Saturday, June 3, 2017

shut UP

Last Monday, Memorial Day, we went for a little hike.

Meego, from the "Pulpit"

We got to the top of Pulpit Rock and noted the strong pot smell.  There's was no one else up there at the time, and I was poking around to see if someone had left a smoldering pipe or such.  But then looking down to the trees beneath the rocks, I spotted a hammocked individual.

Have portable hammock and pot stash, will hike and get  high.

Anyway, it was a nice short time in nature before threatening thunderclouds moved in.  But maybe the residual pot fumes made me lazy this week?  Blogging-wise, I've been a slacker!

I think maybe I'm a bit tired of talking about myself.  I remember getting this chatty cashier once at the grocery store who felt she needed to share her life story with me.  I was thinking, "I just want to pay for these groceries and get out.  This woman needs a blog!"

I've been looking around for a job and have had a few prospects.  As such, I've had to talk about myself either through just written applications or in a handful of actual interviews, and I've realized I don't really enjoy doing that at too much length.  I don't want to talk too much.  Maybe I should NOT blog to make me more chatty?

I did manage to get one actual offer this week, with two openings still in limbo.  What to do?

I decided a bird in the hand was worth the two in the bush and accepted an offer to work at a local high school as an assistant study hall teacher.  There are only a couple of local high schools I would care to work at, and this one is the top of the list.  The (distant) second one is Meego's school *snort*

Remember last marching band season?  Where an awesome-but-friendly high school band plucked the state championship trophy from the awesome-but-full-of-themselves band?  And everyone rejoiced?  Of course you do. Well, I get to work at the awesome-but-friendly trophy plucker school.

So I don't start working for another two months, but I do have a few summer tutees to help me feel productive until then.  The other two jobs in consideration were management type jobs, but this feels like a good fit right now.  Even Meego is happy I'll be at the awesome-friendly school, rival or no.

Magnum noted that I'll be "hitting for the other team", and I had to inform him that that expression means something else!


Jimmy said...

Congratulations on the job even if it is for the other team, even though we know what the expression means now, you know what I meant.

Awesome picture of Meego, I like that one.

Abby said...

Thanks, yes I know what you mean!
I just aimed my phone in Meego's general direction, couldn't really see my screen from the glare (and probably residual marijuana fumes effect). But I like how it turned out too :)

ShadowRun300 said...

Congrats on your new job! Seems like it will fit you well. And you gotta love those great school hours!
I don't have a real good excuse for not blogging. Except that there's been so much happening I'm not sure where to begin.
Great picture of Meego. Freak you out a little? ;)

Abby said...

I nerded out and created a decision matrix for the job situation. The working hours weren't the heaviest criterium, but definitely a factor!
Yes, Meego freaked me out on those rocks. Chaco was there doing the same thing too. I think each kid thinks it's his job to freak me out. Maybe I SHOULD take up the ganja?
I'm not surprised that "so much is happening", hopefully we'll get to hear about it :)