that helped him in math as well. Praise and thanks for helping the kids.

Abby said...

Chatty, our college pays for one hour of one-on-one tutoring per week per student. I enjoy doing it - a nice way to get my nerd on.🙂

Allstarme79 said...

Congrats on your 5 miler. I have not been running at all, which sucks. New job makes it hard to do pre-work or post-work runs.

Abby said...

Allstarme79, thankfully, my work schedule is pretty good for fitting in time for running. Hope you're back out soon.