Wednesday, June 17, 2020

a return to sunshine and walk chalk

Firstly, an update on the neighbors and the visit from the SWAT team:

I went to the police arrest info website and was able to discern that two arrests were made.  One was a 19-year-old male arrested on a warrant for DUI and DWAI.  The second was a 44-year-old male arrested for drug possession.

I'm assuming the two are father and son since they have the same first and last names, different middle names.  While unsettling to have this happen down the street, neither charge struck me as being particularly bring-in-multiple-vehicles-and-gear-along-with-a-SWAT-team worthy.  I figured either an overly aggressive response or there's more to the story.


I returned to the police info site this morning to get facts straight for the blog (yer welcome) and found a third arrest of a 43-year-old woman, with the same last name, about 20 minutes after dad and son.

Different address, but by stalking everyone on faceb@@k for about 5 mins, I'm pretty sure they're all related.  I'm guessing this is ex-wife of Mr. Drug Possession.

Omigosh the list of charges: multiple drug possessions... RACKETEERING... MONEY LAUNDERING!

Also, from my online stalking, I believe the woman I met while out walking Merlin is a daughter/ sister in the family.  She's younger than I'd initially thought, mainly because she seemed more mature than mid-20s to me.

So much for Thanksgiving plans?

Do you see news stories and then spy the people involved on social media?


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Why you little sleuth. Good detective work. Now you'll have to come here for Thanksgiving.

Kim@StormsAndStardust said...

I sometimes do spy on the people I see in the news stories (a former co-worker of mine - as in, we worked at the same place; I didn't actually know her, but some other co-workers did) was arrested for murder not too long ago.

I'm always shocked at some of the things "ordinary" people are involved with. It really is too bad about Thanksgiving, though!


Abby said...

Peggy, how did we spy on our neighbors before the internet?

Kim, a co-worker arrested for murder?!
Now I wonder what, if anything, our other neighbors are up to. It's a pretty quiet neighborhood.

Linda Sue said...

You are such a good detective- missed calling?? I dumped facebook last week, dumped it utterly and completely. I miss my snooping skills but over all am so glad! Now I have time to search for awesome blogs- I found YOU!!

Abby said...

Hi Linda, NOT a missed calling, I'm sure. I've been tempted to dump facebook, but have held on for a couple of groups. Good for you!