Sunday, March 20, 2016

I break for spring

Happy Spring!  It's here!  AH-CHOOOOO!!  I google imaged "spring break" for something appropriate to add, but suffice to say I found nothing "appropriate".

Actually, I'm just happy the sun is shining.  We've just emerged from two days of gloom.  At least we got snow out of it, because we were hurtin' for water, but I'm glad the clouds are now gone.  We average 300 days/year of sunshine here, so when it's overcast, I for one go into a bit of withdrawal.

And with the start of spring comes spring break at the university, and same for Meego at the high school.  Nothing major planned other than getting caught up on a few things along with filling in the gaps with fun.

And the gloom did provide the opportunity for some spring cleaning.  I fired up the chromecast to stream "Sunshine Cleaning" while I decontaminated the house.  That movie helped our house to not seem quite so bad.

In other movie news, Magnum and I watched Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation.  I have no review to offer because the movie put me to sleep.  Well, I guess that's my review.

At the other end of the spectrum, we also watched Wild.  I'd been wanting to see that movie ever since I read the book and loved it.  And I loved the movie too.  It really is a great story, not just her solo trek on the PCT, but the whole thing of what put her there in the first place, and then going on to write the book and make the movie years later.  As with the book, I was a bit sad when the movie was over.

Later last night, Magnum suggested we take China for her beauty walk.  We usually take her at night because she prefers it, anything above 40 degrees seems too hot for her.  I was reluctant because it was dark and cold out.  Magnum says, "You just watched that movie, and you don't want to walk the pooch around the block?"

Okay fine.

A few weeks ago, Chaco was over here rummaging through the scrap wood pile and borrowing some tools and hardware.  He was customizing his desk chair for "optimum geeking gaming".

Yesterday, I was at their place and saw the finished chair.  Magnum told him he should offer to similarly modify geek friends' chairs for a small fee.  Chaco has no interest in that whatsoever, but I snapped a pic, threatening to open an etsy store:  "Chaco's Chairs"

Throttle on the left hand, joystick on the right.

I'm wondering, how does he get his homework done?  Oh well... I guess he does homework in lieu of cleaning the apartment *ahem*.



Tee said...

I just checked the average number of days of sunshine in the Minneapolis area. It's 196. No wonder I spend half the year in a funk! I need more sun!

I will have to check out Wild. It's not often someone says they loved both the book and the movie!

Pretty ingenious chair Chaco has created there. He really should consider making money from his idea!

Marcy said...

Happy spring! I am so ready for it, even though we had a very mild winter. Wow on that chair! One of my sons is really into gaming, and he thought it looked cool.

I loved Wild too, both the book and movie. I used to dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail, but I think those wishes are solidly behind me now. I could see you doing it or the PCT, though :)

Abby said...

I already knew you were much tougher than I am when it comes to dealing with lack of sun!

Abby said...

"...those wishes are solidly behind me now", says the woman who hiked Dead Woman's Pass and lived!

ShadowRun300 said...

Is Wild on Netflix? I've been anxious to see it as well!
300 days of sunshine? Yet one more reason to move to Colorado. I'm on my way down to Florida right now, and we've passed through so much gloom already. And it appears to be gloomy in the upcoming days too. Maybe I oughta rethink this....

Abby said...

Sunny and 70s today. Quick! Sharp right! Ah, probably too late... Well I hope Florida comes around for you.
I don't think Wild is on Netflix. I got a DVD at the library. Gotta love the library.

Lori said...

I loved Wild too. I didn't read the book - I bet it was even better. It's amazing what guys can do when they are properly motivated. I can't get my husband to do yard work without some major nagging, but one day he and my brother spent all day outside putting together a scarecrow thing that they could use for paintball practice. If the chore ultimately results in fun, then I guess they give it their all. Foreplay is a good example. Not your son...just men in general....aaand this just got really awkward.

Abby said...

Chaco can be pretty industrious for a good cause (himself). And that's all I'm gonna say about that...

Sparkling Red said...

I'm very impressed by the custom gaming chair! If Chaco was at all entrepreneurial, I'm sure he would have a money-maker on his hands with that design.

Abby said...

I don't think he's very entrepreneurial. He likes making stuff for himself, otherwise you're on your own!