Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Florida man

On Friday, I went to our financial place to roll my lunch lady 401k over to my IRA since I'm not a lunch lady anymore.  The place was busier than usual, and I chalked that up to Friday being the first nice day after a string of wintry days.  At least some kids took advantage of their snow day in May...


... since there's a slim chance of getting another opportunity to make a "Happy Last Week of School!" snowman.

So I sat among the others - one man, one woman, both around my age I'd guess - waiting their turns.  As soon as I entered the waiting area, the man chimed up, like he was our host or something.  He announced to me and the other woman that he was there to cash in his 401K and move to Florida. 

He went on talking, without our urging him to do so, about how he'd had a "vision".  In this vision, he saw himself walking along a beach, and he was financially independent.  He had no idea how he'd become financially independent, but he was convinced the vision was true and a sign for him to cash in his savings and relocate to Florida. He was putting his "faith in the vision above his faith in the world".

As he spoke, I sensed that he was... a little off.  Maybe a bit mentally challenged?  Autism spectrum?  He made a lot of references to his parents, particularly his mom, and made it clear that he still lived with them.  Additionally, he actually told us the amount of his 401K, which was relatively small.  And I'm pretty sure he wasn't old enough to withdraw it without penalty.

Strangely, he seemed to be directing his sermon primarily to me.  I glanced to the other woman who was all

While, on the inside, I was feeling all

Eventually he was called to speak with someone.  Shortly afterward, I took care of my rollover and left. 

I'm kind of wondering if the guy will actually go through with his plan.  As he spoke, he told us he'd had a total of five visions in his lifetime.  He followed the message of three of them, and they'd all come true.  This financially-independent-walking-on-the-beach was number 5.  Okay, so what of the fourth one?

Never mind, I don't want to know.

Ever had a vision that didn't make sense?  Or an "omen" that did?  How'd it work out for you?


Chatty Crone said...

I know what it is like to have a person like that talk to you and wanting to get out of the conversation! lol No visions though.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

well that's a much more interesting day that I've had today.
I would love to know his other visions.
And yes, I have and yes they came true.
But nothing good at all.

Abby said...

Chatty, I was very happy when an advisor called for Florida man. I did feel a bit bad for the advisor, however.

Peggy, I'm curious as to his other visions, but it would've probably taken hours for him to expound upon them, so I didn't go there. I haven't had any visions that I know of, or maybe I was too clueless to notice. Sorry yours were not good.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Abby, well, one was a plane crash and it came true.
nothing like I'm going to be filthy rich and walking on the beach in Florida. Nope, both were big tragic events in the world.

We are: Clamco said...

You should have gotten his name and saved it for reference for when he becomes a "Florida Man" headline. lol

Abby said...

Clamco, you're right. I could just scan news, but there are so so many.