Saturday, September 19, 2015

close my eyes, I am rhythm

Fall is in the air, do you feel it?  Hands went a little numb this morning.  That's always a good sign.

You know how facebook reminds you of stuff you posted years ago?  This week, they reminded me of this share, taken from my then crossing guard office:

Apparently, 4 years ago this week, the peak had snow on it. Facebook says so.  Well, there's no snow on the peak now - not pretty like that anyway - but the air is definitely crisper.

And speaking of throwbacks, Magnum and I went waaaaaay back in moviedom.  See, in the morning, I was listening to the radio and the radio guys were talking about how weird it is to watch movies they liked when they were younger because movies are so different now.  Then, later in the afternoon, I was working on stuff for school while streaming some generic 80s music when a Flashdance tune came on.  Remember Flashdance??

I saw it in the theater in 1983.  I bought the (vinyl) soundtrack and listened to it annoyingly repetitively.  I really couldn't remember much about the movie other than that it was about a young female welder who wanted to be a dancer who also was sleeping with the much older construction boss.  Yeah, deep stuff.

So I asked Magnum, "Have you seen Flashdance?"

"Oh yes!", he replied.  Saw it while he was in the army somewhere.

We decided to watch it since it was available on Netflix and see if it would be weird like the radio guys said.

As we settled in,

Me:  I remember I saw this at the Fox Theater (podunk town theater).  I was with a boy, but I don't remember which one.

Magnum:  Oh yeah, all  your boys.

Me:  Yeah... *sigh*... back in the good ol' days...

Anyway, we watched it.  It was definitely typical 80s cheese.  As I watched, I felt it had a bit of an "After School Special" feel to it, except with sex and trashy bars.  Still, I can see how it became such an iconic film as far as fashion and music goes.

Another thing I didn't remember is that the main character, besides being a welder and victim of a bit of a stalker/creeper boss, probably in the throes of a mid-life crisis, was a die-hard bicycle commuter.

So an interesting examination of how things have changed - moviemaking, fashion, attitudes... Not a total waste of time anyway.

Thirty-two years ago when I watched it with what's-his-face, whod've thought I'd watch it again at 50 to see if it was weird.

Got any old faves that you rewatched much later?



Linda Hensley said...

I'm kinda scratching my head over Flash Dance now. All I remembered was cute boy with nice legs, and I'm trying to remember who that boy was without cheating and looking it up. So far no success. I had a similiar movie experience recently when Breakfast Club was on tv. I might've shrugged about it before I watched it again, but it really is a great movie in a lot of ways. Or maybe it makes me nostalgic?

Abby said...

Breakfast Club - that would be fun to watch again now! Another classic. About all I can remember now is when it was lunch time and Ally Sheedy's (kinda crazy) character dumped pixie stix in her sandwich.

ShadowRun300 said...

We've watched quite a few old movies with the kids so they could see the kind of movies we liked at their age - Footloose, Grease, Ferris Bueller, etc. One of our faves was Breakfast Club. It was very different watching it as an adult with children the same ages as the kids in detention. Totally recommend it.

agg79 said...

Back to the Future is my fav 80's flick. I've seen that one too many times to count. Interesting to note that the future destination that Marty went to in BTF2 was October 21, 2015 (next month). I'm still waiting for my hoverboard.

There were a lot of good/funny movies from the 80s. Of course, you remember that classic one with a bike? ET?

Abby said...

Breakfast Club is a goodie, will have to rewatch. I've never seen Ferris Bueller's - where was I??
"Alien" - the first one - is actually one of our kids' favorite "old" movies. The fancy computers are pretty funny, though.

Abby said...

We've watch Back to the Future with the kids, good times. We'll see if anything weird happens next month. ET - those bicycling delinquents!

terri said...

The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink .... any of those John Hughes flicks! It IS so funny to watch them now. Times have changed and all the technology is so much more advanced from what you see in those movies.

Riot Kitty said...

Good God! I have that soundtrack. When that movie came out, I was 11 years away from being legally able to see it.