Monday, January 5, 2015

on a lighter, lower note

Thank you, everyone, for your comforting comments and thoughts regarding Mom.  It's truly a help.  As "they" say, life goes on.  And it's not all ham and jell-o*.

Meego's school is back up and operating, but students don't return until Wednesday, so he's still in lazy mode.  Extracurriculars are back on track, though, and Meego is in the Winter Percussion Ensemble playing bass guitar.  They have practice today.

It's a gloomy, grey day here.  I was sitting here finishing up a draft of Mom's obituary for my dad to look over.  On top of that, Magnum was home from work, still nursing his case of The Crud, slinking around like our own resident Quasimodo.

So when Meego asked if I would take him to the guitar store, I was happy for a change of place.  He had Christmas money burning a hole in his pocket, and he'd been stalking a new bass guitar.  Off we went.

What a nice little change of place it was.  Checking out all the guitars, being with other people plucking and test driving.  I've been there before with him, but I guess I appreciated the diversion more this time.

I even snatched this rare photo of Meego's orthodontiated teeth!  As rare as a Bigfoot sighting!

The outing was an utter success.  Meego got the 5-string bass he wanted, and was able to trade in his 4-string for a nice chunk off the price.  

Me:  Aren't you going to miss... what is your bass's name?

Meego:  No, the new one's much better!

Me:  But still, you've had good times with what's-his-name.

Meego:  {smirk}

Me:  Well, if you'd given him a name, you'd miss him...

...Kids these days.

Anyway.  It was fun.  And I don't know squat about guitars.

The store slogan was on the door when we walked in, and I thought it a bit of an overstatement.

But it actually wasn't all that far off.

*"ham and jell-o" is a term I think of for somber events that involve food.  A while ago, the husband of one of my P.E.O. sisters died, and she had guests coming in from out of town.  We wanted to help her out, but at first she declined.  One of the others said, "No, you just take it easy.  We're all about ham and jell-o!", and it has since stuck with all of us.



Marcy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Love that sweet picture :)

ShadowRun300 said...

I've made lots of trips to Guitar Center with my hubby and a few kids. Lucky for me, there's a sports authority next door. I go and scope out new running apparel...
First thing I noticed about Meego was his orthodontiated smile. So sweet! Wonder if he'll name this bass.
Glad you were able to take a break from things for a while. Gloomy weather, gloomy moods, gloomy health, all can take their toll.
Hubby asked me to pass on his condolences as well. We're thinking of you.

Riot Kitty said...

Distractions can be a very good thing. I hope you are taking enough you time.

agg79 said...

Glad you are able to find the sunshine in a gloomy day. Like SR, I've made the trek to the Guitar Center a few times for my son to support his "habit". At least the kid didn't follow in his dad's footsteps and wind up playing the drums. And what is it with kids and NOT naming their instruments?

Nice grill that Meego is sporting. Ya'll really put your money where his mouth is,

And I like the ham and jell-o expression. Something about it really strikes a cord with me.

Abby said...

Thanks, Marcy.

Abby said...

There's a PetsMart and a Lowe's next to our Guitar Center, so I stay out of trouble there. If Meego doesn't name the bass, I will.
Thanks to SR hubby.

Abby said...

Me time happening... right now.

Abby said...

Oh yes, I'm also happy that Meego chose guitar over drums. Or rap (although he's got the mouth gear for it).

Rock Chef said...

Sorry to hear about your mom, it is really hard isn't it? Lost my dad a couple of years ago and it still feel odd when I walk past his old house.

That is a nice looking bass - is it an Ibanez or something like that? Watch out for those low Bs - if you thought the E shook things you are entering new territory...

Abby said...

Thanks RC, I remember when you lost your dad. Losing a parent does leave a lasting emptiness.
And yes, it be an Ibanez. We have experienced the low Bs! Meego is very happy with it. I noticed that it's replaced the pet snake as his fb profile pic.

Rock Chef said...

Excellent - a good rockin' bass, he will have great fun with it.

Anita said...

This post brings a happy smile and a sad smile... a cute kid with braces and his guitar... ham and jell-o to support your friend