Thursday, November 26, 2020

lunchtime, pilgrims

 Happy Thanksgiving, 'merica!  

It's a quiet one around here.  A few weeks ago, my boss asked us to rank the five upcoming holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Year's eve, New Year's day) in order of importance for wanting the day off.  Old people need care every day, so someone's gotta work the holidays.  

I ranked Thanksgiving first, so I'm off today, and we're not planning anything.  Our county went into stricter COVID-19 guidelines this week, and when Chaco and Wolfgang were over a couple of weekends ago, we decided we wouldn't gather since the family is made up of  four separate households, one including college kids.  Seems like the responsible thing to do.

So while it doesn't feel like Thanksgivings of the past - Turkey trot in the morning, then family fun and food at the sister-in-law's - I'll try to make the most of it.  It's a pretty and sunny day, and I'm thinking I'm due for some nature time.

And there's still  much to be thankful for.

I'm thankful I have a job from which to request the day off. And I'm thankful for the good people working today.  Yesterday, some of us were reminiscing about pre-pandemic days.  Someone mentioned missing salad bars.  Who would've predicted a whole conversation about missing salad bars a year ago?  Will salad bars become relics that today's children will never experience?

I'm thankful for my and my family's health. While we're not getting together, we had a little extended family zoom with Magnum's side last weekend.  Easy and no pondering what to wear.  I'm now doing twice weekly COVID testing for work, and am remaining negative.  Remember when being negative was a bad thing?

I'm thankful for the IRS.  Who says that??  Earlier this week, we got a check from the IRS.  Seems suspicious, right?  They explained that they found an error in our tax return, explained what the error was and from which line item of our return.  The legit check they sent included interest from the time we paid our taxes.  What??

I'm thankful for diversion.  We started watching The Queen's Gambit on Netflix.  Just one episode in, and I did fall asleep for a bit, but it looks to be well done so far.  I've also been watching A Teacher on Hulu which is a series of (I think) seven episodes depicting the development and fallout from a sexual relationship between a female high school English teacher and one of her male students.  I think it's well written and acted, and it's appropriately creepy.  It's not a romantic situation.

I'm thankful for getting old, sorta.  Had another one of those birthday things this week...  Guess it beats the alternative.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

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ShadowRun300 said...

You’re always so positive! I love coming here. :)
Happy belated birthday and Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hotels are another of those places that are open for the holidays as well. I took off but am thankful for those on my team who worked. I’m also thankful I have a job, and that we had some guests who were traveling and thankful that we were open. Win win!
I’m so ready for things to return to some sense of normalcy.... until then, I’m trying to remain thankful for the little things - like my family being healthy and all together for the holidays. Actually, I suppose those are big things... so yeah... I’m thankful. :)

Abby said...

SR300, aw thanks. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family! I think my hoteling days of youth set me up for my current care facility days of... non-youth? Glad you're still up and operating!

Patty said...

A very Happy Belated Birthday, Abby!

So glad you found so much to be thankful for...some little things, some important things...good for you!

Stay safe!

KatBouska said...

I'm right there with you in terms of feeling a little disappointed about the changes happening, but overall grateful for our situation. I really feel for the people this is hitting the hardest. I bet your co-workers were pleased as punch to give you Thanksgiving so that they could have Christmas or New Years off. Who chooses Thanksgiving as the number one holiday you weirdo. ;)