Monday, December 18, 2017

shopping, and rhymes with Shamu

I can't remember the last time I paid for something with actual cash.  Other than groceries, gas, and such, I rarely even shop in actual stores.

Magnum and I were in the local Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago.  Meego needed a book for school, and I'd ordered it online, but it ended up being the wrong edition.  Easy fix, just hit the local B&N down the road.

I couldn't find the book, so I bothered a store employee,

"I'm looking for 'The Stranger' by Albert Camus" , I said, pronouncing it "AL-bert CAM-us"

She began typing at her computer, and said, "AL-bert ka-MOO"

Oh, heh, that's what I said, right?  I guess my non-culture was showing.  I later learned that his name is actually pronounced "al-BEAR ka-MOO", so who's the uncultured one now??

Another example of why shopping online is easier - no one to check your incorrect pronunciation.

I mention this because the prompt at Illustration Friday for this week is "shopping", and I was going to draw some money, but I got busy with unshopping and didn't draw a darn thing.  So I'm cheating and going with a throwback drawing.  Stupid because I only go to Illustration Friday to inspire me to draw something, not pull something out of the archives!

But like I said, I was unshopping, meaning I was tidying and then took a load o' stuff to the donation center.

I loves me some tidying and unshopping.  Plus, I know how to correctly pronounce "Albert Camus".



LL Cool Joe said...

I rarely use cash nowadays, it's all a bit weird, I buy everything using my credit card. And today I realised as I was writing some Christmas cards, that I rarely write using a pen anymore. Scary.

Abby said...

Cash is a rare thing nowadays. Someone paying with cash is immediately suspected of being a drug dealer!

ShadowRun300 said...

I’m surprised the bookstore employee knew how to pronounce his name.
You nailed my thoughts exactly on cash payers. Cash paying guests never turn out well....

Abby said...

I remember joking with a cash-paying guy at a hotel I worked at. Said cash payers were usually drug dealers or strippers and he didn't look like a drug dealer. He turned several shades of red. I guess he wasn't a stripper?