Friday, December 8, 2017

that moment when you realize it's you

I was scrolling around in instagram a couple of days ago.  I got an instagram account a while ago because it's the platform of choice for geocaching pics, but I soon learned that I don't really want to post geocaching pics  *YAWN*

But I admit that it's kind of fun to find interesting things to follow.  I don't really follow my "friends" much, but I've found some fun artists and such to inspire me.  And I follow some gear companies and groups, because really, I like looking at happy pictures. 

So I was boringly perusing my instagram feed when I came across a familiar looking photo.  Then I realized it was familiar because I had just been living it!  My PEO chapter was adorning the screen.

Yeah, we had another party.  Yeah, we had to take the Von-Trapp-Family-on-the-staircase photo - complete with a coupla pooches.

Thanks to the Veep who has a great house for parties and then took some pics and then posted them to the PEO instagram.  You go, girls.  What did we do before the internet?

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3. Share a recent photo or video you  somebody added to Instagram and give us the back story.


LL Cool Joe said...

That is a great photo, and I can see how enthralled the pooch on the right is by the whole gathering. :D Is the woman on the right in the red top photoshopped in?

Abby said...

Ha, no the dogs weren't exactly dancing on the tables! But they actually work all day, so this was their downtime.
We were all there in the flesh, but after you mentioned it, it does look like a bit of photoshopping - maybe just her aura :)

ShadowRun300 said...

What a great pic! And that staircase is in her house? Wow. It’s beautiful. :)

Abby said...

And I didn't include the pic of all 30 of us sitting at her huge table. Matching place settings all around. I don't even have that many dishes, let alone ones that match!