Friday, July 30, 2021

getting carded

In a little while, I'm going to the eyecare place to pick up my new glasses.  They ask that customers either wear a mask or bring their vaccination cards.  I don't actually have a vaccination "card", I have a vaccination "cheesy slip of paper".  I don't know if the shooters ran out of cards and just made paper photocopies to then fill in, but that's what I have.  

We were vaccinated at work, and one of my coworkers left her vaccination cheesy slip of paper in her work scrubs and put them in the laundry.  So much for that "proof of vaccination".  But she requested and received an actual card from the pharmacy that supplied our vaccines.  

At first, I was all, "Oh NO, you WASHED it??".  But when she got her card, I was all, "Aw, I want one".

I never got one.  Maybe I should?  Last time I went to the eye docs, I took a picture of the cheesy slip of paper and showed that when I checked in and was allowed in without a mask, but they'd prefer the card for some reason.  Maybe I should put in the effort.

I'm thinking the COVID vaccine should've been the heftier gun version - like the smallpox.  Your proof of vaccination is the tell-tale scar.  My scar is still obvious, I think I was in the last class of kindergartners to get that badge of courage.  Anyone else have a smallpox vaccine scar?

Meanwhile, watching any of the Olympics?  I haven't watched any yet, just catch a few of the headlines each day whether I want to or not.  Thinking of my vision shortcomings, I could totally relate to this capture:

I may never win Olympic gold, but yes, I can relate.  Scoreboards and everything else are so far away.

Here's the full reaction:

Yeah, she's one of us.


Herb said...

Very cool reaction. Getting carded is annoying but when I got my card showing the two shots I got a $75 bonus and don't have to wear the mask. Yet.

BootsandBraids said...

Good to know the card is preferred, because I was planning on relying on proof being a photo on my phone. I heard something on the news that some markets might have customers show proof to get inside. That can't be true. I must have heard incorrectly.

betty said...

I had eczema growing up and for some reason the small pox vaccine didn't "take" if you had eczema. I got vaccinated against it 3 times and I didn't get that mark on my skin. To get into school, my doctor had to write a letter showing there was an attempt to give it but it was not effective for me. Imagine my surprise when I took my kids to get their vaccinations and found out the small pox vaccine was no longer needed!

I applied for a job to provide vaccine records for people before I took my present assignment. I couldn't qualify for the job because I was already working for a state agency and another temp agency and there was a gentleman's agreement that different temp agencies didn't "steal" employees for government jobs (at least that's what the recruiter told me). It was good pay and sounded interesting. I'm sure if your state had something similar you probably would contact such an agency and get
paper proof of your vaccination status.

I'm not getting the vaccine (yet) so I'll be masking up a lot I would imagine. I can live with it :)

I'm not watching the Olympics. I used to love to watch them but I stopped watching most sports when politics started infiltrating them :)

Have a great weekend!


We are: Clamco said...

The vaccine card is too big to fit in a wallet. I took a photo of mine and keep it on my phone. It should really be made of something more substantial. I'm guessing that in the future there will be a digital version.

Abby said...

Herb, I'm not too annoyed about getting carded. Glad you got some fun money!

BandB, I actually showed the eyecare place my phone photo, and it was fine. They've updated my records so I don't need to show it again. Maybe the first time I went, the check-in person was a newbie.

Betty, I never heard about eczema and the smallpox vaccine! You got "gunned" three times?!
Some agency must be keeping vaccine records. My doctor's office had my covid shot information in my file, and I didn't provide it.

Clamco, even the card is more substantial than the slip of paper I have, but there does seem to be a registry and I'm on it. I keep the phone photo for backup.

Anita said...

My card is fairly durable. I “think” it’s in my wallet? Anyway, I took a photo of it too.
Just checked my left shoulder. Yep, the scar is still there decades later.
Good pic of Canadian swimmer to relate to. 😄 I just got my first pair glasses for distance. TV looks so much better now!