Monday, September 9, 2019

"Nebraska and Colorado are considering merging into one state...

... that way, Nebraska will have mountains and Colorado will have a football team"

So the joke was on the college football scene

I attended CU Boulder, and Nebraska was a major football rival.  Honestly, though, I don't really follow football, college or otherwise.  And while I was in college, on game days,  I was typically too broke or too busy doing homework or working my retail job so as to not be so broke.  As a result, I attended only a few football games.

I don't remember much about the actual competitions, I mainly went to hang out with friends and to watch Ralphie run.  Ralphie is the university mascot that does her epic runs at the start of each game and also at the start of the second half.

"Ralphie Running" is a varsity sport at CU, as it's no small task to run 20+ miles an hour while trying to  control a buffalo.  Many try out, few make the team.

This photo was from Ralphie's pregame run against Nebraska this past Saturday.  Love the expression of the Ralphie Running chick in the rear passenger position 😝

I remember one Saturday morning while in college.  Magnum and I went for breakfast, and the restaurant was a sea of red.  Oh yeah, it was game day with Nebraska.  I remember one woman wearing bright red eyeglass frames before red eyeglass frames were even much of a thing.

This past Saturday morning, I was out enjoying a morning run, and I encountered a few other runners, all of whom were wearing CU Buffalo gear.  I was reminded again that it was Nebraska game day.  I was not wearing CU Buffalo gear, but I felt some strange rapport with these others.

Of those I encountered, they were, I'd say, around my age.  They are probably also alumni and/or have kids who attend the university.  Meego, our lone college kid at the moment, attends the in-state rival school.  HARUMPH.

As I've said, I don't follow college football.  I hardly followed it when I was in college.  So why am I happy - dare I say, proud - that CU won on Saturday?

I think I'm remembering going into that breakfast place all those years ago and being surrounded by Nebraska fans in all their red glory.  There was a feeling in the air, like we Colorado folks were somehow beneath them.  It was so silly.  It's. Just. Football.

In this 27-sec video of Ralphie's pregame run on Saturday in Boulder, again I saw the sea of red in the stadium.  There were probably more Nebraska fans at the game than CU fans.

So CU won, 34 - 31.  Nebraska fans and all their red gear went home.  Still makes me wonder why some sports rivalries are so fierce and others not so much.  And why do those who care, care? 

In related news, my sister and brother-in-law started up a family Fantasy Football league for this nfl season. 

After week one, I am 12th place out of 12...


Annsterw said...

Congrats on the win! You should be proud! I think we get sucked in by the excitement in the air...I am the same with college football..I truly don't have a "team" but when my family has a "team" I find myself cheering them on also! Thanks for sharing that buffalo "Ralphie" run - that is sooooo cool!!!! I had no idea that happened somewhere!!!!

Although, I do love my Steelers but that game stunk last night! :-(
Have a great day

Chatty Crone said...

I don't know much about football - but glad your team won. That bull doesn't quite look safe there.

Abby said...

Annster, I think your right, that pack mentality sucks us in! And yes, your Steelers are a big part of the reason I'm 12th out of 12 :P

Chatty, thanks. And Ralphie Running looks like fun, but I'd probably end up in the hospital.

Morgan Cartwright said...

The first line make me snickle so hard.
I love bison, so Ralphie running just made my morning! Thank you for sharing.
The rivalry sounds like the KU/KState kind of thing. My daughter loves going to that football game each year. She's a K-State fan. :)
I would fail so hard in a Fantasy Football league. I would have no idea who to pick.

Abby said...

Morgan, the rivalries are fun. Some can take it too far, though. Don't need any drunken brawls.
I ended up 11th out of 12 for first week of Fantasy football. My players were auto-picked and I doubt I could've chosen any better!

Natalia said...

Congratulations☺ I dont know much about American football,only something from movies, cos in Europe soccer is the most popular, but it sounds interesting!☺