Monday, October 14, 2019

toilets, leaking snot, and some more ink

A few weekends ago, my P.E.O. chapter threw a highly successful wine and cheese social/fundraiser/auction.  It was a good bash with good food and wines, and we made double what we made last year.  I've got a hankering for cheese and wine as I type...

As publisher of our newsletter last month, I had intended to include a few photos of the shindig.  Guess who forgot to take any photos 😑.


So  I emailed all of the members who were in attendance, asking if any of them snagged some shots.  Nope.  Not a one.  Well, we just chalked it up to having too  much fun wining and cheesing and auctioning to snap photos.  

Similarly, this past weekend, Magnum and I went up to college town to visit with Wolfgang and Meego.  Chaco even joined us for a while on Sunday.  Photos of our activities?  Nope.

This was the only shot I got of our weekend away.  Yes, it's of our hotel bathroom:

I snapped it because I thought I'd record the strange layout.  See, I'm not a "statuesque" woman, but I'm also not a shorty.  At 5'5", I'm pretty average, with probably longer than average arms.  Gotta say, that toilet paper roll was quite a stretch.

So there, that's my weekend in pictures.

Actually, we had a nice time.  Weather was perfect.  College town has so many good restaurants and breweries.  It's a good thing it's rated platinum for bicycling, or several residents (and visitors) would be obese.

I did manage to stick to my vegetarian ways.  There is much more to the veggie life than salad.

My overall caloric intake was also probably helped by the fact that my mouth is still recovering from my tooth excavation of last week, so I ate more daintily than typical.  That portabello mushroom sammich was just as delicious eaten with a fork, though.  Wish I had a pic...

The oral surgeon told me I may get water in my nose when I drink or may have blood in my nose from the tooth hole since my sinus has a hole in it now, too.  He did not mention that snot would continuously seep into my mouth from the tooth hole, but that's been a LoVelY side effect as well that makes total sense.  It's still allergy season for me, and it's like my allergies know I have a tooth hole to have fun with.

Okay, this post has become way too much about toilets and TP and draining snot through tooth holes...

The other random update is that I've somehow managed to keep my head above water on the Inktober challenge of 2019.  I have to remind myself that it's not about being perfect or even great, just about touching pen to paper every day, so there's that.  Here are the latest.

Wolfgang is also participating, and it's fun to see his submissions.  He has fallen a bit behind, and that's because he clearly has more of a life than I do.


Linda Hensley said...

Ohhh, the tooth/sinus issue sounds dreadful. I'm sending sympathies. On the happier side of things, I like all of your inktober drawings!

Abby said...

Linda, thank you for the sympathies. And you know I think highly of your artful eye, so thanks for that too!

Anita said...

You're not old yet, but for some reason I thought of a statement my deceased mother-in-law once said to me. "Old age is a bitch."
So now, every time I have a situation (thankfully not often) or I hear of someone else's, I think of dear Ma Ruby. Sometimes I laugh.
Wishing you healing, and keep drawing.
Oh, and yeah, what up with the remote toilet tissue?

Chatty Crone said...

You are an excellent artist!
That toilet paper roll being so far away is a hoot - I am short!
Sometimes it is more fun to not take photos.
And lastly - sorry about your tooth - seems like you are going through a lot with it.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Okay, that toilet paper would have been too far for my short arms to reach. it's kind of funny, you know like me having to go on the turnpike and not being near a bathroom funny.

Your ink is really good Abby. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Smart, funny, talented. Gee woman, can you save some for those of us with no talent?

Annsterw said...

The drawings are awesome! YOU are so super talented! I am glad surgery went well but how horrible that there is a hole in your sinus. I had my root canal and it was surprisingly pain free except holding my head back so far for so long activated my dizziness again - always something now that I am older - HA! Have a great day!

Abby said...

Anita, dear old Ma Ruby. Reminds me of a friend of mine with a similar saying: 'golden years', my ass!
And I googled vitrectomy *gag*. Didn't even know that was a thing! Glad you're recovered.

Sandie, I thought that TP access was weird. And yes, sometimes it's best to just enjoy the moments and not worry about pics!

Abby said...

Peggy, given a choice, I'd rather have TP Waaaaay over there as opposed to being stuck on the turnpike and having to go. But they are similarly weirdly funny.

Ann, glad your root canal went off without a hitch except for the dizziness. I don't know why root canals get such a bad wrap. Of all the crap I've had to deal with with this tooth, the root canal was quick, easy, gave instant relief and lasted a good 18 years. There are certainly worse things!

Anita said...

“Golden years...”
I love a good laugh. 😂

Morgan Cartwright said...

Oh wow about the tooth and sinus. I would have never thought that! I hope it heals quickly for you and you don't have to deal with the hole in your mouth.

How is this wine and cheese fundraiser put together? It an amazing idea and I need to know more! The derby league is non-profit now and I'm always on the hunt for fundraising ideas!

And, of course, your drawings are the bee's knees! Thank you for sharing them.

Abby said...

Morgan, dude, do a wine and cheese! It's a party that earns money!
We held it at the home of one of our members. Each member brought a bottle of wine and an appetizer to share (doesn't have to be cheese). We also brought several silent auction items - most of it was stuff in good condition that people didn't want anymore, or food baskets, etc. We charged admission to the event, and people also bid on the auction items, and we sell EVERYTHING.
We listed the shindig in Eventbrite in addition to word-of-mouth. Eventbrite takes a small cut, but it's an easy way for people to purchase tickets online or make a straightforward donation.

Tee said...

You definitely have a talent for drawing. I'm always impressed with those who do. Way, way back in the day (in high school,) I could create a decent drawing. But it took me ages. I always marvel at those who can create images quickly, and do it over and over again.

The sinus issue? Sounds miserable. Hope that heals up soon!

Abby said...

Tee, you're too kind :P
Inktober is fun because it's for everyone, and it "makes" you draw everyday and not worry about things coming out perfectly. I can say that I've gotten faster too.