Sunday, August 9, 2020

speaking of

A young plumber came over and cleaned my pipes on Friday.  Nope, not a euphemism, he flushed our plumbing.  It's included in the maintenance package we bought when we had some work done after purchasing our house.  Now, I'm basking in the afterglow of a good clean of the pipes and thought I would blog out a rundown of current events to start the week fresh.

This officially starts my voluntary 2-week furlough from the hospital.  At first, it seemed that August was a long time away when figuring out everyone's furloughs, but here we are.  Got some projects and some vacationy things planned.  On that note...

  • I went to Sierra Trading Post yesterday in search of a swimsuit.  I bought two name brand suits for a total of $25 - ridiculously low price for women's Nike and Tyr suits.  The reason I bought two suits was Sierra's dressing rooms are closed because of Covid, so I bought two candidates to try on at home, and I can return the runner up.  For those who haven't shopped Sierra Trading Post, I highly recommend!
  • Speaking of happy purchases, remember my struggle to manage the never ending accumulation of pet fur in the house?  I discovered rubber brooms!  Got one.  It's changed my life.
  • Speaking of pets and fur, I met Meego's Uromastyx  at his bachelor pad this week.  Such a cool, but hot (desert reptile), little creature!  Plus:  no fur to shed.  
  • Speaking of college kids, I'm having to turn down tutor requests.  Fall season is always busy with high schoolers and undergrads thinking of grad school.  Despite Covid - or maybe somewhat because of it - online tutors are a happy thing.
  • Speaking of happy things, Chaco and I were glad we made our mountain trip this week.  The morning of our hike, the weather was threatening to turn us back, but the day turned out just right.  And we learned interesting facts about the local geology, too.
  • Speaking of learning, my temporary crown fell out.  That's actually not that educational, but I couldn't think of another transition.  But the tooth is the last tooth in my lower jaw, so unnoticeable, and it feels fine.  I did call the dentist office, but it seems he's on vacation too.  I'll let it ride as I'm scheduled to get the permanent crown soon.  I'm wondering what adhesive he used.  Elmers?

Hard to believe it's August.  It seems to me that the months are flying by despite the slog of the pandemic.  A tutee of mine suggested that maybe it's because all the days, weeks, and months have blurred together. Yes, maybe we're just blurring along.

Whassup with you?  How are your pipes?


Chatty Crone said...

The little wax you can buy at the drugstore - to put on braces where it rubs the mouth - can hold it in. I even saw some product just for when the crown comes out!

Abby said...

Sandie, thanks. The assistant told me there is stuff available at the drugstore, but I couldn't find any.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

okay that broom may come in handy!
I have never heard of sierra trading post beofe. $25 for a bathing suit? Are mine over 100 because I wear a larger size? WTH?

Abby said...

Peggy, I got TWO name brand swimsuits for $25 total. Crazy, right?
Get a rubber broom. It'll change your life.

Morgan Cartwright said...

Amazing deal on the swim suits! Tyr is my favorite type of swim suit! I will have to look into the rubber broom and hopefully that will help with the never ending dog hair!

Larz said...

I love Sierra Trading Post!