Thursday, September 12, 2019

do all the things!

I've recently been blogging about my desire to be a better cook.  That didn't actually start with my stepping over the fence into vegetarianism.  I've never been much of a cook, but just did the bare essentials to keep Child Protective Services away.

It's not that I dislike cooking, it's more of an organizational thing:  the meal planning, the stocking of the pantry, blah, blah, blah, blah.  If I get past that, I'm an awesome cook!  And hey, I've been a middle school lunch lady, and my line was always top shelf!  Probably because I didn't have to order the ingredients or plan the menus...

There are certainly other areas I'd like to improve upon. Let us count the ways

2.  Time management
I have a flexible schedule without set blocks of work hours, which is usually nice.  Lately, it feels like the time in between tutees isn't as productive or interesting as it should/could be.  Again, I chalk that up to organizational deficiency a.k.a. laziness. 

3. Mountain biking

I'd say we made a good use of time off this Monday.  Magnum and I planned a day off to explore some new-to-us mountain bike trails.  Now, there are a lot of trails around because mountain biking is quite popular here.  Weekends are crowded.  Monday was a good day to get while the gettin' was good. 

Along with learning how to maneuver the dang bike is learning the various trail systems.  We were sort of lost a few times as not all trails are marked or noted on the apps.

But we knew "in general" where we were, and getting lost is all part of the adventure, right??

4.  Correspondence
Does anybody use snail mail anymore?  I love the convenience of email and texting, but sometimes, it's nice to get something in the mail, like when you're stuck at home recovering from surgery. 
I have a friend who had foot surgery about a week ago and is temporarily confined to her house.  It's on my to-do list to send her a card, or better yet, go visit.  Have I done either?  Nope.  Today!

5.  Socializing, but  not social media 
On that note, there's nothing (currently) wrong with my feet or otherwise.  I can come and go as I please, but I stick to the same old stuff.  Time for some fresh faces and places!

What is something you wish you were better at?

Linking up with Mama Kat this week for the prompt:
6. Write about something you wish you were better at.


John Holton said...

Social media is practically the opposite of sociallizing. They should call it antisocial media. I feel really bad about the doggy sitting in the corner...

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

It is so good that you push yourself to do new things. I just want the time to do the things I have to do.
I would never enjoy getting lost as an adventure. That is sheer panic for me. I always need control can't you tell?
I would love to want to be more social. WANT TO BE is the operative word here. I am finding myself far less social these days as I get older.
That poor dog in the corner though upsets me. If at a party that is the one person or dog i would go to. Crazy huh? I would rather chat with that one person than all the others. And I'm an extrovert. Oh oh!

Chatty Crone said...

I like to try new things too. It makes you feel good I think.
Nice you and hubs can ride bikes together and take photos of each other.
And can you use your GPS on your trails? lol
That little pug is my favorite - hefty tho.

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh the poor pooch in the corner. Yes I'm a little like that too, but I'm good in a one to one situation. I'd like a few more friends. I neglected them when I had demanding kids and a mother, and now my circumstances have changed I'd like some more friends.

Abby said...

John, you're right. "antisocial" media is a better descriptor.

Peggy, I'm actually more of an extrovert too, which is why I feel about a quart low when I haven't gotten out enough. I'm drawn to those corner pugs too - how I met my husband, ha!

Abby said...

Chatty, I think it's easy to get stuck in ruts unless we make efforts to stray outside the routine. But you would know about that, Mrs jump-out-of-a-perfectly-good-airplane!

LLC Joe, I think we have different phases in our lives when it's time for building new relationships. Decreased obligations toward kids and parents makes for new opportunities as long as we don't stay the pug in the corner.

Anonymous said...

I dare me: Say "yes" and go to EVERYTHING I'm invited to.

ShadowRun300 said...

I should be better at leaving comments. I promise I’ve been here! :)
I also need to be better at socializing with people other than my guests. I went to a wedding last night, only planning to stay for a short while (because it’s a social event, and I don’t usually do those), but I ended up having so much fun talking to people I hadn’t seen in forever. Despite my headache this morning, I think I’ll do it again sometime.
Glad to see you’re enjoying your new bike. Looks incredibly fun - and getting lost just adds to the adventure. Take advantage of the weather while you can!

Madamdreamweaver said...

I think snail mail is a really effective tool for putting a moment of happiness into someones life that they're thought of to give them something in the mail box. So, yes, I do still actually mail cards. Event cards for like birthdays and anniversaries---but I had to set up my Yahoo calendar in my email to remind me of any coming up, to remind me. Otherwise I forget.
And Christmas cards---I think sending something with more to it then just photos is really important because, sometimes, the mail some people send is that once a year Holiday card, so I want to hear a little news. So I really appreciate a news letter enclosed in card that tells me stuff. I'm not thrilled with photo greetings that tell me nothing.

Abby said...

Anonymous, "yes", I'll take that dare!

SR300, glad you had fun at the wedding! These reluctant social obligations often go that way!

Madamdreamweaver, using usps has become pretty obsolete and inefficient, and as a result, now it's special to get something via usps! I'm glad it's still around for those little surprises. Think I'll do it more often so people don't have to be sick or injured in order to get mail...

Linda Hensley said...

Sending cards has been on my list for some time. I'm not sure when I'll admit that despite all my best intentions I probably won't send them. I've made some effort to get out and meet new people. So far I haven't liked them as well as my old people -- I didn't want to replace those gems, just add some more. Since you read my post you'll understand I definitely shouldn't talk to the sad puppy right now. One time I dealt with dog grief by getting a cat. Maybe one of my goals is to learn from my past mistakes?

Morgan Cartwright said...

I send postcards! I love snail mail. I would send letters if I had someone to send them to. Ha!

I love your getting lost mountain biking adventures. Getting lost is fun!

Ginny said...

We don't have a car so food shopping is kind of a pain. We don't really do a big shop and have to lug everything home on foot or public transit. That's my biggest issue with cooking. I hate getting all the stuff home.

KatBouska said...

Welllll...did you send that card to your friend yet!? I'm with you on time management. I need to get better at that! I love to meal plan...but don't always make time for it. Go figure.

Tee said...

You just described my life almost to a T. I have the goals. I make the lists. I inevitably end up regretting all the things I didn't get done. When I do work hard to accomplish everything, I feel like time is slipping away and there's never enough of it.

When you figure out the answer to it all, let me know! :-)