Saturday, September 12, 2015

I don't even know her name

I was sitting here writing an absorbing blog entry.  For a class.  Yeah, we have blogs in school now!  Boy, times have changed since the first time I went to college.  I think the computer had just recently been invented then.

Anyway, as I was blogging away, I peripherally noticed a large vehicle slowly going by the house.  I figured it was a trash truck or some other similar thing.  A few minutes later, Magnum came by and says, "What's happening?!", not in the rhetorical way, but like really wondering.

"Huh?", I intelligently responded

"Paramedics and a fire truck", was his incomplete sentence reply.

Sure enough, something was going down at the house across the street.  And once again, I'm reminded how little I know our neighbors across the street, even though they've lived there the whole time we've lived here.

This bothers me because, what I do know about them, I like.  They're a couple, a few years older than us - late 50s I'd guess.  If they have kids, they're up and out of the house.  They've got a couple of dogs they regularly take to the dog park.  He, I think, does contract work.  I have no idea what she does.  In fact, I have rarely talked with her at all other than a wave and such while out collecting mail.

He is very friendly in a neighbor-across-the-street-I-don't-really-know kind of way.  He's often working on something in the garage, or plotting in the early morning hours with a fellow contractor.  I never see them in the evenings, just mainly him in early mornings when I'm coming in from a run.

He teases me with things like, "Y'know, it's easier to drive!", or "If you get hit by a car, it's not because the driver can't see those shoes!"

It seemed like the paramedics were in the house for a long time.  Don't they know that spies like us want answers?  Eventually they emerged, and the woman was loaded onto a gurney and into the ambulance after slowly walking out of the house under her own power.

The fact that she was awake and walking and that the ambulance didn't go speeding off with siren blaring are good signs.  Husband followed in his vehicle.

As for me, the mongrel bit leg is healing nicely.

Magnum asked me this morning, "Did you put hydrogen peroxide on it?"

Me:  No, that stuff stings!

Magnum:  But it prevents infection.

Me:  Oh hell, the rabies is going to kill me anyway.

But now we wait on news of the neighbor,  hoping she's okay.

How well do you know  your neighbors?



ShadowRun300 said...

Out of all my running scars, I have none that look like that. It's healing up pretty nicely! Even without the peroxide.
I knew the neighbors in our old house fairly well. Some I liked. Some I couldn't stand. We've lived in our new house for a year now, and I don't know any of my neighbors. I'd still be concerned, however, if an ambulance came and took one of them away. Hope she's ok!

Linda Hensley said...

I went to a garage sale on my street this summer and got filled in on the neighbors. I think I'm good for about another 5 years? But I had an ambulance on my street a few weeks ago and thought all the same things you did. I suppose it's probably better to make an attempt at being more social. Sorry to see you got maimed by the little dog. I had a neighbor with a biting chihuahua. Maybe that's why I quit talking to neighbors?

Abby said...

Good clean livin' and band-aids. It's working!
Of our neighbors, I seem to mostly just know the ones with kids who either hung out with our kids or went to the elementary school while I worked there. The quiet ones, sadly, go unnoticed. Until an ambulance shows up.

Abby said...

We used to have 4th of July block parties that were always good for catching up with the neighborhood, but those have gone by the wayside. Garage sales are handy for such things.
Chihuahua - number 2 on the vicious dog breed list!

Riot Kitty said...

Not super well. People on the left = loud kids and irritating as fuck and park in our spots, people on the right = super nice but must be demolishing the entire inside of their house, which is loud as hell and equally annoying.

Or maybe I'm just cranky ahead of my years.

Abby said...

Sounds like a typical cross section.

agg79 said...

After 25 years in our house, we've had a few similar Ambulance/Fire Engine visits in our neighborhood. Occasional falls, injuries, a few heart attacks. A lot of our neighbors like to keep to themselves, so it hard to get any dirt, I mean, details on what happened. Good sign that she was able to walk out to the ambulance on her own. Would be a wee bit more interesting if the SWAT team showed up (like it did at my brother's GRAJ neighborhood).

Abby said...

SWAT team?!?

agg79 said...

Yes, a real life SWAT team complete with ARs and body armor. Happened not long after they bought the place. A neighborhood kid was holed up in a backyard shed threatening to off himself. THAT kind of action really gets there neighbors talking...

terri said...

We know most of our neighbors pretty well. We live on one of those streets where everyone knows everyone. And if you don't know someone, someone else will give you the goods on 'em. Hope your neighbor is ok.

Sorry about the dog bite. Those darn ankle biters!