Sunday, November 19, 2017

think of the good in the world

It was study hall of the last block of the last day before Thanksgiving break.  Not surprisingly, the kids weren't eager to crack open the books.

"Can you let us go early?", they asked.

They probably expected me to say either (1) "No, you can't go early.  The break starts AFTER this block, so get crackin'" or (2) "I s'pose if you're all well behaved, we can leave a few minutes early".

What I said instead was,

"I'm actually surprised so many of you showed up!", because I was.  It was study hall of the last block of the last day before Thanksgiving break, for chrissake.

That statement seemed to perk them up, make them think maybe they had a chance after all.

"How about you mark us all present, and then let us go!", they pleaded hungrily.

To which I replied,

"Oh right!  Then you go off and get in a car accident a mile from school.  You're paralyzed, and I'm in prison, and that's how we spend the rest of our lives!"

So marked the beginning of study hall of the last block of the last day before Thanksgiving break.  They accepted their fates and we had a pleasant time while making it officially to the break, but not before responding to my scenario with,

"But think of all the good you'll do in the world if that doesn't happen!"

I guess we'll never know.

The week actually went by quite fast, so that was nice.  I met another adult at the allergy shot place.  I'd seen her there before, a rather quiet bookwormy type, so she seemed.  She went into the shot room from the waiting room and was wearing a light jacket.

When she emerged, her jacket was off as needed to receive her injection.  She had an ice pack on her arm and was doing some Lamaze-like breathing and sat down near me.  She moved the ice pack and revealed that her entire upper arm was covered with a large tattoo of a horse head.

We ended up having a pleasant conversation involving tattoos and shots and shot tattoos.

Hmmm... don't judge a book(wormy) by its cover?  Then again, I suppose one can be both bookwormy and tattooed.


Linda Hensley said...

I think I would've enjoyed you as a teacher :) Who knew allergies could turn into a source of new experiences and conversations?

ShadowRun300 said...

Happy Thanksgiving break! Oh, the joys of teaching. (Tthat I gave up to work in a hotel where I’ll be working over Thanksgiving...) Sigh.
Tattooed bookworms. Sounds pretty cool to me. :)

Jimmy said...

I bet the kids knew exactly what your answer was going to be, but it never stops them for trying.

Your new tattooed bookworm friend sounds like a good thing.

Abby said...

Those kids keep me pretty entertained, as does the allergy office :P

Abby said...

School people do have a pretty cushy schedule :). Hotel people not so much :(
You never know where you're going to spot a tattoo...

Abby said...

I give all the kids an "A" for effort.
There are worse ways to discover a horse's head. I don't think she has any connections to the mafia, but you never know.