Sunday, September 13, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

Hello and happy Sunday!  Another week of good things down.

It started with Labor Day and working the marathon, which felt worthy and somewhat productive.  I met some nice volunteers and nice runners.  Especially at the later stages of the race, several runners who aren't too serious, stop to chat or just mosey on through the aid stations and seem happy for the human contact during such an arduous exercise.

I think Meego also enjoyed himself.  He's pretty easy to persuade for such things and strangely seems to like getting up early as long as there's purpose to it.  Otherwise, forget it!  The bike ride to the aid station was memorable as well.  It was a 4 mile ride in the dark with hardly another soul on our route. So quiet and crisp, with our bike lights a-flashing.  Pretty cool actually.

Speaking of bikes, Alice was creakily limping along and just not her usual graceful self.  It was a difficulty to diagnose problem, and after trying a few home remedies, I decided to take her into the shop.  All five of the service techs took turns riding her (there's a sentence!).  Eventually, we got her problem figured out and taken care of.

I'm grateful for a variety of things:  (1) this particular shop continues to give great service, (2) repair costs were very reasonable and (3) were done in just a few hours, (4) Alice is back to her awesome self, and (5) turns out it really wasn't something I could've fixed myself.  She now has a nice clean and tight new bottom bracket - the bicycle equivalent of a butt lift!

The bite from the vicious mongrel is healing nicely.  I have since been on two more morning runs and have not encountered "Fang" nor been bitten by anything else that has left a mark.

Oh, and the neighbor across the street, whom I don't really know but was carted off in an ambulance yesterday?  She's back home.  I still don't know what actually happened.  As is typical, though, they had friends over for the Bronco game today, so that was nice to see.

This afternoon I went out with the intention of cleaning out the weeds underneath the trampoline, which no one has used in a long time.  I asked Meego to help me move it, and we ended up disassembling the whole thing.  Not sure what to do with it, but will probably just scrap it since it's pretty old.  And the weeds are gone, yay.

The cat is probably upset, however.  This is where he liked to keep his cache of dead things...

I told Magnum that I was actually looking forward to mowing back there now that I don't have that pain-in-the-butt obstacle anymore.

Yeah, life is exciting here!



  1. We have a trampoline in the garden that no one has used for years, I hadn't thought of getting rid of it, but it sure would make mowing the lawn an easier task. I'm sure you'll cat will find another delightful place to store his dead things, like in your wellington boots.

    1. Yes, we'll need to watch our steps while he makes necessary adjustments.

  2. Eeeeew. I was just getting excited about a trampoline, and then...

    1. It's a nice little clearing now. I feel maybe I should put in some headstones or some such.

  3. That IS exciting to be able to mow your grass without that big obstacle. A little nerve wracking though, not knowing where Napolion's prizes will be stored from now on.
    Lucky Alice! And that's all I have to say about that. ;)
    Hope this next week is just as good for you, and that your runs and rides remain bite free!

    1. Alice does have a strange glow about her these days...
      China will probably be the first to discover Napolion's new trophy room. Then things could get interesting.

  4. I've been meaning to take SIL's bike over to the shop for a tune up/overhaul. A nice older Trek version that hasn't touched asphalt for at least 8 years. I am hoping to tune it up and might even take up riding again (if I can remember how). I'm currently looking for a good shop/salon to tend to her needs. I might even be inclined to name her, if the relationship gets off the ground.

    Time to put the old trampoline up for sale on Craig's list? Too bad you are taking Napolion's hiding spot away. I with Shadow, I guess he will starting having to bring his trophy's home with him...

    1. Good luck with the bike spa treatment! I could recommend a couple of places here, but I doubt you want to travel that far :)