Thursday, December 3, 2020

next, please

Yesterday, I received a text and e-mail with the subject "Your COVID-19 test result"

and I was all, "WHAAT?"

We started doing weekly testing at the end of September and recently began twice weekly tests at work.  I'd never received an official result, just told that "no news is good news" as we'd be notified only if we tested positive.

I hastily clicked the link only to find that the test I did on Monday was negative.  Apparently, we've begun sending our nasal crap to a different lab, which notifies everyone of their results.

I dunno, thinking about it, in some ways, I kinda wish I was positive and one of those asymptomatic people.  Get it over with, y'know?  But then, we just had our Thanksgiving gathering, so maybe not.

The general gossip is that our county will receive some Pfizer vaccines in waves beginning in a little over a week.  Healthcare workers and essential (grocery stores, etc.) employees will be of the first to be eligible.  My coworkers and I are pretty sure that the vaccination will be required for us to remain gainfully employed at a long term care facility.  We pondered.

If it wasn't a requirement for employment, we mostly all agreed that we would not choose to be in the first round of lab rats vaccine recipients.  

"But maybe it will make us artistic!",  coworker Anna joked.  See what she did there?

Either way, I'm naturally hopeful that the vaccine(s) prove to be effective without harmful side effects, whether I get one or not.  If so, I look forward to:

Students going back to school.  The idea of kids doing all online school bothers me, and I don't even have schoolkids of my own anymore.  As a tutor, though, I see that students - including bright ones - are struggling with engaging with and understanding content delivered online.  This includes college students. I'm sure it's a struggle for teachers too.  Plus, c'mon. For how many of us was sitting in the classroom the best part of school? Extracurricular activities? Socializing?  Anyone?

Going to a movie theater.  I'm not a huge cinephile, but it's nice to see movies on the big screen with that surround sound while sitting in the dark on one of those cushy recliner seats once in a while, no? 

Working with a naked face.  It gets sweaty in those masks all day.  Throw on a gown, goggles, and gloves for those in quarantine, and it's a sweat fest.  Honestly, that's not all bad, but there are a few people at the facility that I interact with somewhat regularly, and I don't know what they look like, and vice versa. 

I've seen those in my immediate department, as we take food breaks together.  But several others, who I interact with daily, including our manager?  I couldn't pick them out of a police lineup.

Healthy economy. I'm not one for crowded places, but travel, hospitality, and food service industries have really taken hits.  Colorado is basking in beautiful fresh powder in the high country.  Ski resorts are open, but limited.  While I don't necessarily partake, I like the revenue 😌 and I like people to have fun options.  Well, at least we have recreational pot, which seems to be doing pandemically well.

Telling COVID-19 stories.  Yeah, I look forward to looking back at this time as an anomaly rather than this becoming a new normal.  Fingers crossed.

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Linda Sue said...

side effects- From a guy who has had both jabs, his report is that the first jab- headache, muscle ache, nausea- the second jab is more of the same lasting longer and more intensely...I would take that over covid 19 any day and the maybe with the promise of becoming artistic, well...I am sold! Likely will not be getting immunizations until June they say. Staying at home, stayin' alive, is what we do.

John Holton said...

I don't plan on getting the vaccine until I'm sure it won't kill me.

Brian said...

I've heard that it's usually no worse than the reaction most people get to the Shingrix vaccine. I was told this by the person interviewing me for my participation in the local J&J Covid clinical trial starting in 3 weeks here.

My Shingrix experience was similar to but perhaps a wee bit milder than what Linda Sue described above. I am hoping that I get the real juice in this trial and not the placebo. I may be in a slightly higher risk group (60+, diabetes, blood pressure) but I don't think I'll be offered anything else till at least March, probably later.

Abby said...

Linda Sue, naturally, I don't look forward to side effects, but if I felt nothing afterward, I might feel it wasn't doing anything. Can't win.
Stay and stay!

John, I hear ya. Might have a long wait!

Brian, I was thinking the same as I've had the two hits of Shingrix and definitely felt the effects, but didn't really mind - hung out like a cat for a day.

KatBouska said...

I'm happy to wear the masks everywhere to do my part, but you're spot on about how sweaty they can get. I just assume not go anywhere that will require me to wear them for a long time...but you don't really have that option at work. I was hoping to get it out of the way and be an asymptomatic superhuman as well...I think part of the anxiety caused by this virus is the unkown of exactly what kind of havoc it will wreak in our households. I hate it!

Abby said...

Kat, I've known a few people who've had it, and they just felt kinda "icky" for a few days. Then there's others who end up in ICU. Add me to the haters.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Abby, glad you are still fine!! My neighbor's parents were visiting a month ago. They both were in the Pfister trials. They had no side effects. Still being monitored and they have the antibodies. They felt excited by the trial thus far. All in all they said it was an all encompassing trial and they are always being monitored and hovering over them. But they said while it was a bit much but they also understood. They were told they had the real thing and they have been monitored like a hawk from the start. They had nothing but positives to say. Now let's just see if it works. I had so many vaccines as a kid. I wonder who did all that research for all of mine? it's scary not to get one, it's scary to get one. But for me covid scares me more. I just don't know. All I know is 2020 sucks. I just know I would never have volunteered to do the trial and I thank them for doing it for us all. (they are in their late 50s and early 60s)

Abby said...

Peggy, I'm thankful for the volunteers too! I wouldn't sign up for that. Your neighbor's parents' experience sounds promising. I had all those mystery childhood vaccines too. Remember smallpox? I still have my scar/badge of courage.

LL Cool Joe said...

Yeah they are rolling out the vaccine here in the UK too. First people that are receiving it are the elderly, and health care workers, I reckon I'll get it next Spring.I'm hoping by then I may not need it! But there are many people who are not going to have it.

Anonymous said...

Happy that you're fine, Abby but...I'm with John Holton in that I'm not anxious to get on the vaccine line. Certainly, I'll maintain all safe guidelines and behaviors in the weeks ahead while all feedback on side-effects and more are released.

Amazed that you received a notification on your swab test. Each time I go for a test (which is every two weeks) I have to chase my medical group for information. The heck with no news being good news...if I have to go through these procedures, I'd like results given in a reasonable time frame.

Hopefully, we will see positive movement towards the end of this virus in the year ahead.

Stay safe!

Abby said...

LLC Joe, yep, it's not going to happen overnight, but any progress is good.

Anonymous, rumor mill at work says our facility will have vaccines available in about a month, but it won't be required for employment... yet. I plan to ride it out. Keep swabbing and washing!