Wednesday, November 27, 2019

what's cookin'?

We've got snow, yes we do!  We've got snow, how 'bout you?  *points*

Okay, it's Colorado. It snowed.  Not really news, but sheesh, there's so much of it.  I think we got about 10 inches at our house.  It felt like more when I shoveled it, but I did have "help" from these two.

Poor Penny, she's so short, when she first went out to the ladies room, all I could see was her head and shoulders.  Didn't seem to phase her, though.

Chaco, who lives a little north and west of Denver, sent this pic from his place, saying, "and it's still snowing!"

Then I got this pic from Meego in Fort Collins:

It's actually rather pretty for those who don't need to go anywhere.  And... I might be a little annoyed that these college boys have better patio furniture than we do.

In a way, it's good to be shut in because it's been good help in getting our house ready to vacate.  Magnum's sis is hosting Thanksgiving again this year, and I'm thankful that I don't have to cook anything.  We're responsible for booze.

With that in mind, my task for today is to clean the oven.  It's a self-cleaning oven, but to be honest, I plan to just scrub it with some Dawn dish soap.  Self-cleaning ovens freak me out a bit.  Ours is the type that uses high heat - like 1000 degrees F - to burn everything up.

I had a self-cleaning oven in one of my college apartments.  I recall coming home one night from my retail job to find firetrucks leaving the parking lot and our oven sitting outside on the grass.  What the...? 

My roommate had tried the self-cleaning mode. 

As I recall, I don't think there was any actual fire.  Just lots and lots of smoke and fumes.  The firefighters were nice enough to loan us a fan. 

As I was pondering a good cleaning for our oven, I paused at the various precautionary notes in the owner's manual and my online research - research that didn't make me want to use self-cleaning mode.  One note stated that the fumes can be specifically harmful to birds, so remove pet birds before cleaning.  I don't have any pet birds but, yeah,  no.

Anyone reading ever used the oven self-cleaning feature?  Any stories to tell?


LL Cool Joe said...

Wow that's a lot of snow. Here in the UK we are having a lot of rain. Non stop rain. Everywhere is flooded. But I'd rather have that than snow. It's beautiful but a pain in the arse.

What, you mean we are meant to clean the oven??

Morgan Cartwright said...

The snow is so pretty!! I would love to be snowed in with that much, but I wouldn't want to have to go anywhere.

I don't have a self-cleaning oven. I would be terrified to use it if I did.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I am the self cleaning stove here.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Lori said...

Wow! So much snow! It's beautiful. We have a chance of snow and probably rain here, which is nice for a change. Lucky you, not having to cook! We are actually going out to a buffet for Thanksgiving this year, and then seeing the Mr. Rogers movie after. My brother's idea so that we don't have to cook. But then he still decided to cook a turkey on Friday! So I'm still cooking a few dishes Thursday, but they will be for Friday. Can't win. Actually, I don't mind the cooking as long as I'm not cooking everything.

Anyway...self-cleaning ovens - I used that mode once at our old house and yeah, the house was filled with this weird smell and had a haziness about it, although the smoke detectors never went off. I don't blame you for not using it. If we ever move, I'm hiring someone to clean our oven.

Happy Thanksgiving!