Sunday, October 18, 2020

smoke and mirrors

Greetings from a dreary Sunday morning in my neck of the woods.  I'm actually happy for the drearage because it's brought with it some sort of precipitation.  We've had so little, and there's a raging wildfire knocking on our back door. 

The Cameron Peak fire now holds the spot of the largest wildfire in state history at nearly 200,000 acres and counting.  Whoever's ever sung, "rain, rain... come again another day".  Now would be good!

The university's meme page posted a graphic, but I think most of us are feeling the same vibe, college student or no


We had some really smoky days this week.  If nothing else, it gets people to wear their facemasks all the time.  My bike rides into work left me with annoying particulates in my eyes, tempting me to break out the ski goggles.  Residents at the facility were not allowed to go outside.  Those poor folks are isolated enough as it is and now can't go out for "fresh" air, which includes the popular haircut tent.

I'm remaining positive, though, thinking colder temperatures and more rain will help get a handle on things.  I'm looking forward to being able to hike again on Horsetooth mountain and check out the charred remains and subsequent new growth.

In other news, I managed to have my work schedule adjusted so as to not work every Saturday and Sunday, which is why I'm sitting here now.  Sunday's off, woohoo!  And I managed to get a few more inktobers in although I've missed a couple.  We've passed the halfway point:

The inktobering is cutting in a bit to my blogging time, but I'm still here reading the latest.  Maybe a day or two after the facts, but still here.  


LL Cool Joe said...

Raging wildfires are not something we have to deal with in the UK, but flooding and storms cause their own kind of havoc. It's a shame we can't do a swop.

Love your sketches. As always.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Geez, fires are horrific. I hope they don't get any closer. I took a class once on Nostradamus and I so remember being told of this time we are living right now. I don't know why this face has stuck with me and my poor husband has heard about these things for year. He said yesterday, fires, floods etc reminds me of that thing you used to tell me all the time about Nostradamus. I laughed and said, scary isn't it? Be safe. Glad you got your weekend off.

Abby said...

LLCJoe, Good idea. We can drive a rover around Mars, but the weather laughs at us.

Peggy, thanks. So... what did Nostradamus say about next year? Do I want to know?

Morgan Cartwright said...

Let's hope for the right weather patterns to get the wild fires tamed. I remember seeing the new growth forest in Yellowstone and was fascinated by them. The camel drawing reminds me of pics Tanner sends me from the hottest desert he's ever been to. He knows I like animals and tries to get good pics of them for me.

Abby said...

Morgan, this fire is thought to be better in the long run - clearing out the old crap to make way for the new. I just wish we could do something about the air quality in the meantime.
How cool that Tanner sends you pics of desert critters!

ShadowRun300 said...

I’m still here too! Maybe a week or two behind, but still here.
I love your Inktober drawings. They’re always so impressive. Hopefully they allow for a little distraction from the wildfires. So sad for you all.
Glad to hear you got a weekend off! They’re a rare occurrence in my profession, so I appreciate them immensely.
Here’s to a less eventful 2021!!

Abby said...

SR300, thanks for stopping by! Yeah, my current job reminds me of my hoteling days with its 24/7-ness.